Atlanta, GA: Anti-Police Riot in Edgewood Courts

From Atlanta Indymedia

Today, April 9th 2013, there was a riot in Edgewood, a neighborhood northeast of downtown Atlanta. The area is almost entirely residential and is about a year behind in the ongoing gentrification of Atlanta.

Around fifty people gathered for a "March Against the Police" with drums, banners, and a desire for vengeance at the playground in Edgewood Courts, an apartment complex in the back of the neighborhood. Edgewood Courts contains some of the few remaining low income housing units in Atlanta. Yesterday, the police pepper sprayed a group of kids and beat and arrested a man grieving over his lost father.

The march started off slowly — a few people started chanting All cops are bastards / Fuck the police! as drumming began. As the crowd left the complex, some people lined the streets, looking on. People walked up behind the complex toward the front of the neighborhood. As the first cop car approached, more and more people joined in. At first, the crowd seemed apprehensive about what to do, but all of a sudden something clicked. Contrary to most situations, the presence of the police did not act as a deterrent. Instead, the crowd became more excited and angry as the cops approached. A bottle was thrown at a police car and the momentum and joy picked up. What ensued was something that we will never forget. People began kicking the cop car and chased it away when it began to retreat. One pig gone. Cheers and chants filled the air as the crowd, feeling emboldened, decided to keep going.

The riot proceeded away from the Courts and the police started to put more distance between themselves and the crowd. The intensity grew as numbers swelled, fluctuating between 75 and 100+. The crowd blocked off the main entrance to the Courts, refusing to let the police drive down. What happened next could not have been anticipated.

A cop car was stopped at one of the central intersections in Edgewood. People quickly approached the squad car, even going so far as to lean in the window to shout at the cops while others banged on the side of the car. More and more people drew closer, eventually circling the car. Once it was successfully blocked and the pigs inside were intimidated, they tried to leave. The crowd joyfully sent them off with rocks, sticks, and even basketballs to speed the process. People cried out in excitement, leaping into the air for high-fives and hugs. Throughout the event not a single person made a plea for the police. It was clear the police were our common enemy.

On the way back to the apartment complex, people noticed an unmarked car coming toward the crowd up a sidestreet. People immediately responded by running toward the car and letting loose a rainstorm of pebbles, and then rocks, and then bricks. The cops threw their car into reverse and exited the area as fast as they could. Laughing, the crowd ran back down to the Courts and broke apart. A number of cop cars began circling throughout the apartments but left after people continued to throw projectiles, including a hammer, at the cops. Some kids, who had to be under 10, were even letting stones fly at cops.

All in all the police were forced to retreat 4 times — leaving the neighborhood completely. The crowd of people never backed down. An arrest occurred just outside of the neighborhood after the event; it is unclear if it is related.

There's a war on between the Edgewood residents and the cops, and the conflict is only escalating. Anger and riotous joy is the response to frequent harrassment. The day before this event the police attempted to manage a crowd of people outside the apartment complex and were met with rowdy resistance. Three people were arrested, but not one went down easy. The cops have been upping their patrols around Edgewood recently, but tonight, there aren't any squad cars on the street.

Mainstream Media Coverage:

"Neighbors throw bricks, hammers at police cars over alleged brutality," WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta -

"APD police crusiers pummeled with bricks during protest," 11 Alive Atlanta -

"Two Atlanta police cruisers hit by bricks, rocks," CBS Atlanta -

"Protesters throw items at police cars in NE Atlanta," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution -

"Residents protest physical arrest in NE Atlanta," Fox 5 Atlanta -


"Cop Threatens Kids With Shotgun," CopWatch footage from March 19th shot at the Edgewood Courts Apartment, Edgewood, Atlanta, GA -

"Poster: War in the Neighborhood," An image to be printed as a poster to be hung around Atlanta -



Pics or it didn't happen.

Pictures of a sad little boy, some Rodney King level pig-on-man violence, and a damaged cruiser:

Pictures of police policing (screen capped from video shot day before the riot), and a different damaged cruiser:

In case anyone is confused, the image of Rodney King level pig-on-man violence was also from the day before the riot. All of the violence done today was rioter-on-pig.

Good. But more violence would be better. THere's no bottom with the pigs, until they stop harassing the weaker people, like children, and gtfo our neighborhoods, and the yuppie sheep with them.

"Protesters throw items at police cars in NE Atlanta" -
"Neighbors throw bricks, hammers at police cars over alleged brutality" -

"I'd be glad it happened. From the bottom of my heart, I'm happy it happened," said a man who identified himself only as Rick.

and when asked by the MSM reporter of two wrongs make a right:

"No, no, it don't it really. Don't, but sometimes it's the law of life," Rick answered.

