Audrey Goodfriend 1920 - 2013

Audrey was our good friend and comrade. She passed at the healthy age of 92 at home after a night at the theater. She loved the theater and got involved in acting and improv later in her life. She was also a steady member of the Anarchist Study Group in Berkeley CA.

Her anarchist story involved being raised by anarchist parents (her father was an editor of Freie Arbeiter Stimme - the longest running anarchist periodical in Yiddish) in the Yiddish speaking Coop in the Bronx and moving to the Bay Area (first SF in 1946 and then Berkeley). She began as an anarcho-communist (after reading Berkmans ABC's of Anarchism), became an anarcho-syndicalist during the Spanish War (36-37), a political pacifist soon thereafter (protesting against WWII!), and eventually became influenced by the Italian anarchism of the comrades she met in California. Not an orthodox follower or idealogue, she was commited to the Beautiful Idea and to the people who shared this idea with her.
She wored at a local bookstore -
Anarchist Study Group -
Video from upcoming Anarchism documentary -



Audrey, you are so loved and missed.

live like she did. stay sharp, stay involved, have fun.

indeed! love to Audry, her family and all her friends and comrades!

And missed in the midwest, too. It was a pleasure to have met her and hung out a few times.

I will always feel honored to have known Audrey as a friend, a study group participant, an ally, a reluctant presenter at several BASTARD conferences, and as a neighbor. She was ready with a story and delighted in telling them to us youngsters. She always had a twinkle in her eyes. She will be missed.

Audrey was a wonderful woman and swimming partner who kept me inspired and reminded me of my own grandmother. I am so happy to have known someone who lived her every moment fully in her activism and kindness. She will be missed but remembered.

This is so sad!!! Audrey will be missed. I liked seeing her pretend to act like 'an old lady' when she was doing her improv classes. She was sharper witted than most of the young anarchists I know.

I'm glad to have known here even the little I did. She's a great inspiration for how to live a life, for how to stay active mentally, always critical, so one's brain and one's life doesn't shrivel up. Many will miss her presence whether they knew her or not.

"She passed at the healthy age of 92 at home after a night at the theater."

Incredible. I hope, above all else, that I could keep as close to living, even so near to the precipice of death, as this woman did.

1920... shit! she lived through so much! The heyday, death and rebirth of anarchism!
Rip O.G. Audrey!

you spelled "redeath" wrong

oh, I get it.

Nearly a century of living by her own principles and staying true to her beliefs. Right up to the very end she was still mobile, mostly independent, and sharp as a tack. And she remained connected to friends and family as well as to a broader anarchist scene. (Not many of us know how to do that past thirty.) What's not to envy, what's not to admire?

Whenever I saw her I'd think to myself- "Dang. She met Emma Goldman." Then I would feel a little chill at the seriousness of our historic task, and marvel at the nearness our history, and feel the understanding of affection among comrades. She always looked like she was having a nice time.

I raise my glass
She's free at last

With respect, I valued her grace, dignity, and strength. I admired Audrey from a distance.

very nice lady, seemed decades younger than she was. i have found memories of her arguing with a guy at the Stelton School reunion over their recollections of the night Sacco & Vanzetti were executed, not to mention Rudolf Rocker coming over to her family's apartment. may everyone live a full life like hers.

Audrey and I swam at the same time on weekends at the YMCA in Berkeley for about 20 years. We often would sit on the locker room bench just chatting for up to an hour, in our towels. Whereas we spoke as equals, and I was thirty two years her junior, she always inspired me. WE talked about everything-- relationships, politics, family, people who bugged us, diets, health and laughed alot. When I went to the Y last, I missed her, where was she, it was "our time" together. And then I saw a "newsletter" taped to a mirror, with her picture on it. I retrieved my glasses, and was so saddened to read that she had just passed away. I wanted to give her one last hug. Audrey, I already miss you. I will miss you so. The locker room will not be the same, fun place it was when you were there.

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