Sebastián Oversluij Seguel

Santiago, Chile: Coordinated Incendiary Attacks Against Banco Estado Branches in Memory of Anarchist-Nihilist Comrade Sebastián Oversluij

  • Posted on: 28 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

During the hours before dawn of December 14, 2017, anonymous hands acted in an evidently coordinated manner placing incendiary devices in Banco Estado (State Bank) branches in the city of Santiago.

The first incendiary device was discovered in a Banco Estado branch located at the intersection 28 of Grand Avenue at around 2AM when it was dicsovered by a passer-by who had entered to use the ATM. Police personnel, GOPE (Special Operations Police Group), Labocar (Forensics Investigation Police) and members of the Southern Prosecutor’s office were quickly mobilized. But the night was just beginning…

Sebastián Oversluij Seguel lives in all expropriations and attacks on power : Chile

  • Posted on: 26 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

The morning of 11th December 2013, comrade Sebastián Oversluij was preparing to expropriate a bank in the municipality of Pudahuel. Comrade “Angry” went into the bank, took out a submachine gun and announced the assault. A miserable security guard shot our comrade and killed him instantly. The bastard in uniform was a trained soldier and had vast experience as a mercenary in Haiti and Iraq.

Oaxaca: Explosive attacks against Santander Bank and PRODECON

  • Posted on: 20 December 2016
  • By: thecollective

in memory of anarchist compañero Sebastián Oversluij

On December 11, 2013 anarchist compañero Sebastián Oversluij was shot dead by a security guard while attempting to rob a bank branch in Chile.

Today we decided to attack with explosive devices a Santander Bank branch and a PRODECON* office (belonging to the Secretary of Finance) in Oaxaca.

Remembering three years since this event not to make him a martyr nor to victimize his death but in the name of all illegal and clandestine actions that arise, have arisen and will arise within this war.