Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Seattle's Capitol Hill autonomous Zone in Seattle and other advances - as killings go on. Profile of pig violence in LA. "Worries That the U.S. Is Facing Problems an Election Can't Fix" (NYT, 6/13).By a broken window in Memphis : "Artist Unknown. Civilization Unrest 2020." "Life as Civ Begins toCrumble" by JZ. Robot waiter in the Netherlands. "Reality Check: Artificial Intelligence and its Limits"(The Economist, 6/13). Action briefs.

Anarchy Radio 06-09-2020

Anarchy Radio 06-09-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Kathan co-hosts. Glories of the anti-racism groundswell. Militarization, scapegoating of anarchists nothing new.Spontaneous, leaderless explosion. Protestors may be moving past voting (NYT, June 7). Warmest May in history, highest CO2 levels in history. Massive diesel spill in Arctic Russia, national emergency. Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' grows. Mass killing sprees. Failure of remote learning, more against 5G. Resistance briefs.

Oak Journal - Rejecting the World Society Paradigm

In this episode we hear primarily from a conversation with Bellamy Fitzpatrick and John Zerzan. The conversation covers a lot of ground, from resistance to possibility and veganism to eco-extremism. In addition to the interview this episode features “Western Blot” by Ren Hlao and the first part of a reading of the essay "Feral Magick" by Jason Rodgers

Anarchy Radio 06 11 2019 (with a word to anews from JZ)

Finally the stink of the anews project has become too much for me.
There was the acceptance of the ITS lets-murder-passersby. Now the who-
could- condemn -sex with -kids, the great applause to that from the (anonymous
of course) anews posts. Meanwhile Aragorn! asks, 'when did you accept reality?
(accept defeat).' Could there be more definite gifts to our enemies?No more Anarchy Radio
for theses cynics of surrender, who somehow call themselves 'anarchists'(??)
Don't fucking touch Anarchy Radio broadcasts.

Anarchy Radio 05-14-2019

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio05142019

Kathan co-hosts. More on "Done in from Within." Industrial excrescence of the week. E. Africa trashed by e-waste. Air Buds a recent e-crime. Ferlinghetti's Little Boy memoir. "Depression is a Disease of Civ," by Stephen Ilardi. Resilience, new phony buzzword. No military solution to mass shootings, latest suicides upsurge: teen girls. Social media as addiction and enemy of thought. Action briefs.


Anarchy Radio 04-16-2019

LISTEN HERE: https://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio04162019

We were "modern" much earlier than thought, before symbolic culture(!) "Intentional Mass Casualty Events." New books. "A Note on Freedom" by JZ. Global energy consumption rocketing upward. City Lab touts Technopolis as 100 Resilient Cities ends. "Machine learning" writes the scripts but cursive in schools makes a comeback. "Woman at War" film, resistance briefs. (Go to channel 2 at kwvaradio website for 4/23 show.)

Anarchy Radio 04-09-2019

LISTEN HERE: https://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio04092019

"Filling the Void" - Bruce Alexander on addiction as response to the void of the culture. More cities submerging. Synthetic biology on the march vs. health failures all over the world. Reality too "depressing"? Instagram, Snapchat ruining memories; Google's Smart Compose: bots take over writing/thinking. Cognitive tech lined up to read our thoughts. Barry Lopez's Horizon: no resistance, no alternative paradigm. Resistance briefs, one call.


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