In Defense of Associative Specificity

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from Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News.

by Gustavo Rodríguez

Since the defeat of Spanish anarcho-syndicalism, reiteration is a frequent ocurrence in the Babellian context in which the life of the so-called "anarchist movement" painfully takes place. As if it were "Groundhog Day", we are condemned to repeat the same experience indefinitely. Time and again, the ideological displacements and the conceptualizations of others gain presence in our camp. Thus - again - the notions of "sect", "sectarianism" and "sectarian" emerge in the debate. We don’t have the slightest chance of escaping from this vicious cycle. Like Phil Connors (Bill Murray) in the famous comedy, every day the same song is hammered into us (at six in the morning!), forced to repeat ourselves in an infinite cycle from which not even suicide saves us.

TOTW: Solarpunk Anarchism

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Topic of the Week: The sun still rises and with it a new conversation is shared over the wires. Over the years, here at Anarchist News we have posted topics discussing various tendencies within the anarchist space and this week we are talking about a rather new set of ideas on the block (but also old) related to solarpunk anarchy.

Against Sectarianism

Banner: "COMBATIVE AND SUBVERSIVE SOLIDARITY with thx ANARKISTS Mónica and Francisco" Title: "Agaisnt Sectarianism: For an affinity based in practice. Words from the comrades Mónica and Francisco"

from Contra Info via AMW

In short, anarchy for us is an ethics and a permanent practice against authority, a practice in which we have met with others (not necessarily “anarchists”), enriching and enhancing our visions and capabilities, as well as forging close relationships of complicity, strengthened in the course of years and confrontation. To designate that these relationships can only be established with those who are called “anarchists,” apart from being a fallacy that can only be believed by those who have not ventured to travel the paths of the conflict and spend their time in front of the computer, is something that we reject from the moment when we prioritize establishing links over repeating empty slogans until you get enough.

A Response to “For an Anti-Sectarian Revolutionary Left: 10 Hypotheses”

This piece is part of an ongoing discussion within RED about revolutionary strategy. It responds to ED’s “For an Anti-Sectarian Revolutionary Left: 10 Hypotheses.” Like ED’s piece, it doesn’t speak for all of RED but instead hopes to help spark further debate and discussion in our group and outside it.

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