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Anarchy Radio 06-04-2019

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Mass shooting of the week, "America, A Nation of Trauma." The malignancy of mass society. Mass flooding, mass near-extinctions (e.g. gray whales, puffins, curlews), mass psychic immiseration, mass homelessness. Conversation with anti-tech partisan Laura Drake. Kids' bike riding declining big-time. Experience Industry's latest: Star Wars World, resistance briefs.

Anarchy Radio 05-21-2019

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No more Game of Thrones! Zoltan boosts microchip implants "so long as it doesn't harm anybody else."(!) Comcast wants to track your bathroom habits. Disney World could build a nuclear reactor. 1st organism with a fully synthetic DNA code. Gene that fixes depression NOT. Millions of birds killed by industrial vacuum olive harvests. Seas rise even faster. Local landfill fires due to lithium batteries. Action briefs, one call.

Anarchy Radio 05-07-2019

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Devastating UN report on extinctions. Greenhouse Distro. Age of cruelty, no empathy? Academics discover anti-civ. A report on Us, Relative: Scaling and Plural Life in a Forager World by Nurit Bird-David. "Done in From Within" by JZ. Cocaine in UK rivers. Connection now a commodity. Action news, four calls.

Anarchy Radio 04-30-2019

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What is the spirit - or dispirit - of the times? Fear, anxiety, grief...dominant zeitgeist vibe? Fredy Perlman on racism and nationalism. Eco-disaster of the week, suicide watch. Getting dumber in the techno-world. Ableism discussion. Modern Madness by Ed Lord. Birds, measles. Action news. Zuckerberg: "The future is private." One call.

Anarchy Radio 04-02-2019

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"Regulate" global social media technology? Weather, species, industrial calamities sampler. How to better deal with racism from an anti-civ perspective; general approach or grounded? White by Bret Easton Ellis. Use, role of fire on Homo species. Shootings, always. "This Friendship Hs Been Digitized." Depressed? More video games to the rescue. Garfield phones pollute French beaches. Resistance reports, two calls.

Anarchy Radio 03-12-2019

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Latest urban disasters/growth of cities. New jetliners crash, pilots helpless re: tech. Oil spills, extinction news. Rise of conspiracy 'theories.' Homo hunted rabbits 400,000 years ago. I read my "Value and its Enemies." E-sports replacing sports, anti-depressants don't work, organizedintimacy(?) Social Media Is Ruining our Memories. Those Stars in the Skies by Deba Ranjan. Action shorts.

Anarchy Radio 03-05-2019

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Snowed in last week - no broadcast. Crises of the seas, ever-stranger weather. Control: essence, inner logic of civilization. Ardi hominins walked like us four million years ago. 131-car pileup (perfect metaphor). Longest oil spill. Sadder lives in a pathological world that breeds despair. Debora Spar's The Virgin and the Plow: technology, paternity, patriarchy. Two calls. Raptors take out miningco. drones. New anarchist zines, action news.

Anarchy Radio 02-19-2019

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Valentine's Day...and self-love(?) Weave: the Social Fabric Project. Pig shootings, mass shooting of the week. Mega-polluted city of the week: Bangkok. Eco-disaster tid-bits. Online instructional videos do not impart skills. Depression impacts, resistance. Email, iPhones misery. Online and failing, anxious. Nihilism not ideological? Wyld North (UK). Actions shorts from here and there.

Anarchy Radio 02-05-2019

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio02052019

Breakdown of a friend. Biggest mass shooting: "no motive." ASMR craze. Bye, bye, ocean blue. Colonization genocide caused 'little ice age' c. 1600. Half of US adults have heart disease; obesity-related cancers on rise among young. UK schools turn to meditation re: anxiety, depression. Kids: online but not lovin' it. Air conditioning alone will be overheating tipping point. Media sources, resistance briefs. And so much more.

Anarchy Radio 01-29-2019

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio01292019

LONELINESS - There's a pill for that! Sleepless in Society; Public Health crisis. Shootings; massive Australian drought, temps. Musk madness, Tokyo man weds
robot. Super report from Rewild weekend in Portland. Conspiracy 'theories' thrive in post-truth/postmodern world. Resistance briefs, one call.

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