General discussion

Is shadowsmoke an RCP agent?!

There was a comment in the Wolfi thread suggesting this as a possiblity, cuz I think wearing a hammer-and-sickle bandana means, well, not much - certainly not that a person is tanky, especially when weighed against other evidence.

Mods deleted the comment, and that's cool, cuz it was definitely off-topic. But censorship is boring, and I thought it was funny, and am sad that my phone dying meant I couldn't respond, lol. So, please discuss.

Fiction Novels

I couldn't find a thread/list of novels. Please could A News hold a thread with a list of novels where key themes include existentialism and/or nihilism? The list can be added to as and when people wish to contribute a title. Personally, I am not looking at science fiction, rather material such 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Dispossessed, Too Loud A Solitude, Lolita and Laughable Loves, to name some. I think a list of novels would be useful for all kinds of reasons. Thanks

What about new technology?

What should anarchists do with new technologies? The world is changing very rapidly with new technologies. Maybe in 50-60 years there will be technologies that enter the human body and keep it safe from harmful pathogens/diseases/etc. There might be virtual reality in which people can just plain old live their entire lives. Technology might make for a huge increase in material wealth. Technology might be able to feed all at anytime. Obviously I want to keep living my life as free as possible. Obviously I want anarchism.