The Black Army Welcomes 2013

Happy New Years, everybody.

We'd like to tell you that the Fiscal Cliff has been averted. We'd like to tell you that none of the defense budget is going to go to counter-domestic terrorism. We'd like to say that when you wake up on January 3rd, 2013, that the new US congress will step in and everything will be like honeydew and gumdrops. We'd like to say there won't be a weapons ban, because weapons are irrelevant. We'd venture, perhaps, to say that Obama is our new homie and he's been hooking us up real fat on the good shit.

Unfortunately, all those things would be lies.

Who are we, what are we, in short? You may have seen us here, on small sites, Reddit, even. Some of you have seen us in person between Portland and Seattle. We're everywhere and nowhere. Okay, so we're on the West Coast, but that's changing. Because it's the motherfucking New Year! We're a small but growing band of insurrection-minded anarchists and like minded hands clasping liberty in one hand and a bullet in the other. Both of which we are ready to apply 'liberally'. Against? The US Federal Government, and all paramilitary or fused forces operating with, on behalf of, or in the interest of, said government. Against all private interests and corporations that aid, supply, or produce for the US Federal government and their interests.

Somebody posted this, which we posted a while ago here first:

Pretty accurate.

Why post here again?

We're a bit beyond comments now.

We've unintentionally fed a massive and exponentially rising milieu in which people are beginning to take up arms, or prepare to take up arms, against their oppressors. And... we couldn't be happier.

I want to remind you that we are here. We've been here. And now we're looking, like I said, to expand. Nothing will be expected of you but your aid in the fight, that you can hold your own and your comrade in, at first, low to moderate intensity guerrilla warfare.

Could we be agents? I've heard that so many times now.
And now I couldn't care less.

If the chance to strike with others, and not some lone wolf, appeals to you, then you will email us as much as you want us to know. If you are more afraid of being caught in conspiracy than you are excited for the adrenaline rush of war, then you will ignore us. If COINTELPRO and counter-insurgency is your cup of tea, by all means, we're posting this first on, and you can blabber as much as you want for as long as you want.

Oh yes, the email.

blackarmy at tormail

It is recommended to use tormail or riseup.

PS: If you're one of those anarchist federation people, leave Trotsky at the door and bring a Molotov to our Cocktail party. It's no gunmetal, but it can sure quench a thirst or two.



What are you actually? Mentally ill fascists.

And, yes, I am using the word fascist correctly.

Actually no.
1. The Black Army is a provisional force.
2. The Black Army does not hold lands, nor conquer them.
3. The Black Army are anarchists.
4. The Black Army is not reinstating nationality after it upends the borders, and it will fight federalism to the last state capital.
5. The Black Army seeks to establish space for social democracy, nothing more.
6. The Black Army takes volunteers and supports those who take its name, it does not consume all civilian occupation and does not seek to inhabit military occupation.
7. The Black Army is a-political - it does not value liberalism more than conservativism, for such a thing is not for anyone to decide, much less anyone with a gun.
8. People in the Black Army despise socialism but adore communism so long as a trade from human to human is not forced by the barrel of a gun, nor the gavel of a ruling party.
9. Nationalism is the greatest threat to liberty.
10. The Black Army understands that war is terrible, it is bloody, and destroys all whom it touches - it is with the greatest regret that anyone should commit to war, but if the alternative is bondage and lies, human will and freedom must be returned to the hands of the oppressed. Anyone who wishes to include the Black Army in their next romantic novel should stay home and troll reddit until they are good and ready to count the wholesome brutality of war.

And don't get me wrong; many believe such an army would fight the federal government straight on. I remind you, it is never been the way of the feds to attack their people head on, it behooves them to subvert, assimilate, or annihilate their enemies in the dark corners of perception. It behooves the insurrectionist guerrilla to fight as such, to keep battle low to moderate intensity, never providing the opportunity for the government to deploy it's finest machines of war. If it does, the only ones who will suffer will be the good people we fight for. No better example can be made for the need of guerrilla action than the bloodbath that is Syria.

