Great Anarchists | Review

Great Anarchists | Review

From Organise Magazine

Anarchism, despite being a rich historical tradition with theorists and thinkers from all over the world, and which has influenced a great many social movements, is unfairly maligned at times. Some pigeon hole it as an anachronism, based on the worship of a prelapsarian past; a mindset of the small-society and essentially obsolete today. Others malign it as overtly and centrally European, unequipped to deal with the struggles faced by people of colour and colonised peoples today who may demand a nationalism of their own for the sake of safety. Beyond this, some – often of the more traditionally Marxist stripe – tend to label it utopian and divorced from material change: too busy focused on what could be to deal with what is.

Out of the Ruins: An Anarchist Studies Journal Review

From PM Press

By Judith Suissa
Anarchist Studies Journal
March 2020

As Robert Haworth notes in his introduction to this volume,
there is a rich tradition of anarchist criticism of state schooling
as one of the institutions that ‘uphold and reinforce’ a
particular set of social, political, economic and cultural ideas
(p6). This collection of work by educational activists, theorists
and practitioners promises to document and explore the
‘radical learning spaces’ emerging as alternatives to the
social imaginaries of formal state schooling.

Anarchist Agitprop For A New Year

Anarchist Agitprop For A New Year

From The Transmetropolitan Review

To celebrate the new decade, the Cinema Committee happily releases these three short videos reflecting on the past year of resistance. We hope our modest efforts inspire other anarchists to create their own media, of any variety. Media is no substitute for acting in real life with others, but it’s also a vital ingredient in any struggle. In the dead time of capitalist normality, download video editing software, buy a cheap printer, stock up on paint, or make cauldrons of wheat-paste to put up posters. None of it will be a waste of time. All of it will matter. Tag the cities with rebellious phrases, flood the internet with subversive images, and paste up those words and images that inspire you.

2019 in Review: A Year of Repression – and Resistance

2019 in Review: A Year of Repression – and Resistance

From Anarchist Agency

Just when you thought it was over, they were back: France’s gillets jaunes, the direct-action protest movement that arose in opposition to the Macron government’s pro-capitalist, anti-worker policies, was supposed to be all done in 2019, neutralized by police repression and the government’s token gestures at public “consultations.” Then, in December, the yellow vests appeared again as Macron moved to “reform”—i.e. slash—French old-age pension provisions. Once again, thousands of working people were back in the streets, saying enough is enough to the global elite’s efforts to impose neoliberal policies on an increasingly angry populace.


Brains Kan: Norfolk’s anarchist rave revolution

Brains Kan: Norfolk’s anarchist rave revolution

From Freedom News UK

It was a sunny Sunday morning on 28 March 2004 when everything changed for the Norfolk-based anarchist free party crew Brains Kan.

DJ Manarchy, a former member of the crew, was dancing in front of a speaker stack with hundreds of other ravers in a warehouse on the Norwich Airport Industrial Estate when a friend came over and told him to take a look outside.

TOTW: The year past, the year ahead

Here at ANEWS, we’re glad you made it through 2019 with us and best wishes to you and friends for a tumultuous 2020. CYA (next decade) IN THE STREETS!

A quick glance back and some wild eyes toward the future. As 2019 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at the ongoing social upheavals worldwide, the inspiring international anarchist actions, some books that have kept you up till the early hours, and the music that has been the soundtrack to it all. How was your 2019?

Anti-Zionism: Analytical Reflections

Anti-Zionism: Analytical Reflections
by Roselle Tekiner
Amana Books

While anti-zionism cannot properly be considered a form of anti-statism, in that it does not question the existence of States as such, but only the legitimacy of one State in particular, I believe that the history and philosophy discussed in this collection of essays may be, and should be, of interest to those anarchists seeking a better understanding of how new States can come into being, and why they do, or do not, prosper.

Occult Features of Anarchism, by Erica Laglisse

From USAPP– American Politics and Policy, book review

In Occult Features of Anarchism, with Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the PeoplesErica Laglisse challenges the assumption that rationality and secularism are at the centre of anarchism, instead showing how this is rooted in a disavowal of its roots in religious and occult thinking, with implications for how we view anarchism and conspiracy theories today. This is a rich work that confronts deep-seated contemporary questions about anarchism, conspiracy theories and the nature of knowledge, writes Bethan Johnson

Notes On Friendship And Destitution

From Conflict Minnesota, Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

On some recent sunny evenings in south Minneapolis, an advertised reading group met to discuss the book Joyful Militancy. One of the discussions was framed with a question posed by the book: “How do we create situations where we feel more alive and capable than before?”

The Great Anarchist Conspiracy

From The Transmetropolitian Review

We are happy to present our latest work, The Great Anarchist Conspiracy, a documentary that charts anarchism’s resilient survival from the 1890s all the way up the 1970s. The fact that you are reading this, and are most likely an anarchist, is proof that our international movement has survived every attempt to crush it. Against impossible odds, and without wielding state power, the anarchist movement continues to spread across the planet, even as you read this.

Review: Kropotkin: Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition by Ruth Kinna

From Anarchist Writers by anarcho

Anarchists from Proudhon onwards have met with misunderstanding and not a little deliberate distortion. Peter Kropotkin, despite being one of the most widely read anarchist thinkers, has also suffered this fate. This, perhaps, is due to him being so widely read for the most easily available works are those he wrote as general introductions to anarchism. The more numerous works he wrote for the anarchist press addressing the issues it was facing remain mostly buried in archives.


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