Denver's Million Mask March: An Anonymous Account

Last night the hive came alive in the heart of Downtown Denver, filling the streets with noise and clamor like Denver has not seen in too long. While the Million Mask March had been promoted with requests of silence, good behavior and compliance, the crowd of three hundred plus seemed to have other ideas and so did the cops. The mob left Marvin Booker Plaza at the fall of darkness to show the world what never forgive or forget actually means (hint to other anons, it's not hugging cops). We zig-zagged through the central business district and the 16th Street Mall, encountering a poorly prepared but aggressive and well armed police force trying to force our noise onto the sidewalk by charging our numbers with motorcycles and vehicles. It didn't work. We stood our ground from beginning to end, and a cop car or two even got walked on.

About half an hour in, around when all transit on the 16th Street Mall was closed by the city to combat the march, and the pedestrian mall was being cordoned off by SWAT teams, DPD saw an opportunity to grab a few people at the back of the crowd. We continued marching even as our brutal escort continued to grow and escalate its tactics. We were resolute in the face of constant attempts to push us onto the sidewalk, and several failed attempts at snatch and grabs of specific protesters. We didn't have to be told to look out for each other. We knew it was the only way

When the zig-zagging started to get boring, we made our way to the City and County Building, rushing up to the front doors with scores to settle. It was here that more arrests were made, though the police were only able to grab a small number of those they had hoped to. As soon as the attack began, dozens of us made our way to the cops fighting to get our masked comrades free, and after the cops realized we would not make this easy, they retreated with a couple hostages behind heavy SWAT lines. The confrontation also left the cars containing results for the day's election unable to pull into the building on time, sabotaging the arithmetic of control for a short time, and the City Hall was left vandalized as we moved on to our final destination.

We finally marched across Civic Center to pay the Colorado State Capital a visit. Geared up State Troopers watched the mob through thick glass doors, silent still and outnumbered. After a long session of yelling and pounding at the doors, we decided our work was done.

Six people were arrested, though all are reportedly released by now. It was exciting to see a large angry and seemingly new crowd take the streets with a fearless attitude towards the thugs of the state. In Denver there have been a couple occasions in the last year that marches have started off with legalistic language and sidewalk strategies and made the leap into the streets and into a more complete rejection of the existing order. But aside from this being bigger, louder and bolder there's another key difference. Most of these other marches that made the leap still started with viewpoints that had a seat at the table of political debate, and drew plenty of respectable, middle class progressives and civil libertarians that the state hesitates to apply force to if it can be avoided. This march happened at dark and was overwhelmingly masked, poor, demandless and pissed off, so a lot of the protection that earlier marches enjoyed was not here. The police response was more violent then usual, but we were defiant enough to match it. The only security we had was in each other, our courage and our actions and it served us in a way that public opinion never could. Though the mess left over from the way we spent last night may be swept up already, we found boldness and solidarity in one another and that is not so easily erased or destroyed.




nice reportback.... solidarity from the bay

"it’s very easy to mock the Million Mask March because there's so much science-fiction themed hyperbole and conspiracy theory injected into the proceedings. Anonymous is primarily an online community birthed in the murky depths of the internet’s vast un-policed oceans. As such, it can often seem uneasy outside of those waters, like the unfortunate seacow of the protest scene; lacerated by propellers whenever it ventures too far from familiar territory.

A great deal of the group's online activities are impressive, but surveying the scene, I couldn't help but think that it would be better if they stuck to what they're good at. This is essentially a social movement for people who would rather ground their beliefs in graphic novels and internet memes and try to relate that back to IRL politics. Unfortunately for them, reality tends to work the other way round."

^^^Prove him wrong kids.

The "protest scene" is of course the swamp of hippy leftism so some angry 4chan nihilism could work wonders if folks keep pushing beyond the pacifist rhetoric.

