The Current Moment in Ireland: Interview with Andrew Flood

The Current Moment in Ireland: Interview with Andrew Flood

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Black Rose / Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation member Brendan Maslauskas Dunn sat down with Irish anarchist, organizer and writer Andrew Flood on February 20, 2020. Flood is a member of the Irish anarcho-communist organization Workers Solidarity Movement. Many of his essays and articles can be found here. The interview took place exactly where you might find an Irish and American anarchist on a brisk winter night: in a working class pub near the River Liffey in Dublin. 

Film: Alan MacSimoin's Story

from a-infos

The following is a YouTube film of Irish Anarchist, Alan MacSimoin. See HERE the ACG's obituary for Alan. ---- The YouTube page itself says: ---- "This is the story of Alan MacSimoin 1957-2018 a long-time Anarchist activist and founder member of the Workers Solidarity Movement. MacSimoin joined as a young man the Official Republican Movement (Sinn Fein) .

Solidarity newsletter #19 April 2019

From Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement

This is our first newsletter for a while, but we are aiming to do 2 or 3 more this year. If you would like to contribute we would be happy to see your work.

We are waiting for the physical copies, but we are making it available here as a download.

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