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Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Seattle's Capitol Hill autonomous Zone in Seattle and other advances - as killings go on. Profile of pig violence in LA. "Worries That the U.S. Is Facing Problems an Election Can't Fix" (NYT, 6/13).By a broken window in Memphis : "Artist Unknown. Civilization Unrest 2020." "Life as Civ Begins toCrumble" by JZ. Robot waiter in the Netherlands. "Reality Check: Artificial Intelligence and its Limits"(The Economist, 6/13). Action briefs.

Anarchy Radio 06-02-2020

Racist pig murder of George Floyd sparks nation-wide fury; liberals counsel 'obey the rules'. 80 degrees in Arctic Siberia. November global climate summit in Glasgow put off (O no!). Locust plague now hitting India, a la east Africa. Blood business booming: high prices. "Lockdown Weighs on Poultry Production" - chickens as products. "Why Does Zoom Exhaust You?" The Internet of Medical Everything will bring "brighter, more promising future." Action briefs.

Anarchy Radio 05-19-2020

Anarchy Radio 05-19-2020

Industrial-scale density = pandemic toll. "Covid-19 Could Reverse Decades of GlobalProgress' (!) "The New Secret to Success? No expectations," Jason Gay. 18-ton space junk falls. Sea air full of microplastics not just sea. 5G, pushed for more than 3 decades, subject to more attacks/arsons, say feds. Desire for more tools, candle-making, etc. "I think our soul craves a simpler life." Online education failing, how about life skills."Hunter-gatherers cannot domesticate anything, it's against their world view, which is based on equality and trust. Once that ideology changes, the entire structure of society is transformed and a new world is born." A new world of death is born.

Anarchy Radio 05-12-2020

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Zoom fatigue; social media detox needed. MORE liberal whining over Planet of the Humans.Climate change pushing pandemics. Greater CO2 rise despite pandemic shutdowns. ElonMusk's son named X AE A-12: hello cyborg techno-fascism. Extremes of global temperaturesarriving sooner than expected. Robotic graduation ceremony in Tokyo. End of Black Mirror:"Life is the Black Mirror," says show's creator. 5G tower attacks not abating. Google dropsToronto high-tech neighborhood plan. Action briefs (e.g. wild elk destroy "Danger: Wild Elk"sign.).

Anarchy Radio 05-05-2020

Is the pandemic "fake" (at base about social control)? More on 5G. Ad of the week: "Are We Doing Our Bestfor Future Generations?" (UBS). VR still doesn't deliver. More on Planet of Humans vs. green liberals skeweredand angry. "Ancestor Dreams" by David Yearsley, Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild by Lucy Jones,Little Eyes by Samantha Schweblin. "Alexa, Help Me Meditate." Hackable humans; Party Royale game "a truesocial space." (Yes, a GAME). Politics and action briefs.

Anarchy Radio 04-28-2020

Anarchy Radio 04-28-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Mutual aid projects flourishing, wildlife re-emerging. "Wild Ideas" (NYTM 4/19): animals point to a better world, which we are desperate to see..Only 9% of Britons want return to "normal" life; want the cleaner air, sense of community, etc. to continue. 5G is not safe, cellphone tower arsons spreading across Europe. Global drought worst sine 1200. Sudden collapse of ecosystems likely. Fantasy video games, magic feed denial. But revival of human voice (phone calls). Industrial disas- ters, excesses go on. Samsung adds hand-washing app to smartwatches for those too dumb to know how to wash hands. Resistance news.

Anarchy Radio 04-07-2020

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Aspects of the pandemic, aspects of denial. Continuities with pre-pandemic life. WIRED: we will triumph "through brilliant science and research, and through social cohesion." (!!!) "The land is the biggest health-care system." Wildlife, clean air return for now, not emotional health as suicide hotlines are busy. Online 'life' is weak, thin. Ad of the week: Samsung - " television that will change your life." "Out with theNew" by JZ. Action reports e.g. UK cell phone towers torched in anti-5G attacks.

Why Nihilism? A Response to John Zerzans “Why Hope? (Critique of the Nihilist tendency in Anarchism)”

For years, John Zerzan has inspired my understanding of green anarchy through many of his texts. I enjoy “Anarchy Radio” and the topics he covers, as well as his sense of humor!

I recently discovered this text online and acting on an impulse decided to write up a quick response to it! As with all my writing, I only speak for myself and my own personal experiences.

To My Critics: My Own Peculiar Albatross

To My Critics: My Own Peculiar Albatross

From Bellamy Fitzpatrick dot com by Bellamy Fitzpatrick

Under different circumstances, I would not have brought this issue up so early in my blog, and perhaps would never have brought it up, but the recent mention of me on The Solecast has made me think it is necessary to lay this issue to rest once and for all. My hope is that I will never have to comment on it again, but will be able to reference this blog entry and the podcast links associated with it to any and all future critics.

Anarchy Radio: 06-25-2019

From Anarchy Radio

[audio] The case of Paul Kingsnorth. Refugees, melting, heart disease deaths up. "Years and Years" TV series - dystopian reality. Industrial explosion of the week. "Fully Automated Luxury Communism." Cities can solve climate crisis? Crab shells to fix plastics plague! Horns due to being glued to the iPhones. Action news. Buncha fine calls - and maybe a troll or two?

Anarchy Radio: 06-18-2019

06-18-2019 [audio] Some dates/anniversaries of note (e.g. 6-18-99 anarchist eruption in Eugene). Heat waves, permafrost going fast. Rhinos, seals, insects, etc. also going fast. Brain-eating amoebas in New Jersey. Shooting of the week, (Lion Share Fund) ad of the week. Grid ever more vulnerable, undependable. Time for healing? Resistance news. Virtual celebrity, health slippages. Tech companies to lose trillions soon to cool off servers. One call.


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