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“Stand Against Amazon and Gentrification” An Unofficial Reportback and Analysis

  • Posted on: 24 November 2019
  • By: thecollective
“Stand Against Amazon and Gentrification” An Unofficial Reportback and Analysis

From Puget Sound Anarchists

On November 23rd a black bloc of about 20 anti-capitalists gathered at Westlake park from there marched on the Amazon Spheres. The following is personal account and analysis from the perspective of an anarchist outside of the core groups that called for the action.

Of Egg and Chicken: A Report Back

  • Posted on: 11 October 2019
  • By: thecollective

from it's going down

I’d heard hubbub about Symbiosis for almost a year, but I didn’t quite get it. Was it just a bunch of people on the internet? What were they trying to do exactly? Why was their design so fly?

A couple months back I met a new friend who had been involved in some of the online organizing, and he had given me reason to believe that the Congress was going to be well worth attending, even though the whole thing was kind of confusing. The confusion first made sense to me when an organizer explained on a conference call for new member organizations that they were working with a “chicken and egg” problem: on the one hand they wanted to build a federation of municipalist organizations; on the other hand they wanted the meaning and organizational forms of that federation to be determined by the member organizations themselves. But in order to get those organizations to create the federation, they had to build enough of the federation to get them to join it… in order to build the federation. It is a hard problem, and it is a credit to the early organizers — let’s call them the egg-builders — to have had the good sense to embrace this paradox.

Dorset Radical Bookfair – Anarchy in the Sticks!

  • Posted on: 15 September 2019
  • By: thecollective
bookfairs (BOOK FAIRS!) still haven't reached their final form yet!

From Anarchist Federation (UK)

Bristol AFed rarely miss a chance to get down to support our friends in Dorset, and this year’s Dorset Radical Bookfair was a great opportunity to do so again. It’s Dorset’s third bookfair, and took place at a fantastic and friendly venue, the Corn Exchange, in central Dorchester. But before going any further, it’s probably worth asking ‘why a bookfair’?

Indigenous Anarchist Convergence – Report Back

  • Posted on: 6 September 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

From Taala Hoogan Infoshop

Kinlani/Flagstaff, AZ — More than 120 participants and over 30 groups and organizations converged at Táala Hooghan Infoshop to discuss, debate, and share their perspectives on Indigenous Anarchism.

The initial call-out for the convergence stated, “…we call for those also seeking a fulfilling life free from domination, coercion, & exploitation to gather around this fire. For those sickened by fascinations with dead white-men’s thoughts (and their academies and their laws), reformist & reactionary “decolonial activisms”, and the uninspired merry-go-round of leftist politics as a whole. For all those ungovernable forces of Nature…”

Czech Republic: A look back at the 7th Anarchist Book Festival

  • Posted on: 30 August 2019
  • By: thecollective


On May 18 and 19, 2019, the seventh year of the Anarchist Book Festival took place in Prague . In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most important events of the local anarchist movement during the year, an opportunity to meet calmly, discuss a number of anarchist publications, get to know new (and old) initiatives and collectives, learn something during lectures and discuss together and have fun too.