First comment on the AJC's article:

"First off these people are not protesters. Protesters suppose to protest not throw bricks. The cops decided to retreat so they would calm down. Thats some bs because now when the cops do something they don't like they will think its ok to use violence. Everyone that threw something should have been arrested and charged with assault on an officer. Those people were breaking the law. I don't go to work everyday and pay taxes so hoodlums can destroy something we will have to pay to get fixed. They should have made them low lifes pay for the damages. This country is messed up."

Probably not a troll. Sounds like your typical Atlanta liberal to me.

First, I love the fact that you used the term "First off" when you only made one point. SECOND (see how that works), the protesters didn't start rioting until the cops tried to break up their Constitutional right of peaceful assembly. No violence started until the cops violated the law first.

If you see something,
Film something.
Film the police...anywhere, everywhere,
They already film you.

no stop

yo seattle we heard you were getting the band back together. so we decided to get our band back together too. music and shit.

conducttor of symfonies... svounds lvike somme leninist shhittt,.,.,, t or thabt canticles garbvage..-8ball

Another instance of the white outsiders destroying a poc neighborhood. You black bloc kiddies are no better then colonialists and gentrifiers. Don't you see that this will just bring down MORE repression against poc communities? If you anarchists really wanted to be allies to poc then you would have supported the community leaders and poc politicians that could have actually brought justice and accountability in this situation, but now they will never want to work with us for reform. We have now lost the moral high ground because of your testosterone driven mayhem. You boys make me sick.

There was no black bloc in Edgewood.

-Mil-wack-ee (terrified of rioting against murderous pigs)

The criticism is not at all true of the people who put this out and make these recognizable posters. (Making the assuption based on the recognisable poster style). them mofuckers are legit. There is an anarcho activist house in that neighborhood though that definitely play the roll of white saviors in a really gross way however and all their activisty comrades like to treat poor and black people like token political subjects worth scene points.

shut the fuck up no one wants to hear about recognizable

things that cops say on @ news

This post sounds like something from a fusion center.

Or just some yuppie douche at the local Starbucks... or both!

"Don't you see that this will just bring down MORE repression against poc communities?"

TYPICAL pacifist-slave logic. Repression happens because of people not defending themselves for too long, not the opposite. Let yourself be beaten and raped by a brute, he'll just have his way with you.

And how can you get more repression than cops attacking CHILDREN just because they're playing on a lawn? You wouldn't even have that in Soviet Romania or Nazi Germany!

Wise old Oakland troll getting ya ready for the next 6 months of pointless arguments.

Shits already started.
There needs to be a break from the left.

How did nobody else notice that this was obvious trolling?

It's official! All NA anarchists must now move to Atlanta. That's where the rev will happen. The Bay and PNW ain't got shit on the 404.


Start your own local uprising.

These people did. You can too.

Unlike other anti-police activity in the Seattle, St. Louis, Milwaukee, NOLA, or Atlanta in Winter 2011 and into 2012 this event was not in response to murder by police. Unlike the narrative the MSM is trying to spin, this riot wasn't even in response to Monday night's policing of the Courts. That incident of policing wasn't news, I don't mean just that it was not broadcast by the MSM, I also mean that it was not novel in any way. Policing by those means is common place in this neighborhood. The only thing that wasn't common place about Monday night is that people fought back. Monday night fanned the flames, but the riot on Tuesday night was a revolt against nothing more specific than life that is unlivable.

In Edgewood there are no bridges between police and civilian to burn. There is only war and both sides conceive of it as such. There are now 75 or 100 or however many veterans of the riot. Before the riot anyone that actively refused control was arrested or murdered. There are now 75 or 100 or whatever many exceptions to this. They know their power and hours after the riot calmed the playground was full of people sharing the news. The joy of the riot remained in sharing the news it the joy spread to those that weren't there to participate earlier. I think they like what they felt only second hand and they'll want to get some for themselves.

A poster was made Monday night, the night before riot.


wow looks exactly like politics is not a banana...hmm


things cop say on @news

A poster was made Tuesday night, the night of the riot, following the riot.

"It's Hot Out in Edgewood: FUCK THE HEAT" -

The whole neighborhood has seen them and likes them. Cop top Turner is aware of the posters. The media is trying to find out who made them.

A little analysis from a local anti-authoritarian collective.



Love y'all! Love your article. Thanks for providing more context for what is happening in Edgewood and Edgewood Court. This is a worthwhile and useful article.

However, this part of your article is just not correct, and the assertions seem to be parroting the MSM rather than having a basis in first hand knowledge or the word on the street: "Police retreated after making two to three arrests."

Here's the facts: There was one arrest. The arrest happened at the MARTA station. The arrest happened well after the riot. Police did not make arrests, re-asserting control, and then retreat situation contained. The police were forced to retreat from the area due to sustained riotous and joyous violence done upon them by a large amount of people acting together.

Please update your article! Thanks.

I doubt they'll update their article based on an anon comment on @ news. Maybe you should get in touch with the author; they might spit in your face if you tell them they're parroting MSM though and I'd say you'd deserve it. Anyway folks are saying there were one or two peeps who went down fighting during the riot and there was some Copwatch person arrested later on. So maybe you're wrong too?

