Anarchists March and Attack Businesses in DC on Eve of Inauguration

At midnight on the eve of Obama's second inaugural march, around 75 anarchists marched in northwest DC.

Carrying black flags and two large black banners reading, "Fuck Every Cop, Fuck Every President" and "No President Can Give You Freedom," the marchers chanted and periodically hurled stacks of pamphlets into the air.

Several businesses were targeted, including banks and the notoriously sexist establishment Hooter's.

Despite being followed and almost surrounded by police, the crowd eventually dispersed with, reportedly, no arrests.

From handbills found on site:

"This world gives our generation no future. There will be no American Dream for us -- only a slow decline of the wallet and of the soul...In rage at the storefronts and surveillance cameras and police of this city, we present this small act of rebellion...The armed goons no longer intimidate us, the ballot boxes no longer distract us, the empty promises hold no more meaning."

From mainstream media coverage:

"Around 60 protesters damaged property around midnight Sunday to Monday morning around the 700 through 900 blocks of 7th Street NW, MPD officials say.

Police located 3 separate locations of damage:

1. DVA Federal Credit Union ATM at 800 K St. NW. The front of ATM screen was completely smashed.

2. TD Bank at 901 7th St. NW. A window was smashed and yellow paint was thrown on a side window.

3. Hooters at 825 7th St. NW. A window was smashed out by a man wearing a black mask.

The group also dropped pamphlets on the ground near the TD Bank. The pamphlets said, "Against Every Cop. Against Every Boss. Against Every President."

The group dispersed in several directions and police were not able to make any arrests.

D.C. police are taking the incident seriously and are working on obtaining surveillance video and further investigating the incidents."



good shit!

Can we talk about that oogle who almost ruined catharsis real quick?

-the troletariat

wut hapnd?

they were mad about rich bitches? unclear

i heard they were on mushrooms. but that person who saved the day then is my new favorite hero. wow.

how do oogles still exist?

They have a high turnover rate. Like mayflies.

now how the hell does this help recruit the masses to anarchism (worker's control of industry)?

In short, it doesn't (thank goodness)

troll stroll

how the hell does this help recruit the masses to anarchism (worker's destruction of industry)?

amen! amen! yes, tell it!

how the hell does this help recruit the masses to anarchism (worker's destruction of windows)?

Why do u hate boobies?

Yeah, being against hooters creates a separation between us and the revolutionary subject (male industrial proletariat) that we want to recruit. effective anarchists escape the subcultural ghetto and act misogynistic and racist so we can recruit the masses to our cause... It's all in a day's work, amirite?

Your post smells suspiciously of troll food...

The post to which it replies was even a pretty innocuous trolling as far as it goes, lacking the sometime present tumult of actual rage or disdain. One could maybe even characterize it as simple irrelevant belittling. However, feeding a thing in this position, troll or not, (even by trolling them right back, as you could make the case that you were doing) can cause them to grow bigger and more ambitious, and could make a habit for you that could become hard to break.



not every baby.


I can't even tell who's tolling anymore. Rad action tho...o


So, like, it took 75 anarchists to smash 2 windows and an ATM screen?!? ...And we wonder why no one takes us seriously?


I was there and I witnessed this Bull Shit, as they chanted "fuck the president we want freedom". Then, one ass hole runs out of the group and proceeded to smash the windows of the credit union. While I agree, we DO need freedom and you have your right to free speech no matter what you have to say, but I want to ask what the fuck was the smashing of windows and the destruction of property supposed to do for your cause!! You showed yourselves as cowards all dressed in black with mask all "white" opportunistic clowns like the KKK and the like. With freedom comes responsibility what would you do if an angry group of blacks marched in the middle of the night and smashed windows in your neighborhood.


I'd probably join them. Take some torches to the condos in this hood while we were at it.

fucking duh!

Because breaking windows while under the threat of arrest from the police is cowardly.

oh boo hoo hoo. crocodile tears all around.

"what would you do if an angry group of blacks marched in the middle of the night and smashed windows in your neighborhood."

I would be hyped and join in immediately.

Banks commit immoral and illegal acts with no serious punishment, and sometimes no punishment at all. They also enforce economic and social hierarchies as well as worker exploitation. Smashing bank windows sends a statement that people wont take it anymore, as well as giving banks an economic incentive to clean themselves up (stop the exploitation or we keep breaking windows, for instance).

Also cool is the news that the inauguration was SEVERELY under-attended. Planners had to down revise the estimate of attendees several times, and even those numbers weren't fulfilled. The planned events were also scaled back to smaller levels than have been seen since the 1950s. Partly the reasoning given was that the economic situation has made it difficult to afford the security for these sorts of events (!)


The whitehouse put the actual attendance at "over 800,000" and some have reported up to a million, but this could just as likely be propaganda. That would be about half of his first inaugurations attendance, which is actually pretty standard. Reporters noted unusually nice weather, which probably upped the attendance. Oh well.

