Cultural Appropriation on Immediatism Podcast

Two texts which challenge the notion of cultural appropriation are now available on Immediatism podcast. The first, on "The Hoop" is a set of scholarly observations and light critique of people who nomadically travel a route in the northwest states, wildtending to produce food. Wildtending is described and the ethics around it explained.

New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

New issue of UK anarchist zine Return Fire

Return Fire vol.6 chap.1 now out, & new PGP key

This chapter features anti-authoritarian propositions, social movement analysis, dispatches from frontlines of revolt and from its edges, conceptions of various indigenous anarchisms, odes to play and dis-alienation, the usual repression reports and action methodologies, love letters to the land and bodily practices for rejoining ourselves with it...

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