Operation Panico

Towards the end of the “Panico” trial

From Act for Freedom!

Florence, Italy: The week of final hearings of the“Panico” trial ended today.On Monday 15th and half of Tuesday 16th the final part of the trial phase took place; on the prosecution side, the treatment of the last tranche of expert interceptions of wiretapping, environmental and by telephone;by the defense, some objections have been raised regarding the interference of the prosecution expert in the court expert’s activities (that is: the main interception with which they accused Paska was first transcribed differently from the court expert, thencorrected after prosecution pressures to bring it back to the “original”). Then a defense witness was heard about the broken foot of Ghespe in the period around 2017 New Year

Florence, Italy: Last hearings of the trial for the “Panico” operation

From Act For Freedom Now!

The hearings from 15 to 18 July, 2019, are confirmed, but due to the absence of one of the judges the sentence (scheduled for July 22nd) could slip, by a maximum of one week, apparently.

For Giova, Paska and Ghespe under house arrest, was asked the transport by their own means for the hearings, therefore without an escort. For Paska has also been asked to temporarily move house arrest to a house near Florence.

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