17 Security Cameras Disabled and Destroyed in Puget Sound Region

In the opening weeks of February, 2013, we have removed and destroyed 17 security cameras throughout the Puget Sound region. This act is concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control. It is also a message of solidarity and a wish of strength to the Seattle Grand Jury Resisters, those currently incarcerated and those not. Finally, this act announces our participation in the game of CAMOVER, called for by comrades in Germany. Barefoot Bandit Brigade, Puget Sound, USA




Adding an image to a communique may reveal information you did not intend. Digital images may contain hidden metadata that could help to identify you. The Barefoot Bandit Brigade took care to thoroughly dispose of this metadata. Take care you do too.

Retaining evidence of crimes to recreate a now classic image of anti-surveillance action seems to have worked out for this group this time but I question how wise it is. It was in the Puget Sound that persons alleged to have smashed a police precinct were found blocks away still holding hammers... Stay active and stay safe.

Hi, you obviously do not know what you are talking about. I guess you read some exaggerated or uninformed mainstream media account of that action but no one was ever arrested "blocks away still holding hammers..." The people who were arrested for that act got off easy in the end because there was no hard evidence pinning them to the crime. Hammers were recovered at the scene of the crime with no prints on them. Before you run your mouth think about where your information comes from.

while this is true, any interaction with the judicial system (even getting off easy) is undesirable and could potentially bring more police attention on you and your friends.

Oh wow, no shit, really? Top serious advice from an admitted know-nothing right here: it's bad to get caught. Thanks bro, fuck off.


thoroughly enjoyed that exchange.
Thanks anarchies.

"It was in the Puget Sound that persons alleged to have smashed a police precinct were found blocks away still holding hammers..." yeah this never happened.

speaking of questioning how wise something is, how does spreading baseless rumors fit into staying safe and active?

it was a police substation in seattle.

....and no one was caught holding a hammer blocks away....

it wasn't a substation. it was a "drop in center."

What is your point? "Drop in center" is a colloquial, citizen friendly term for a publicly advertised substation. Its aim was to increase police presence on a specific corner by placing a substation there. What compels you to drop the useless factoid that it was called a "drop-in center"? If you think it somehow lessens the significance of the act I suggest you put your money where your mouth is.

One way to remove metadata from an image is to find an image format that doesn't support metatada, convert to it, then convert back. There are also more sophisticated approaches, like using the free and open source jpegotim program to kill camera data, copyright data on downloaded images, etc.

If you are using Linux to process photos, you can easily strip off metadata from photos (camera make/model, etc etc etc). Install the "jpegoptim" program, and put your photos in a folder. Open a terminal, drop the folder into the terminal to set the working directory to it,, then type "jpegoptim --strip-all *" and it will remove all identifying data from all the images. It will also tighten up the compression about 5%, totally remaking the image file in the process. I've done this for years.

Needless to say, you should not be connecting to the Internet with Windoze or Apple, nor allowing any machine loaded with closed-source payware to ever see your data when prison is the price of a mistake!

yes, that is one way or just use xnview. its a simple to run/use application that does not require cmd line based arguments. a lot of windows/mac users find the terminal intimidating and do not know where to start when using linux.
all you have to do is install the application, open it, right click the photo where the image is saved and find the options for metadata and remove it. easy as pie.


All you need to do is take a screenshot of the image to make a new one.

Depending how they are created, screenshots can have metadata about the type of computer, the date/time the screenshot was taken. etc.

+1 for XNView, though.

also, if you don't want to go through too much work IMGUR stips exif on upload. I wouldn't trust that for something like the above but for action posters and such, works out pretty well.

THIS is direct action! One action like this gets more done to stop the surveillance state than 100, 000 people marching in the streets. It also clears the way for additional direct actions later. One direct action is worth a thousand pictures (NOT taken...)

Now, if you look at the cameras on the right, the ones with the ring of LED's around them are night vision cameras. The LED's emit in infrared, anything within range of the infrared they emit is easily seen. Their removal takes out a serious security hazard, needless to say. When you see these in action, be aware that they see in the dark-but in black and white in most cases.

In addition, many other cameras will respond to the LED's. You could take the LED's from one to make a night vision camera of your own, good for everything from nighttime home demos to making spooky "stalker" videos of CEOs and lobbyists.

You can use the IR LEDs from things like TV remotes and power them with a battery pack and it will show up as a bright light on the cameras, while being invisible to the naked eye. Put them around your face (e.g. embedded in a hat) and it will wash out for the cameras, yet you'll look completely normal to people/police on the street.

My friends and I used to do this type of stuff few years back. Might take it up again, I have been bored lately. Other things that can be done: cutting random chain-link fences so they push aside, gluing/cutting/shimming padlocks, writing instructions on how to get to interesting places, etc. Things that change the terrain, basically. We called it "urban redecorating."

Can also recycle the IR LEDs from a smashed surveillance camera. Just sayin'...

But a cheap 5mw laser pointer should do as well.

infrared LED lights dont work on all cameras, jsyk

Locks on porta-johns that are locked up every night, (not just when they are being removed), and all those "Nick-O-Lok" locks on fast food toilets are good candidates for sabotage. Since those facilities MUST be available to workers and customers, the locks will have to be removed. They do not always get replaced. I once had the joy of seeing a locked restroom door at a McDonalds that looked like someone had taken a battering ram to it, now easily opened by anyone!

nice; I like the chainlink fence idea

Much love and solidarity from the Bay.

danngggg gett ittttt get it



This is better than breaking windows.


What I've been trying to explain to the strollers here for 3 years. They finally get it.

this is important, and especially here in Chicago where the "problem intersections" have highly obnoxious blue lights that strobe 24/7 and send data directly to the PD. game time indeed

got em

text-align: right;

why u da justify text? derp i rike rivers too...

thanks; I'll look into supporting your cause now. saw the write up on the stranger website.

yeah! Support our cause fools!

Just wanted to thank you for taking action against CCTVs

tfw google glass

Targeting small businesses in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and other east side businesses is straight up ridiculous.
As a small business owner I sympathize with other owners who are really just trying to make a living and feed their families.
Every community has and needs small businesses in their area regardless of social economic standing, people need food and other daily supplies and where do you expect to get them from?
I'm sure you anarchists eat food at some point in the day, where do you get it from? Do you think these business owners are driving 6 cars and living in opulent mansions coveting slaves to do their bidding, raise their kids and clean their houses?
If you really want to target gentrification go across Quebec street into the west side that is rife with "capitalist pigs" and huge corporate conglomerates that only care about profits.
Wearing cute little ski masks and stealing signs, smashing windows and declaring "no gentrification in our neighbourhood" is just seen as annoying, ignorant bullies.
I'm not saying I'm a die hard capitalist, but attacking everyday people and small businesses wont help your cause, they're just trying to make it in this world.
If you want to legitimize your cause take off your masks and have clear, concise words of action ;" Fuck Everything" is not a slogan, its that apathetic attitude that will hold back the next generation and those that follow it.
The system you are fighting against is very soulless but very powerful and patient, 2 very dangerous qualities to have in an enemy.
All I'm saying is target the people who are what you say they are "capitalist pigs", not the heart and lungs of your community.
good luck smashing. burning and pillaging

thanks dude

"good luck smashing. burning and pillaging"

We here at Barbarians Anonymous appreciate your well-wishing!

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