I Was A Teenage Anarchist And Now I’m A Mid-Thirties Anarchist

  • Posted on: 2 February 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Birds Before the Storm

Fifteen years ago today, on February 2nd, 2002, I became an anarchist. I was nineteen, living in NYC, and I attended the World Economic Forum protests. I knew the anarchists by reputation only — they wore all black and they smashed things. They were going to wear masks in defiance of NYC’s anti-mask laws. I wanted to know why, so I approached a man with his face obscured by a black bandanna.


The Short Story of How I Got Here: Casey Brezik

  • Posted on: 3 March 2016
  • By: thecollective

I was just going through some of the letters I’ve received over the years in an effort to minimize clutter, and I realize that in one there was a post someone had printed off for me in which one of my comrades was attributing the acts that led me here to my “mental illness.” I presume this to be a common opinion shared by several due to media reports surrounding my case. None of which have I ever known to be accurate and certainly not unbiased on this case.