Anarchist place (Steki) of self-organized collectives of anarchist immigrants

  • Posted on: 19 July 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Act for Freedom! (Athens, Greece)

Today 17 July 19, we the self-organized collective of anarchist immigrants together with other self-organized collectives and individuals in solidarity occupied an abandoned shop at the corner of Tsamadou/Tositsa streets, Exarchia.

Anarchist Comrade Nikos Romanos Released from Prison in Greece

  • Posted on: 11 July 2019
  • By: rfa

Anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos was released from prison in Greece yesterday after six years of imprisonment.

Nikos was a close friend of Alexis Grigoropoulos, an anarchist teenager who was murdered in Exarcheia by the police in 2008, sparking the Greek anarchist insurrection.

Nikos Romanos was arrested in February 2013 with 3 more people and charged with attempted armed robbery at the Agricultural Bank and TT Hellenic Postbank in Velvento, Kozani.

[Video]: Anarchists attack the greek parliament in solidarity to hunger striker D. Koufodinas

  • Posted on: 21 May 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

In the afternoon of May 21st 2019, anarchists of “Rouvikonas” collective “invaded” the grounds of the greek parliament (the most “secured” building in Greece) in the center of Athens and attacked the main parliament building with red paint and flares, in solidarity to prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas, who is on hunger strike since May 2nd 2019 (his health is in a critical and serious condition), whilst despite the fact that he has been jailed since 2003 and he is entitled to a temporary leave of two days, his petition has been denied on the grounds of his political beliefs (a revolutionary left


Breaking the sword of capital hanging over Exarcheia

  • Posted on: 5 May 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Athens Indymedia

The current situation of inundation, exhaustion & fear

The beginning of any counter insurgency from state and capital includes prolonged low intensity attacks. Exarcheia knows full well what this looks like and has with much success resisted it in the past. At the current moment, with capital in a worldwide state of hyper crisis, this mania throws everything it can towards areas that cannot be managed for profit generation. Our neighborhood is not only one of these areas but also the lighthouse that inspires others to fight for them and seek its refuge.


In solidarity with the okupied social centres/squats of Athens

  • Posted on: 25 April 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Autonomies

In a series of police operations in Athens, over the last ten days, four okupied social centres were cleared, including two that provided autonomous, self-managed housing for migrants.

The objective is clear: to discipline rebellious segments of the population (most notably, anarchists), or those who might think of rebelling, to place under State administration and policed surveillance, migrants-refugees, under a politics of social division and colonisation (and thereby trying to bring to end one of the richest experiences of radical “no-border politics” in recent memory), and to pacify the urban space for “investment and renewal”

Inter-collective text about the antimilitarist, antinationalist, antiwar, anti-NATO campaign

  • Posted on: 17 April 2019
  • By: thecollective


Reduction of our incomes and simultaneous rise of the cost of living, smashing down our free time, overtaxation of the poor and exemption for the capital, privatizations, curtailment of labour and social rights, looting nature without even any pretext, criminalization of social and class struggles, inability of accessing a multitude of social needs like housing, healthcare, education, food, water, transportation, entertainment and recreation for the majority of the population.