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Anarchistic Media & Pop Culture and Why We Should Make Our Own Media (A Brief Presentation & Participatory Discussion)

Where: Bound Together Books (1369 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA)
When: Friday November 12, 2021 (7 pm - 8:30 pm ish)
Why: ? Not sure, bored ?

Interview w/ Etniko Bandido Infoshop

The Commoner

October 28, 2020

Philippines: Spreading Kapwa-Tulungan - An Interview with the Etniko Bandido Infoshop

The Etniko Bandido workshop is a community centre and anarchist space in Pasig, the Philippines, and whose volunteers are dedicated to the spreading of anarchist ideals and practises. Aside from publishing their own printed materials, and hosting a blog and news site online, the infoshop provides a space free for anyone in the local community to use for workshops, film screenings, study circles, or whatever else takes their fancy. In this interview we had the pleasure of speaking to Cris, who enlightens us as to their recent activities, how the infoshop is run, and how they adapt anarchism's western roots for a Filipino audience.

In the Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots

In the Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots

via Anarchist Agency

Out of a vacant coffeeshop, the collective K’é Infoshop is dedicated to mutual aid on America’s largest reservation.

Across the United States, activists have responded to the Covid-19 crisis with anarchist strategies, like mutual aid. In Window Rock, Ariz.—the seat of the Navajo Nation—the K’é Infoshop is one such group, and has been supplying elders, families, and the immunocompromised with food and medical supplies. But the Infoshop’s members, like Bahe, say their style of autonomous organizing has distinctly Navajo roots.

Double Trouble: Double Feature at Interference Archive

Challenge the Technological MegaMachine

Saturday, November 23, 7-9:00 PM

Join us at Interference Archive (Brooklyn, NY) as we show two episodes of the subMedia documentary series, Trouble, with episodes #19 (Quiet Storm) and #5 (You Are Being Watched:Movement Defense Against State & Corporate Surveillance).

Both on the theme of challenging the technological Megamachine.

Trouble #19: Quiet Storm

Pittsburgh Anarcho-Punk Compilation Album // Filler Distro


Filler Distro Presents: A SCAM FOR THE BIG IDEA

A SCAM FOR THE BIG IDEA is a Pittsburgh anarcho-punk compilation album benefiting The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe.

Call for new volunteers for the re-launching of Anarres Infoshop

Greetings Portland anarchists, Anarres Infoshop is holding an open meeting for people interested in joining the collective. This meeting will be held at the Social Justice Action Center on Saturday the 14th of September, 2019 from 5-7pm. The focus will be on developing the division of labor and code of conduct. If you know you want to join, please email us a brief letter describing:

Who you are (your name, political alignments, or whatever else you feel is relevant to share)

Why you want to be a part of the collective

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