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TotW: Using it for Our Purposes?

seek, and ye shall find

What is social media good for? How do you use it for what works for you, how do you remind yourself what your goals are for using it, and when do you know that you've lost the thread? What are the ways you use it that you would call anarchist, and why would you call them anarchist? Or are anarchy and social media on two different planes that don't intercept each other for you?

Alan Moore: anarchist Watchmen creator to vote in first election in 40 years

from the independent

Alan Moore, the self-proclaimed “anarchist” who wrote the Watchmen comic books, has announced he will be voting for the first time in 40 years.

Ahead of the election in 2017, Moore threw his support behind Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, but said he was refusing to vote as he “prefers direct political action and comment without an elected intermediary”.

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