Without a State, without a husband, without Somoza;

Libertarian memories of the Revolution

From Autonomies (translator) via Luis Hessel, (contra hegemonia, 29/07/2019)

This is the voice of a woman. An anarchist woman. A revolutionary who during the 1970s struggled to imprint an anti-authoritarian, anti-state and feminist mark on the ongoing transformation process. We will call her Isabel Gutierrez and we will say with certainty that she escaped from the Argentine military dictatorship to continue her revolutionary activity in Nicaragua. And this was no surprise. In those days, Central America was a veritable hotbed that concentrated the hopes of the world’s revolutionaries. But on arriving in the lands of Sandino, the former leader of the “army of madmen”, reality fully surpassed the hopes: she felt for the first time that she was before a true popular revolution. The powerful of the world, above all the Yankees, watched the events of Managua with concern, the local bourgeoisie escaped frightened by peasants with machetes more than fed up with hunger, while on a wall of a neighborhood of Masatepe, the people wrote verses that not even the best of poets could match: “They will die of nostalgia, but they will not return.”

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