international solidarity

International Call for Direct Action against Catalunya

Worldwide, solidarity means attack!

via Act for freedom now!

Any of these sites is a good place to remind these cretins that active international solidarity with our prisoners of the Social War is not just words: LET’S ATTACK! That is why this OCTOBER 27th, eight months after the captivity of our comrades, we will make the voice of those who have tried -in vain- to muzzle, heard. Organize your group, plan a fire, an attack, a protest canvas, a sabotage, or whatever you want; but do not remain impassive? There is too much posturing among so many verbose groups that do NOTHING. To the street already the kidnapped ones, for that story of the damned burned police van…

AUKUS: A Big Step Toward War

War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

from Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

Statement from the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group about the announcement of the AUKUS partnership. Released 26 September 2021.

The AUKUS partnership announced on 16 September is a big step towards war against China. The centrepiece of its first initiative is the announcement by the Australian Government that it will buy eight nuclear submarines from the United States or the United Kingdom. The reactions to this announcement are almost as significant as the purchase of the submarines themselves.

Support the revolution in Brazil

received via email

We like to share with you not only our campaign, but manly our intentions. We are anarchists and communists that seek to grow popular power where the people are. With the people, by the people, for the people. With the tactics of direct action and autonomy, we're quickly advancing toward the final objective: the revolution.

Please, help us as you please. Share with other comrades, support ourcampaign, tell our history to a independent media. Every form of support from outside our country will be fucking awesome.

International Solidarity to the 3 Imprisoned comrades

via Athens Indymedia

We call for international expressions of solidarity such as the bannerdrop we did and the slogans that we wrote, so that through our mass presence we can send a message of solidarity to our imprisoned comrades. To stand by them in their effort to fight against any accusations. To raise our fists until the day they walk next to us. Until release…

Solidarity w/ Colombian People

via Anarkismo

Regarding brutal repression perpetrated by the government lead by Iván Duque against those who struggle and resist in Colombia, we call for solidarity, for people to keep protesting throughout the territory, and to denounce, by all means possible, what today grieves Colombian people. Internationalist solidarity is the safeguard of the struggles we forge, and, therefore, we support the demands of the protests in Colombia (Paro Nacional): End state violence, withdraw the health reform now, and provide a universal basic income!

Freedom for the revolutionary struggle in Chile!

from Tekoşîna Anarşîst

Together with more than 20 anarchist organizations, we call for a general amnesty against the represion of the Chilean State.

Free all political prioners! International solidarity with the rebelion, with special voice for the anticolonial struggle of the mapuche people!

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