I urge you to consider that until you truly know what the Black Army stands for, you refrain from your blurting of labels and hate-speech. Besides making you look foolish, besides being needlessly destructive, how could anybody but the Black Army know who the Black Army is? Or what it stands for?

There is a reason, comrade, that every post on or about the Black Army has come from an anonymous account. I don't want your attention. I don't want your fame. I don't want to be on the news, and if everything I plan for goes well, I'll pass without anyone ever knowing who the hell I was. Power corrupts. So, I want none of it. I want, above all, for the people to tell me what they want. To hold the Black Army accountable. Somebody should, right? That might be me being foolish. But, I fight. Same as the rest of us. For every rioter on Mayday, we fight together. The means, the numbers, the scope, may not be the same. But I am no different, and neither are you. The Black Army and the Black Bloc are not things, groups, gangs, or creeds. They are tactics. They are as valuable as the one, the few, or many, that employ them.

And if there's something you don't like about the Black Army, then change it. Yourself, or with others. That's how leadership works you know, by taking the initiative to act when you know what's right. Leadership also means stepping down when you're wrong. It's a tough wire to walk. The more feedback you have, the better. And then, it all comes down to sheer will. I have plenty of that. Do you?

Well, we may not know who you are but i am pretty damn sure that the feds already does. Dont be foolish. Think before you act and remember: you cant blow up a social relation. You really cant. Seriously. No matter how romantic it sounds. No matter how frustrated we are about the level of conflict in this country: YOU CANT BLOW UP A SOCIAL RELATION.

lol dummy.

but you can have fun trying! thanks bob.

Yes you can't blow up a social relation but you also can't defeat an imperialist/colonizer state just by getting a lot of people to not be fucked up. You will never reach everyone, you will not win over the hearts and minds of the people running the corporate and industrial military complexes. Military action is not a sufficient component, but it is a necessary component. We need both kinds of activity!

dont mistake passive-aggressive violence and cynical social worker posturing for nuance and patience.

I didn't.

Uh yeah just in case any folks just getting into anarchism read this and are legitimately wondering if it is sketchy... yes it is. There is a -small- chance that this will be the next wonderful thing. But probably not. Send an email at your own risk, which, in this instance, is probably pretty high. If you are psyched to get into some deeper shit the BEST idea is to figure that out with some VERY close friends, who you have known for a LONG time (years, not months), and don't let anyone in that close group talk to ANYONE else about that group or what it does, at all, ever, period.

Prisoner support is necessary but it puts a huge drain on the community as well, so use common sense when it comes to security culture so we don't have to support your ass. Emailing anonymous individuals about armed insurrection goes against common sense security precepts... a lot.

1. Yes, it's sketchy. You have to trust the Black Army is real. Is it? Maybe. Worth the risk? Personal question.
2. For many who find appeal in insurrection, they are not fortunate to have a long-history network of close friends.
3. Even if people are close and ready, they are just that. Ready. And then what? Most people are afraid to initiate.

What does the Black Army say?

According to the post on cerebral it says that there's no central command structure, they encourage small pockets to rise up in solidarity with it and or to embody it, because there's no one group to join - anybody can join it and be it at any time. If you have a network with which you can strike with as comrades, it is recommended you do so. Now, you have a larger support network.

And by seeking or joining other groups, even if you don't know them outright, you can overcome the "I feel alone" ordeal by joining others of like mind that are otherwise unconnected.

So, there are risks, and there are incentives.

Is this an agent? Well, is every person who seeks insurrection an agent? Is the first person who strikes an agent? Is sending an email a death warrant? Nope. There are real people.

The problem with COINTELPRO was it made us hyper-paranoid about agents. My rule is don't get caught. So, I don't. Does that mean I hide in my bunker? No, it means whatever I do, whomever I work with, I know my outs. And, I haven't been caught. So, is sending an email a way to get caught? No, I haven't shot anybody or conspired. My interest is not illegal. The next step after I email them, maybe not even the next step, maybe way down the road, might be illegal. But then again, do I care about breaking laws I didn't agree to? Do I pass a potentially legitimate opportunity based on my own fear, or the fear we harbor as a security culture? Personal question.