In b4 "not cool guyz you macho bros made me feel unsafe and made the police attack vulnerable POC and defenseless wimmins"

There are marches "against the mainstream media" happening in cities all over the country on November 16th. Most of them are organized by the same people who organized these Million Mask marches. If the #MMM was even a little cool in your city, consider going. Hopefully folks in Denver met a person or to to link up with for a plan to turn the heat up even further on the 16th if one is happening there?

I can't believe 300 people showed up. That's so badass. Are there meetings occurring there about organizing for the 16th? If not, maybe hold some at the space y'all have? Gotta meet some crazy anons before the hype runs out! Y'all manage to pull off some madness each year for the "march against police terror." Maybe some anons wanna....I don't know...break windows and fight cops or something who knows! Even better, some might want to build an autonomous insurrectional force, militarizing their artisanal passions, and developing a plan to inhabit the next big catastrophe for good!

First up was the march on the White House, where US Park Police tried and failed to clear the sidewalk and street in front of the White House, one arrest. When the march moved on, the whole group of 400+ stormed right through the Park Police staging area!


Next up was the march on the US Capitol, two arrests there as people allegedly jumped the pig barriers. The still-huge march then departed the Crapitol and marched to the Department of Injustice. DOJ hurredly shit their steel siege doors, protesters pouinded on them.

Next was a march on Monsanto, where again the doors were locked-but one yielded to determined opposition and opened, Several people got in, only to have to defend themselves from attempts by security guards to detain them. Security let them leave, no doubt fearing any attempt to drag them to the pigs would get the rest of the doors broken down and the building stormed by the whole crowd. Those on the sidewalk made sure the police could not approach.


Then came a slow and obstructive march west on lobbyist-infested K Street, followed by a stop at the IMF and World Bank. There was little interference at this point by cops, and the march returned to the White House. Next came an ugly moment: the right-wingers who were present in Anoymous pulled the crowd into one of their Ron Paulie "End the Fed" marches, at which point I bailed. There is a report that a livestreamer had his camera knocked from his hand by a pig after they again returned to the White House, almost 9 hours after the march first left the Washington Monument.

DC Indymedia Report on the whole day:

Meh, Denver's sounds better.

I still can't believe you people are skipping the headquaters of the CFR and Brookings Institution, who are by many ways more than just "think tanks" but crucial outlets for the networks of the high capitalist caste. How many more years will it take for people to realize that?

Returning to the (apparently new again, should be obvious) anarchist logic: If ____________didn't happen, it's because YOU fucked up.
If the march you weren't a part of skipped some targets you thought needed to get targeted, it's because YOU fucked up and didn't help out.
If the book fair you went to didn't have enough literature or speakers representing/speaking to your identity or issue of choice, it's because YOU fucked up, didn't bring the literature or didn't get in touch with the speaker.
If the food served at wherever didn't have enough meat, had too much meat, allergens, gluten, non-local whatevers for you, it's because YOU fucked up and didn't provide for yourself.
We (anarchists) are not the state, we are not your army, we are not your moms. Grow up and take care of yourself.

Hum... perhaps the above comment looked like a jackass, negative way of bringing valid suggestions. Actually it did.

Understand there's people coming here to bring ideas because they can't be on-site to meet up and organize with people, because, you know... distances, border control, etc.

So yeah, CFR, Brookings, RAND and possibly that masonic Grand Lodge are totally crucial power spots, but I'm not going to tell you what you should do there.

This, this and this again.

Any time a revolutionary accomplishes anything, they'reattacked for everything they didn't. It gets old, especially when it comes from those who consistently refuse to participate. Wanna know why so many of these events end up taking on a liberal/Stalinist/fascist character? Because they actually show up.

I was there nov 5 in Denver, probably about 9 hours, at first it was just a small crowd but by night it was cooking. I agree with this and this, people need to come on down, spend some time, it's a real adrenaline rush. It felt good to be a team of people with various opinions. Some were aggressive, but really the cops were the most aggressive and attacking first. Come help out, make suggestions, be part of the solution! We listen.


so liberal

very activist

wet ears


I was just looking at some video feed that shows the great level of participation.

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