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@critic on exclusion and positionality

Well, part of the problem with these kinds of generalisations is that variation within each set is greater than variation between the sets (i.e. "men are better off than women on average" =/= "all men are better off than all women"). Another part of the problem is: which variables count, and how are they ranked? Men are more likely to commit suicide than women - is that a "structural oppression", since it's by their own hand? If so, is it more or less important than a much lower risk of being raped (unless in prison)?

from ugly-terf from the freedom collective comment thread

I highly recommend people read-around this issue for themselves before being emotionally blackmailed and bullied into embracing a movement, the central premises of which are homophobic and sexist, damaging to children and demand an end to sex based rights, protections and spaces for women. For anarchists and radicals, i particularly recommend the video linked below 'The End of Gender - Revolution Not Reform' By Deep Green Resistance. Peace <3

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