In the end, you know if you're ready to take a risk. Either you'll take it and succeed, take it and fall, or pass it, and lose. Perhaps, if nobody bites at this, it will go away. And, if it was real, would that not be counter-revolutionary? Not in a pious sense among historians, but a personal treason against what we've been hoping for - what we've been fighting for - since Anarchism ever caught on?

The only perfect follower of security culture is dead. To be alive, is a risk. To act, is equally a risk. To do so thoughtfully is the key.

"2. For many who find appeal in insurrection, they are not fortunate to have a long-history network of close friends."

"And by seeking or joining other groups, even if you don't know them outright, you can overcome the "I feel alone" ordeal by joining others of like mind that are otherwise unconnected."

The risk involved in seeking out people you don't know in order to go straight to work FAAAAAAAR outweighs the potential advantages.

If you don't know anyone than go to any regular anarchist hangout or event and start making friends. Then see if you can stick with those friends for like a minimum of three years. You need to be fucking compatible with the folks you intend to do work with, and I don't just mean "politically" compatible, I mean you have to fucking love and trust and know each other on a really deep level, because when one of you is taking fire in the street or under the spotlight in some FBI office facing life in prison (or the death penalty for murder) you have to KNOW that they aren't going to run or snitch on the rest of you or say where the arms cache is, no matter fucking what.

If you don't have the time or patience to go through this process then you have a couple other options. You can try to go EZLN style and seek out some population that is so fucked over and culturally insular that you can talk to them in general without worrying that word will go straight to the police or feds. In the US this strategy is unlikely to work and carries with it A LOT of potential political problems. The more realistic option is to become a lone wolf. You won't be able to do as much but if there's only one of you then there's no one else who's potentially an agent or snitch.

Those are your options. Cutting corners and trying to circumvent tried and true processes will only get you behind bars. The argument that we have become "too paranoid" due to cointelpro is potentially somewhat true, but at the same time we still haven't figured out security well enough for people not to get tied up in federal proceedings just for breaking windows, so no, we are not in a position where some relaxing of security culture is called for. Probably SOME level of paranoia is totally appropriate.

Thank you. This is an all out security culture nightmare!

Also, the "fiscal cliff" HAS technically been averted. That doesn't mean that the economy is "fixed" of course.

You can try to kill a beautiful woman, but you can't kill an idea.

And either way, it's still the most poetical topic in the world. So good luck, chump.

Has the US not hit the debt ceiling? Has the US not lost it's potency as the international reserve for currency? Has the US infused enough cuts to undo the sequester? Has the GDP of the US grown so rapidly that such a crisis is not a materialisation of coming austerity and mismatched federal spending versus federal gain? Has the US not spent more than it earns since "debt" became the norm of macro and micro economics?

No, my friend, the fiscal cliff is not averted. The worst is postponed, that is, unless one is to count the debts incurred by massive derivatives. If that were taken into accord, I believe my motto would be "It's the End of the World as We Know it.... and I Feel Fine!"

No, the US hasn't hit the debt ceiling yet, and yes, it still is the international reserve currency of choice. As for the rest: maybe? The fiscal cliff was always a sham and it's hilarious that anyone here is pretending like it was anything but a false crisis. Crisis is what the state does. It is all it does now.

Alternate Headline: Post-occupy wingnut milieu produces delusions of grandeur and empty posturing.

Oh, were you the one that called them part-oogle, part-wingnut? I missed you! Nobody could estrange meaning from a post like you can :)

No, that wasn't me. I didn't call them oogles because 1) "they" are one delusional person and it would be giving "them" too much credit to speak in plural 2) oogle is a specific cultural thing and I don't think this person is a part of it. And stop speaking in the third person like you're just a defender of the above statement and not the author. It's so transparent.

