JZ and Karl

Anarchy Radio 02-19-2019

  • Posted on: 19 February 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio02192019

Valentine's Day...and self-love(?) Weave: the Social Fabric Project. Pig shootings, mass shooting of the week. Mega-polluted city of the week: Bangkok. Eco-disaster tid-bits. Online instructional videos do not impart skills. Depression impacts, resistance. Email, iPhones misery. Online and failing, anxious. Nihilism not ideological? Wyld North (UK). Actions shorts from here and there.

Anarchy Radio 02-05-2019

  • Posted on: 6 February 2019
  • By: John Zerzan

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio02052019

Breakdown of a friend. Biggest mass shooting: "no motive." ASMR craze. Bye, bye, ocean blue. Colonization genocide caused 'little ice age' c. 1600. Half of US adults have heart disease; obesity-related cancers on rise among young. UK schools turn to meditation re: anxiety, depression. Kids: online but not lovin' it. Air conditioning alone will be overheating tipping point. Media sources, resistance briefs. And so much more.

Anarchy Radio 01-29-2019

  • Posted on: 30 January 2019
  • By: John Zerzan

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio01292019

LONELINESS - There's a pill for that! Sleepless in Society; Public Health crisis. Shootings; massive Australian drought, temps. Musk madness, Tokyo man weds
robot. Super report from Rewild weekend in Portland. Conspiracy 'theories' thrive in post-truth/postmodern world. Resistance briefs, one call.