Egyptian Anarchist Movement Emerges with Wave of Firebombings and Street Fights

From Even If Your Shakes

A black bloc marches in Cairo tonight, preparing for confrontations with security forces near Tahrir Square on the even of the second anniversary of the revolution.

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Anarchists have been present in Egypt before, during, and after the revolution, but until today, they have yet to organize a mass grouping under the banner of anarchism. The Ultras of Egypt’s football clubs have for years been associated with anarchist ideas and actions, and they are widely credited with having initiated the level militancy that brought down the Mubarak government in February of 2011.

Last night, anarchism left the graffitied walls, small conversations, and online forums of Egypt, and came to life in Cairo, declaring itself a new force in the ongoing social revolution sparked two years ago with multiple firebombings against Muslim Brotherhood offices. Later, the government shutdown the “Black Blocairo” and “Egyptian Black Bloc” Facebook pages, but they were soon re-launched.

“Wait for our next attacks as we respond to the closing of our official page…” they posted in a statement posted online this morning (translated below).

Today, the black bloc made its first mass-appearance in Tahrir Square, and, shortly after, firebombed the Shura Council (Egyptian Parliament), tore down a section of the protest-barrier walls leading from Tahrir Square, and, with others, engaged in fighting against security forces.

These statements and actions are in preparation for tomorrow’s second anniversary of the revolution, and for what some are calling “a whole new level” or protest in Egypt.

Anarchism and the black bloc concept has grown in recent months across Egypt, Stemming from various anarchist grouping/circles that coalesced during the revolutionary period. A massive distrust among the youth of all political parties, a sharp critique of the role of religion within governance, and the inspiration of anarchist resistance around the world (largely symbolized by the late-2008 revolt in Greece) have helped it catalyze.


Below is the statement of Black Blocairo in regards to the removal of their websites, their firebombing attacks against government offices, and their calls for revolt:

“Yesterday and after we finished our event, we met some of the revolutionary movements and we decided to unite together in our next attacks, hence we did our first two attacks, as we told you yesterday:

1- Setting fire to Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) online office.

2- Setting fire in the Ikhwan office in Al-Manial street in Cairo.

And we announced our revolution since today in Al-Tahrir Square untill Egypt and it’s people get their rights back! Life, Freedom and social justice!

Black Blocairo, The Hooligans

Wait for our next attacks as we respond to the closing of our official page…”





so black bloc rioting cool if brown people do it?

Isn't that how it's always been?

what no its always cool

how things are:

white people say they shouldn't act until people of color act.

people of color pissed that they always have to deal with systematic violence (so do poor whites, don't get me wrong), fight back all the time, wonder when whitey's gonna join in the fight.

lather, rinse, repeat.

Fuck yeah1

a raised fist brothers n sisters
much respect,

black bloc internationale

Social justice!

fucking white manarchists

I love their spirit!

This is starting to make news from a bunch of cities. There was a rail blockade, a port got stormed, and of course, ongoing riots at parliament. Most aren't explicitly using the term "anarchist", but "ultras", "bloc" and "Black Bloc" have been thrown around a lot. The Islamists have already threatened bloody murder if "bitter" anarchists overthrow the government.

Probly something worth watching...

Totally unrelated:

If anyone wants to punch their computer, get a load of the comments on this article:


It's okay, the colonizers will die from their own "superiority"

Cool video I found whilst looking for Egyptian riot porn,

Seems like they might have some inspiration from actions in Oakland

lets hope they dont take much, hitting a wells fargo sign with a hammer is a far cry from storming and burning down police stations. i dont really even understand this video, because it seems as if they are sort of cushioning themselves in sort of radical speech, but theyre in the company and themselves part of already the most violent revolt in recent years, and it sounds like they are unfortunately trying to make extreme actions justifiable (for who, im not sure). in america, this might make sense, in the context of such extremely low level conflict, not even bordering on insurrection, but there, this video is in the context of such a high volume of crazy ass shit.

wait... what? So insurrectionary rhetoric is ok until we actually start doing half the shit we're always talking about? Then it's suddenly unjustifiable "crazy ass shit"?

My reaction as well. I think what we should take away is that there are always, even in the situation with Egypt, people who want to maintain the status quo, or sink to the level of apathetic "pacifism" ("letting other people do the harm" seems to be what they mean, as opposed to "not hurting people"). And it'd be nice if somebody could convince those people to stop.

"Seems like they might have some footage from actions in the decadent and image-saturated west where every public thing gets filmed on someone's iphone and in the hippest most counter-cultural towns, anarchists do stuff in order to write zines/blogs/'communiques' about it."

there, fixed that for you

I am eagerly anticipating Chris Hedges' reaction.

this article is from ryan harveys website. chris hedges also likes rioting brown people.

Yeah, it's totes ok as long as it's NIMBY.

Those Egyptians are addicted to rioting.

it's ok because they are exotic and in another country. that's the winning formula. black in america only gets you halfway. whitey understands your pain but he doesn't approve of your acts

Damn big ups to these kids it looks like they been tearing up the town with mad style and aplomb the past few days. Like they could have just gone out and tore it up without going all out like this on the internets and shit, but its hella tighter they saying to the world "hey yo, black bloc is up in this piece here in Cairo". Mad respect, game recognize game.

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