"oogle is a specific cultural thing and I don't think this person is a part of it."

by that you mean fuckin' oogle's are parasitical hijackers of a beautiful culture that they don't understand and one that existed long before them and long before crimethinc made it cool? then yeh you're right.

and one more correction, there's no such thing as oogles, their is only fuckin' oogles....just sayin' its a big diff

No, that's not what I meant. What I meant was that "oogle" refers to a particular subcultural phenomena that I don't think this person or most of the PNW post-occupy wingnut milieu has anything to do with. I don't really care if you think that teh punx was cool before "oogles" ruined it or if you like "old timey" music before Black Bird Raum or if you were like a true real authentic crack-smoking hobo before that one documentary blew up your spot or if you think Crimethinc totally sold you out or whatever. Oogles are a really weird group to choose to harp on, why don't you just let them pass out on the curb in peace.

Lol...fuck off!!! Calling everyone a fuckin' oogle... is just yeah, fuckin' oogish. Anyways, say what you will about bums, just don't pretend you know what the fuck you're talking about.

teh punx were never cool and while your busy feeling christian shame (as you should be), tell me what "authentic crack-smoking hobo" documentary are you talking about?

I'm bored and drunk and need somethin to do.

What the fuck, you can't even put half a sentence together, how do you manage to even get your fingers on the keys? You're bored and drunk and need one less thing to do--stop posting.

This. Definitely this.

I'm literally laughing out loud because of how sad and true this statement is.

I'm fairly confident that this whole Black Army thing is the daedlanth person.

Not to give the 'Black Army' any credit, at all, but daedlanth couldn't write this. There is a sense of insane coherency that somehow, he lacks.

Daedlanth is Black Army, I'm confident. Black Army is a one-man freak show to either get people arrested or people alienated from Anarchism...probably both.

Both use tormail. blackarmy@tormail and daedlanth@tormail
Both are big fans of

Daedlanth posts his annoying comments on all the different articles but has seemed to refrain from posting on the Black "Army" post.
Daedlanth has advocated in the past things in the past similar to the "Black Army"

Just the idea of the black army strikes fear in the hearts of the enemy, if in doubt do nothing.

The idea of the black army strikes laughter in the hearts of genuine anarchists, if in doubt keep laughing

this is a fuckin' honey pot for young would be radicals. Even if they are not feds, don't trust anyone stupid enough to try and build an insurrectionist army online,especially on @ news.

I down with armed resistance as much as the next motherfucker, but I'm not down with someone trying to collect e-mails and take count of those that are. Also the fact that you keep trying to boost your cred by repping the PNW makes you suspect. If not as a fed, then as a foolish kid.

however if you are someone trying to do something legit, I wish you the best as a comrade. But first, get smart.

This is fucking ignorant. You folks are delusional.. You want to raise a guerrilla army and fight the state, go ahead, but it won't get anything done. You'll end up going to prison or being killed for something that has no potential to bring about positive change. At some point most Anarchists realized we can't shoot our way to revolution, one of the many reasons that we aren't Marxists. You wanna bring about change, take some time to read Anarchist literature, build community and workplace organizations, form affinity groups and take effective direct action, etc etc..

words missing from this text: capitalism, class, police


This shit is whack and embarrassing. Moreso for @news than the author and their perceived army. It should've been obvious to me already but it's now perfectly clear that any douchebag calling themselves an anarchist can have their drivel posted here.

'The Black Army' is soliciting email addresses of those wishing to take part in its armed struggle and it gets posted without a single editorial word of caution? Take some fucking responsibility. This is sketch and everyone knows it the whether the author is a fed or some delusional survivalist or some kid thinking this is a great joke.

There is nothing in this post that could be seen as having any value to anarchists. By allowing this to be posted the only thing you're furthering is the ability for more people to end up entrapped and in prison.

Agreed.. this post should actually be removed. This is fucking whack-job delusional shit that ends up getting young and naive kids corralled into lengthy prison sentences. It is completely unprincipled and irresponsible for this shit not be taken down by worker or who-ever-the-fuck is accountable for that... I know this is @news, and most of the content of this website is generally a liability for anarchists anyways, but seriously. There should be a line drawn somewhere.

