'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' a true-life poke at authority

'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' a true-life poke at authority

From The Press Democrat, California

Written almost half a century ago by Italian playwright Dario Fo, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” deals with a straightforward question: Just how did a suspected insurgent, while in police custody, fall out a fourth-floor window to his death?

Against the Quarantine of Passions, the Social Epidemic

from anarchists worldwide

In these days a new nightmare is spreading: the contagion from the so-called Coronavirus. Ten villages in the Lodi area, considered as the outbreak of the infection, and one village in the Veneto region, where the first death from the virus occurred, have been placed under quarantine. This means no possibility for people to move around and leave their homes.


Arson Attack Against the School of the Local Municipality Police

from anarchistsworldwide

It’s time to put the romantic image of the “ghisa” directing traffic in the attic. For years now, the “localini” have had almost the same powers as the other repressive forces, patrolling the territory and making investigations and arrests.

For this reason, on the night between the 22nd and 23rd of January, we set fire to local municipality police vehicles inside their school in Milan, located in Boeri street, partially damaging some internal structures. Actions like this one show how it is still possible to attack the power, in spite of more and more advanced and numerous technological means of control and an asphyxiating patrol of the cities.

Always unrepentant: regarding two recent events

Always unrepentant: regarding two recent events

From Act for Freedom!, Italy

While the flames of revolt are exploding over half the world, here hyper-technological authoritarianism seems to be coming up against less and less hostility of populations no longer able to raise their heads and perhaps even unable to recognize their enemies.

Thus, if on the one hand we are finding it hard to discover or rediscover projectualities and practices capable of putting the adversaries in difficulty, then on the other hand, men in uniform and authorities are storming ahead in a repressive toughening that is striking those who, from the streets to the prisons, are refusing to blend in.

Some words by Anarchist comrade Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez from the prison of Terni

Some words by Anarchist comrade Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez from the prison of Terni

From Act for Freedom!

This piece has finally arrived. Juan had mentioned it in his letters. We thought it had been censored. In fact it was confirmed that on 4th October 2019 an investigating judge seized it as he considered it “instigation to commit a crime” or some form of incitement to “anarchist activity” and seized it in order to protect the forces of order.


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