At least Lupe Fiasco fucked up one pre-inauguration party with an "anti-Obama" rant! HAHAHAH

Does Oregon included Portland, Oregon?


I'm a baby in desperate need of breast feeding. : ) lol!

I'm surprised with only 75 marching the police didn't arrest everybody. What's even more surprising is now after allowing the crime to take place they want to investigate for if they really cared to catch the perpetrators, there were right in front of them the entire time. Not encouraging the law or anything, just saying the police don't make very much sense. Sometimes they want to bust us and other times they don't and later change their minds and yeah. I can't figure them out sometimes.

As for the minimal damage that was done, you can thank the police for that for it they weren't tailing the march, more people than just 3 would have commenced in wrecking some more shop. Good work even though it was a typical North American BB style action.

I yearn for the days of window bash and spray painting to end with far more superior destructive acts of vengeance on the system/society.

The police still don't use mass arrest tactics in DC because of the legal fallout from the anti-globalization days when they would mass arrest everyone. This doesn't make rioting easier necessarily though because the police there are eager to use violence to disperse crowds, including ramming people with their cars and nasty shit like that. But if you want to understand police strategy (and it does help in planning your own events) you need to think about forces beyond what is effective in the moment, i.e. there are social pressures on police forces, orders from above that must be followed, slow adaptability, etc.

they also have a general aversion to mass arrests around inaugurations. you're not just dealing with MPD, you're dealing with the priorities of the feds who actually call the show and they want a clean storyline even if it's at the cost of a couple broken windows. it's simple. large arrests distract from the festivities. this is one of the reasons blocs were always able to pull more off in 2000 and 2004 than other places.

Right. Green Anarchy magazine, which was wrong about a lot, famously scoffed at people planning to protest the 2005 inauguration that they were going to get shot. That was stupid as fuck and didn't draw on any of the available historical precedents. Living under a rock doesn't equip you to act effectively.

flarf is cool.

Wow perfectly "Planned AnarchY" lol

Presumably there was a tremendous police force dominating downtown DC that night. We're talking the very heart of the empire's capitol city on the eve of the coronation, right by the route. It's amazing that this happened at all, and with no arrests. They must have been quick.

let's consider. unless i'm mistaken, the current wave of militant activity has had something to do with a period in the 00s after 9/11 when everyone pissed off about the various failures to replicate seattle '99 went on to obsessing about greece, the broken windows theory and various "insurrectionist" ideas. property destruction was, like, CRAZY if it happened in the u.s. now that it happens all the time, how much has really changed? i'll give you a hint, look at greece again, where capital's 'crisis' has prompted militants to escalate their activity to what i'm sure you would call "superior destructive acts". but engaging the state, dualistically, as a military enemy to be fought rather than a sum of relations to be ruptured, only makes sense if you want to seize state power. escalating the tactics of an activist minority, per se, is only going nowhere faster.

I strongly disagree. If we want to rupture the capitalist relations you are describing, it is essential to popularize offensive tactics as well as reproductive infrastructure. Both of these are necessary for being able to make the break you wish for. Remember, in Egypt (which also hasn't made that break, but got closer) during the uprising, the people at the front of the clashes--the ones who drove the whole thing forward--were the football Ultras who already had experience being disobedient.

Or do you think a total rupture in social relations is possible without any preparation in advance? Like some Marxist deus ex machina is just going to rescue us when the material conditions ripen? Or perhaps you think that what we really need to do is join the IWW?

Finally, you're wrong to equate the insurrectionist take with prioritizing the force of "an activist minority." You can accuse the Bonannoist current of that, but other insurrectionists are explicitly against that wrong turn.

You are a minority and you're trying to agitate for insurrection and obviously the role that the revolutionary minority plays in insurrections is important and relevant, hopefully. I don't really know how you can be an insurrectionist and not think that. I don't know what you mean by "prioritizing" but if you mean prioritizing focusing on the practical activity you yourself can do in a situation rather than hoping for things to go a certain way I'm not sure what's wrong with that either.

yes, i know about the ultras. no, i don't believe in dei ex machina, but it is evident to me that situations are revolutionary, not beings, individually or in groups. the culture of football hooliganism is not revolutionary, far from it, is an effect of the same kinds of conditions that produce crime and other 'anti-social' behavior, as well as false community, in the metropolis. unlike you, they never fought for an ideology, only territory (and, during the revolt, over the conditions of subsistence). their subculture is also much more widespread and interconnected to 'normal daily life' than any NA anarchist scene. i really don't see why you would compare yourself to them.

i'm not interested in "takes" or what people are "explicitly against", but in real effects of discourses and actions; people say a lot of things after all. 'insurrectionist' people appropriated the discourse of broken windows and 'signals of disorder' directly from the police and so some consider these acts, any of them really, from sabotage to black blocs, as signals. but one of the definitive characteristics of our era is the escape of the signified from the sign.

and why is it that you think "offensive tactics" and "reproductive infrastructure" are the only things worth talking about? please leave the strawmen aside, if i didn't say it and am not talking about it (eg the IWW), there is no reason for you to attack it...