Perhaps the site trusts in our merciless criticism to take care of this for them?
We're being pretty mean to this dork ...

This film will help you understand the proper attitude toward insurrection.

Get Rid of Yourself

"The Black Army seeks to establish space for social democracy, nothing more."
This shit is fucking stupid. If you wanna break shit then break shit with your friends, that's rad, I'd love to see more shit getting broken. But do it with people you trust and have built strong relationships with. Emailing some sketchy anonymous account with as much information as you want to tell this anonymous, unverifiable account is a terrible idea. Even if this black army thing isn't a cop, talking about anything illegal that you want to do or have ever done over email is fucking stupid and you will have it read back to you in a court room.

It's easy to attack, you don't need to get dragged into some bullshit with social democrats posing as insurrecto-militants who name-drop the PNW for street cred.

Can we talk about the name for a second? I mean, absolutely nothing about this is worth even validating, but why the name "black army"? It's SO LAME? If these wingnuts are going to wingnut so publicly, why not pick a cooler name? Cobra Commando's? Delta Force? Something other than "Black Army." IT'S SO LAME!!!!! LAME LAME LAME LAME!!!!!!!!

Whoa now!!! What the fuck do you go against the Cobra Commando's? You just wait until we get our mailing list set up and our paypal account running and we gonna be rolling heavy. First engagement,

Cobra Commando's vs The Black Army ......lets get it on!!

umm. this is a reification of the media's "Black Bloc Anarchists." they're also coopting the actions of ppl who do insurrectionary things in the pnw but aren't in some "black army."

Yeah ... the only thing worse than this being another trap for clueless keeners would be if the author is sincere. I mean, what's the trajectory? If you're doing low-intensity sabotage and want more militancy in the streets, why the gun fetishism? You don't bring assault rifles to a street demo unless you're in the fucking tea party (which guarantees the cops won't react) ...

So the alternative is some armed camp in the woods which invites total obscurity and irrelevancy and/or a repeat of waco. I'm comfortable with firearms and consider myself a militant. I fail to see how anyone who's actually battled the cops in real life could possibly think it's tactically advantageous to brandish guns at the pigs, let alone shoot at them.

Fucking armchair clueless war-nerd idiot(s) that never even smelled blood spilled in anger before.
Go back to jerking off in to your 2nd-hand army manuals. Or maybe get some actual friends so you don't have to embarrass yourself online like this.

Black Army: Not a bad idea, not necessarily a great one either, not to mention tried a thousand times before. Until you actually DO anything, these grand rhetorical gestures are basically meaningless. When RS or CCF writes something, people engage with it and talk about it because their words are given meaning by their action. Also saying "We are not a vanguard" does not mean you are not essentially acting like like a Marxist-Leninist armed struggle group (We really don't need another Weather Underground...we really don't) You say things like "taking up arms" like your ordering take-out: don't just say this shit lightly, like it's just another slogan or something. An ill thought out, poorly executed and shoddy bunch of attacks is only slightly better than doing nothing, although with the added downside of guaranteed jail time.

If you think that and tormail will ensure your anonymity...enjoy you're stay at gitmo fellas.

there is always something kind of autistic about these black army posts...anyways is this group more than 3 19 year olds in a basement somewhere? a quick google search about them reveals....nothing. I really hope that this isn't a real organization or i'm going to have to start referring to myself as an "egoist communist" "libertarian socialist" or some other obtuse phrase so that I won't have to embarass my family by calling myself an anarchist.

this whole thing is stupid. you guys don't even know how to write a sexy communique. even if you weren't doing anything, i would be more satisfied if your communique gave me a weird boner. a lot of this crap doesn't even make sense.

What could be sexier than social democracy?

Insurrectionary militant internet social democracy? The first action will be organized on google docs.

WORKER!!! Get this shit out of Here!!! Please!!!
1. surveillance
2. infiltration
3. elf-alf experience should be enough to learn from.
4. this is low-balling insurrection!

Tormail down. New email address?

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