General discussion

General discussion

Movie Review: Us. A post-left hot-take

Spoiler alert: Revolutions are pipe dreams.

I’ll be using the wikipedia plot summary as a guide. Excerpts from wikipedia will be in between brackets “[...]”.

[In 1986, young Adelaide Thomas goes on vacation with her parents to Santa Cruz. At the beach, she wanders off while her father is playing whack-a-mole and enters a funhouse, where she encounters a doppelgänger of herself in the hall of mirrors. When her parents eventually find her, she is unable to speak.]

A Few Anarcho-Pacifist Texts That I Wrote

I am waiting to see if a peace magazine will publish The Humanitarian Charade and so will be taking the texts from there and above down in a couple of days. If anyone, for some reason, wants them, than they should copy and paste them now. I will put them back up in a couple of weeks if they decide not to publish that article which will probably be the case. I think that it's over the word limit.

What Percentage of the World Do You Think Is Anarchist?

At a totally random guess, I would say that around 3% of the world agrees with my own political inclinations, but, that around 5-10% of the world is either Anarchist or Anarchist sypathizers. I could even give it a full 15% if you included some Libertarians. What do you think? Do I under or overball it?

The Legalization of All Narcotics

I'm in favor of the decriminalization and legalization of all narcotics which might seem to be a somewhat strange position for me to take being that I'm not much of a user and don't really care for drug culture, but, I do think that doing so would alleviate much of the plights associated with narcotics. Does anyone else agree?

Anarchist Theories and Factions that Get to You

I tend to be bothered by Egoists, Nihilists, and, Post-Left Anarchists.

Post-Left Anarchy really kind of gets at something, but, I don't think that they adequately cope with that the theory hazards being co-opted by the far-Right via that it does lend itself to be subverted by crypto-Fascist discourse. I honestly haven't had too many interactions with Post-Left Anarchists and could just be assuming too much, though.

Is "Anti-Civilization" the politically correct term for "Anarcho-Primitivism"?

I've been kind of away for a while and haven't really kept up with everything that is going on. It seems like Anti-Civilization theories are fairly popular now. Is "Anti-Civilization" the politically correct term for "Anarcho-Primitivism", or, do the terms refer to different schools of thought?