You can indeed blow up a social relation, and you can have fun doing it, but when the fun's over (and it always is, over, at some point), and the official story comes out about the kidnapping and torture of le state's unarmed bicycle cops by some groupie "anarchists" under the ssway of self-appointed figureheads of state socialism, it could invariably lead to the Streisand Effect.

trust me the "state socialists" dont run shit in anarchy.
mother fuckers try to piggy pack off our shit for recruits but then everyone's like get the fuck out of here bro. your creepy as shit and your newspaper sucks!" then they fucking go home and form leftist front groups instead because nobody loves them.

congratulations!! you broke 2 windows, damaged an atm screen and threw some paint. read up on nixon's counter inauguration in '69 and '73. those where real actions.

good point. these 75 people should be reprimanded for not recreating the global context of political rebellions of 1968-1970. finally, we have someone to blame. thank goodness!

Oh, fuck off. It's amazing people are doing things facing the challenges they do today. Go back to 69, yourself, if you're so smart.

The people at this march aren't the ones to blame and the ones who actually broke the windows definitely aren't either. It's the rest of us who didn't even show up that suck. Like you. And me.

yes, this is the point of activism: to show everyone that they suck.

if I were president, I would grant you all freedom. so there! and then I'd order a round of thai prostitutes and increase your taxes.

This is cool and all, but I still don't really know what happened with that oogle who nearly ruined Catharsis. What *did* happen with that oogle who nearly ruined Catharsis?

seriously, i have been wondering the same thing. There are videos online but I am seeing a low oogle presence.

I don't think the person was an oogle, exactly, just on mushrooms. That other person sure did save the day.

the made him the singer.

wah wah

Way to go DC!

So really, breaking shit doesn't cause tangible good for the revolution. However, it causes folks to feel empowered to influence the environment that has been forced on them by the bourgouis class. Aside from that, I'm gonna be the first to admit it, it feels so good to watch someone in all black smash a fucking window. It comes down to diversity of tactics in an effort to create a revolutionary situation. Is FNB smashing the state, No. Is it a good thing? Yes. Is property destruction smashing the state, no. Is it a good thing? Yes.

If you're heavily against property destruction I suggest you, for lack of a better phrase, should nut the fuck up. It's fine if you're afraid to be loud when you protest but please refrain from talking shit about others who aren't. Once everybody takes to smashing corporate shit and feeding their communities without money, we'll see change begin to take effect. It means people are realizing.

shit, when you put polish through google translate it's fucking hilarious

Maybe breaking windows is an ineffective tactic because they're so easy to replace. DAAAAAAH!

no, broken windows are signals of disorder! giuliani and ray kelly said so!!

When are the actions going to step up... We have noting to lose but are chains comrades. We were scared off the streets by a few crushiers we could have set up barricades rummaged for projectiles and clashed!!! The march was strong we could have grabbed headlines!

What you crazy? 75 anarchists vs the mobilized police state surrounding the inauguration, with apathetic or downright hostile bar patrons as the only other people on the street? Nah these folks did exactly the right thing. Hit their targets quickly, then melt into the night.

re roll over: I don't think Hooters is more sexist than a bank, per se, but they are more "notoriously sexist" or something.

Smash all the windows either way!

lol, wut?!

Smashing windows doesn't hurt business unless it's taking place quite often because the window always goes right back up the very next day. So smash nothing either way because it's not worth risking jail time. If you're going to risk jail time may as well make it worthwhile by inflicting some real damages that can't be replaced over night if you know what I mean. All this window bashing every now and then is become kiddie shit.


Windows 95

I've heard people also threw shit at police officers and dragged barricades into streets?

stupid shit by stupid spoiled bourgouise white suburban youth. We will see you in 20 years as a corperate drone fucking over the working class. Keep it up as it makes good copy in the media and achies absolutly nothing other than taking up the time of cops, judges and attorneys. An example of spoiled middle class white youth going look at me.

wow finally an informed commenter who s done a sociological poll of all the people they (dont) know in this march they probably werent at. Cus so many of the anarchists i know are really corporate drones in of them are wage workers, petty criminals, and/or semi educated 20 to thirty year olds with no particular economic future....actually, like a lot of people of their generation....hrmm....I wonder why theyre angry...

IGTT 1/10

PS. If suddenly white middle class youth DID start smashing bank windows, which they arent - that would be JUST FINE.

Crimethinc is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has been in effect. will remain in effect.

Crimethinc is unstoppable. Capitalism is doomed 2013!

CrimethInc final reunion show Inauguration 2017 buttflap

Can't stop the CrimethInc!!!

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