Diary of an Anarchist Tourist

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-Episode 4, by D.

If Anarchism is against oppression and exploitation, against the positioning of one above another, honesty is a part of that project. If you just saw the actions I did and not the words in my head, maybe you’d think there was something special here. I hope now you’ve seen the insecurity, the isolation and the dirt you’ll get a little of why I’m just a part of something, never the whole. Maybe there is something special too, but it's individuality, not perfection.

Ruymán Rodríguez and the Federación Anarquista de Gran Canaria: An Interview

anarchists talking to journalists

From translation by Julius Gavroche

An interview for the spanish newspaper, El Salto diario (05/10/2021) …

The Canarian anarchist activist Ruymán Rodríguez visits the Valencian Community, invited by the Mostra del Llibre Anarquista d’Alacant, to share the work carried out by the Sindicato de Inquilinas and the Federación Anarquista de Gran Canaria.

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