Podcast: Mass movements in Latin America

Podcast: Mass movements in Latin America

From Anarkismo

Where do they come from? Where do they stand? What's next?

A member of the Anarchist Federation Rio de Janeiro tells about the developments and incidents in Latin America over the last 30 years. To be discussed are the "socialism of the 21st century", the renewed rise of neoliberalism, the current wave of uprisings in the region and an outlook into the future.

The podcast was recorded at a public presentation by a member of the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro, held in English on 24 January 2020 in Bern, Switzerland. The event was organised by the Libertäre Aktion (libertaereaktion@immerda.ch).

Anarchistnews Podcast 164 – 5.22.20

From Anews Podcast

Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on anarchistnews.org.

TOTW with Ariel and friends, on dying

Editorial by guest Mistral: reforming revolution

1. The Birthday Party – Sonny’s Burning
2. Naked City – Igneous Ejaculation
3. John Fahey – Dance of Death

Primal Anarchy Podcast 26: Interview with Deana Dartt

Primal Anarchy Podcast 26: Interview with Deana Dartt

From Primal Anarchy

House keeping: Book club and upcoming meeting, first book is Terra Nullius by Sven Lindqvist. 15% of all of our sales still going to Indigenous Mutual Aid, please toss them some support (indigenousmutualaid.org). Kickstarter underway, will be up anytime. We continue our ongoing conversation about primal anarchy and the nature of resistance to civilization and domestication with Deana Dartt, PhD. Deana is Coastal Chumash and Mestiza. Her work is focused on decolonization and indigenization, raising Indigenous voices and experiences back into the lands and narratives that sought to erase them. She has worked with everything from museum curators to activist groups to push forward this necessary discussion. She also shares our enthusiasm for bridging gaps between decolonization and anti-civilization. Listen up, you’ll like it. More importantly, you’ll learn from it. Support Deana’s work at liveoaknative.com.

The Unquiet Dead Ch 7 – AudioZine

The Unquiet Dead Ch 7 – AudioZine

From Resonance Audio Distro

The Unquiet Dead Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology Chapter 7. Elitism, Populism, and Democracy – By Anonymous – MP3ReadPrintArchiveTorrentYouTube

Chapter 7 discusses Nietzsche, anti-Semitism and elitism as well as The Peróns fascism and populism. The full text is available at unquietdead.tumblr.com; we will be posting recordings of other chapters in the future.

Wayne Price on Anarchism and Marxist Economics

From The Final Straw Radio

Wayne Price is longtime anarchist, author and currently a member of Bronx Climate Justice North and the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, or MACC, in New York City. After reading his book, The Value Of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economy (AK Press, 2013), I got excited to speak to him about his views on anarchists engaging Marxist economic concepts and some of the historical conflicts and engagements between Marxism and Anarchism.

Anarchy Radio 05-12-2020

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Zoom fatigue; social media detox needed. MORE liberal whining over Planet of the Humans.Climate change pushing pandemics. Greater CO2 rise despite pandemic shutdowns. ElonMusk's son named X AE A-12: hello cyborg techno-fascism. Extremes of global temperaturesarriving sooner than expected. Robotic graduation ceremony in Tokyo. End of Black Mirror:"Life is the Black Mirror," says show's creator. 5G tower attacks not abating. Google dropsToronto high-tech neighborhood plan. Action briefs (e.g. wild elk destroy "Danger: Wild Elk"sign.).


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