No one on the street is saying one or two people went down during the riot. That just didn't happen. Police were never even on foot during the riot, not once. From a particular moment in time and until the riot stopped, the police were under sustained attack. Control was NEVER re-asserted Tuesday. The riot only stopped because the police were forced to retreat. Yes, someone was arrested at the MARTA station awhile afterwards, but that was separated by time and space from the riot.

All media outlets report that 1 person was arrested afterwards, except for 11 Alive which reports two arrests. This is probably why someone thinks SWARM is parroting the MSM. SWARM got it wrong. Top cop Turner at his press conference about the riot yesterday said one person was arrested. Fix the fucking article. It is a huge part of the victory and increased mood in the neighborhood that no one was arrested, that the police were fought and that the police lost.

No, I'm afriad that is wrong. The day BEFORE there were some people who got beat and arrested. Looks like the article is mixing the two up because it started out with saying the shotgun thing happened on Monday when it was on the 19th but they changed it, so this wouldn't be the first mistake. Kinda shitty to say @'s are aping the media tho.

prob the correcting comment wasn't trying to be shitty? MSM circulates, people read it, anarchists read it, it gets in yr head. mind control you know? maybe parroting is a harsh word but the correction is still better than not one

does anyone know how to contact them to let them know? i doubt anybody reads these..

also if it says the cops 'retreated' that doesn't rly sound like they are saying the cops took control

Good job Atlanta, finally something is happening in the southeast. Took long enough.

WOTS is ATLs local leninist cult has been spreading a counternarrative saying what happened could hardly be considered a riot and was way less significant than it actually was?

Leninists are the only leftoids even less relevant than Wobblies in Atlanta.




this is awesome shit!!

My heart was boken by what I witnessed on the news of the Atlanta Polc , approximately 6 of them, beating an unarmed Southside High School boy in the streets like he was Rodney King. All f these policemen should be fired from their jobs because they surely did te wrong thing in that circumstance. Please CNN, bring this to the attention of the whole nation, beatings of this nature by the police or anyone else should not be allowed in this country.

Y'all should read Unfinished Acts, You Can't Shoot Us All, Raider Nation Collective and Burning The Bridges They Are Building. Learn from the west coasts research on this field.

ya'll should read Don't Die Wondering and read about some drty south experience.

I got all the previous editions (even a hand numbered pre-press and the rare black-and-gold swirl from the second pressing), and want to know when / where to pre-order the upcoming remaster.


Obsessive compulsive FTW!


before the 27th, yo.
go to the panel.

Anyone else been to the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta? I went when I was around 12. There's this awesome room where the drinks are shot like 10 feet right into your cup.

That sounds cool, I suggest a visit to the Stone Mountain laser light show for the people watching at the very least.




I orgasmed cerebrally when I read the new meme #bricksquad. Thx!

#yaboi not from ATL #bricksquad is taken by Gucci mane.

that burnt-bookmobile-esque 11/17" poster is excellent btw

"that burnt-bookmobile-esque 11/17" poster is excellent btw"

How to make an Insurrectionary Communist poster:

Riot porn images in the background with random insurrectionary language placed together while drinking PBR

The Burnt Bookmobile is dead and the person who ran it wasn't a PBR drinker. Check yr facts. Also, this article is pretty inspiring. Guess its time for us to step up our game.

No. High res 300dpi graphic or illustration that provokes emotion or discomfort. Large heading type (slogan, axom, maxim, quote whatever.) Short paragraph that elaborates the mail header. Contact or web/fb/tumblr/twitter presence. Unless of course you poster is meant to be an art object, then less rules apply.

#butthurt #salty #jaded

The posters I've seen hung around Atlanta smell like maybe MAYBE someone spilt PBR on them just after they came out of the Xerox machine.

There is another poster that appeared posted around town Wednesday morning. I haven't seen it online yet, but I bet it will make its way up on sometime soon.

this is the best one i saw

good luck.

in all the news reports the police/media talk about the official way to file a formal complaint... ha ok.

hmm that's funny, i can see what it is. the police are saying weird sounding shit like that because there are too many odd elements involved. they dont know what to call it, so they call it a "protest", and then it's also neighborhood, and somehow a copwatch group shot the video, and it's a basketball court, etc.

remember what MLK said in his letter from the Birmingham jail? ... that you have to file all the formal complaints to the bureau and exhaust all their stupid options before you resort to bricks? remember values? - i.e. that's what the ATL police/media narrative seems to be.

this is a big deal, atlanta. i hope people are posting those fliers all over the fucking city. has there been any follow up in the hood? any follow up actions? gotta keep this shit in the public conversation.

<3 from another southerner

follow up actions planned include introducing the neighborhood to village

thats racist... why do black people have to be taught #village?

what's #village?

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