The St Petersburg anarchists cooking up a vegan revolution

  • Posted on: 2 November 2019
  • By: thecollective
The St Petersburg anarchists cooking up a vegan revolution

From BBC News

As Russia enters its 20th year under the authoritarian leadership of Vladimir Putin, St Petersburg's vegan anarchist community thrives. Hated by the far right and out of tune with Russia's prevailing nationalist mood, the activists have created a version of what their ideal society would look like - and they're promoting this vision with delicious food. Could they be changing attitudes among other young Russians?

The Speech of Russian Anarchist Alexei Polikhovich in Moscow

  • Posted on: 16 August 2019
  • By: thecollective

From Avtonom

The on August 10 was the culmination of weeks of both authorized and unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow and elsewhere around Russia. The wave of demonstrations began on , when 20,000 people gathered in Moscow to demand “fair” and “clean” local elections. A slew of liberal opposition candidates have been barred from running in the Moscow elections coming up on September 8. The July 20 demonstration was called to oppose what the opposition sees as collusion between the ruling United Russia Party, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, President Vladimir Putin, and their allies to prevent liberal opposition candidates from running.

Sacrificing Life – What Did Mikhail Zhlobitsky Achieve

  • Posted on: 8 July 2019
  • By: thecollective

From AMW English

We live in a world where an endless stream of information and constant updates in news feeds force out even the most important events of the recent past.

However among the events there are those which can not be allowed to fade. One of them occurred on October 31, 2018. Anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky committed an act of retaliation by activating an explosive device in the building of the FSB Directorate in Arkhangelsk. It was the act of self-sacrifice – Mikhail Zhlobitsky died.

Anarchist Yevgeny Karakashev sentenced to 6 years in prison

  • Posted on: 22 April 2019
  • By: thecollective

According to the prosecution, Karakashev posted a video allegedly calling for terrorism on his profile at VKontakte back in 2014 , and, in January 2017, he posted a text from another account which contained “propaganda of the ideology of violence” and “calls for terrorist activity”. It was not specified what the posts contained.

According to the defence lawyer, Yevgeny believes that the initiation of a criminal case against him was related to his activist work: he is a long-standing anarchist and antifascist who, prior to his arrest, was involved in a campaign against the construction of a tourist resort near his hometown. Karakashev will appeal his sentence.

Network Trial Begins in Petersburg

  • Posted on: 17 April 2019
  • By: thecollective

From The Russian Reader

The court trial in the case of the “anarchist terrorist community” Network got underway in St. Petersburg. Viktor Filinkov, a 24-year-old programmer, and Yuli Boyarshinov, a 27-year-old industrial climber, have been charged with involvement in Network. Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova, who attended the hearing, pointed out the “ability to throw grenades,” which the prosecution included in the evidence against the defendants, was taught officially to members of the patriotic youth movement Yunarmiya.

Russia: “network” case lawyers prepare for court battle

  • Posted on: 2 April 2019
  • By: thecollective


Lawyers for Viktor Filinkov and Yuly Boyarshinov, two of the defendants in the “network case”, are now preparing for their trial.

Lawyers for Viktor Filinkov and Yuly Boyarshinov, two of the defendants in the “network case”, are now preparing for their trial. The defendants in the case are Russian anti-fascists who were arrested – and tortured by security services officers – in St Petersburg and Penza last year. They are accused of a so-called terrorist plot – a prosecution denounced by Russian human rights organisations as a frame-up.

Who's to judge? About the shooting attack on the courthouse in Kiev

  • Posted on: 27 March 2019
  • By: thecollective

The time has come to elaborate further on our attack on Holosiivskyi district court in Kiev.

Among the commentaries on the attack, we’ve read more than once that some people don’t understand our motives. They don't get how does Azat Miftakhov’s arrest in Moscow have anything to do with a courthouse in Kiev. We'll try to explain, because it’s important to get this seemingly obvious message across.