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Open Letter Re: Black Rose Books’ plan to publish a Murray Bookchin “Festschrift.”

We, the undersigned, endorse this letter and support its demands: Lifestyle Anarchist News Section

From Reddit r/Communalists

The following letter was sent through the Institute for Social Ecology mailing list this morning. I'm posting this letter here so that the information in the letter is made widely available, and can be freely and transparently discussed.

Relaunching Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology

From Social Ecology

A harbinger is a messenger, or a sign indicating that a major event or change is coming. In recent years the Institute has been energized by a global resurgence of interest in social ecology, municipalism, democratic confederalism, and communalism emanating from a multiplicity of movements. Our programs continue to grow and connect people across the globe, and our comrades have launched exciting new organizations and political initiatives based on these shared ideas. At a moment when resistance to capitalism, ecocide, representative democracy, and social domination is evident everywhere, we need forums where we can sharpen the analysis, strategy, and political vision necessary to create a radically democratic and ecological society.

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