Eviction of In The Works SF: An Account

In The Works is an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist, anti-art and events collective located in the "17 Reasons Why" building in the heart of The Mission. ITW was started by a small group who seemed to pour their lives and hearts into the project and who had befriended us and many others along their journey through the Bay Area. They said their aim was to create a free space, a new Food Not Bombs serving, a bike lending program, to have various meeting groups, to retain and propagate subversive and dangerous ideas, offer free books and zines and to create another node of revolt in one of the last remaining culturally vibrant, yet rapidly decaying, neighborhoods: the Mission District.

Until sometime last week, the 17 Reasons Why building (http://missionlocal.org/2010/05/17-reasons-remembered/) was owned by Adare Properties, who bought it in 1999. Previously listed online for $15 Million, Adare properties sold the building to Rick Holman of Asher Insights LLC and Mission Street SF LLC for an undisclosed amount. Rick Holman, a previous Bank of America executive, and his wife, Toby Levy, are long time gentry with ties going back to the gentrification of the South of Market District, now rebranded "SOMA". Toby has even participated in the development of Anaheim, CA. Rick is a financier and businessman and Toby owns Levy Design Partners, an architectural firm. Rick finds, finances, buys, then evicts, and Toby comes in to design the new street level commercial and 2nd and above level condominiums, along with other ultra-modern corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley and prison-like panoptical public schools.

Since taking ownership of the building, Rick and Toby have attacked ITW and made it clear that they intend, first and foremost, to destroy ITW's project and evict them from that space. They have changed the locks to the premises, locking out ITW as well as others, including the Homeless Children's Network. With claims of lease violation, they have leveled legal attacks, immediately serving a "3-Days to Quit" notice (which means vacate the premises within 3 days or they will begin the eviction process). We doubt that ITW will be leaving easily. During what was to be the first introduction between them and this scumbag landlord, he roll called their names like a drill sergeant and verbally assaulted them for the "community" nature of the space and their appearances and identities.

This is our account of what has happened. Regardless of Rick and Toby's attacks, they are enemies from the start. We seek no clarification or negotiation with these pieces of shit who throw groups, friends, comrades, kids, the elderly and families out into the streets by force. We desire their destruction whether they attack our comrades specifically or not. But the fact that they do attack them, draws the attention of and focuses our gaze: those of us who are already at war with this society.

As with Hot Mess, RCA, The SF Commune, The Stayaway, The Lodge, The Holdout, Station 40, The Music Box, Noisebridge, and all other spaces, squatted or otherwise, that foster revolt against the current order, when you repress them we will attack you as frequently and beautifully as we can get away with.

We have and will continue to research and gather tools of the trade and attack. Anywhere and everywhere these two go and have presence, we may be there. Their properties and all associated interests are fair game. Anti-gentrification action to date has failed because it failed to make the acts of the gentry personal - it failed to bring horror to the hearts of those who wield it and enforce it. We are unknown and will not be seen. We seek other unknown accomplices, not friends, to act with horror as their aim. We need not agree on everything, or even like each other, but we assert our common enemies and hasten their demise.

For solidarity we sharpen our knives,
With sharpened knives we mind the shadows,
Some Vagabond Accomplices

Levy Design Partners
Asher Investment Group LLC
Mission Street SF, LLC
℅ Rick Holman, &Toby Levy
90 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107

Rick Holman: http://www.zoominfo.com/#!search/profile/person?personId=241629509&targe...
Toby Levy: http://www.zoominfo.com/#!search/profile/person?personId=115876045&targe...



What's the best burrito joint in the Mission?

Honestly? Taco Bell.

Why isn't Gracias Madre mentioned in this article ? Their food is so good. So what if the owners are wacky new age weirdos and that in Cafe Gratitude you have to answer some weird question before you can get some food.


its not "both", its the same loser. the epitome of emptiness.

the 'fuck you both' comment in regards to the first posters above was censored. i guess saying 'fuck you' to stupid comments is not permitted on 'anarchist' 'news'.

is removing irrelevant content the same as censorship? is removing spam censorship? is removing porn from the comments censorship? is removing people's legal names from the comments censorship? do ironic quotation marks make you feel better? are they funny? is an 'anarchist' the same as an anarchist? are you an 'anarchist'? are you an anarchist?

reason 27

removing irrelevant content would have been removing the idiotic posts about burritos and taco bell in response to this article. saying fuck you to the idiots who posted those comments seems relevant, but it was removed. obviously, the majority of comments on this site are irrelevant at best. including yours.

wow rude

Well, maybe if the articles were better you wouldn't care so much about the comments. Anyhow, you seem to have a stronger reaction to burritos, perhaps your reaction would be more tempered toward chimichangas?

i think you can still get a pretty ok egg n' cheese burrito at the Burger King on 16th and mission if you get there before 11am

burrito joint? Oh, is DGR going to be there?

one liner

lol... yeah, that's called "renting a space"!

Who is a gentry? How is an analysis based on hating them not rooted in slave-morality?

I oppose developers because they construct the environment or empire in which our lives are programmed. But what is the value of opposing yuppies or "gentry"? They aren't ethical housing consumers? They don't dress like oogles? I oppose the encirclement of re-urbanization that keeps us toeing the line and I oppose all of the urban restructuring going on in the US because it is counterinsurrectional. As far as yuppies go, though: the mess will fill the space.

This is interesting, thanks for posting something worth consideration. A gentry to me is someone who owns property for the purposes of making money from its development and/or sale or its continued use by non-gentry who must pay to inhabit some part of the space. Yuppies can be gentry, but usually are they are not, usually they are just consumers of the gentries wealth machine. Yuppies are those socially positioned individuals who can afford, and who are (usually) excited, to rent fancy or old school charm spaces, those who are the ground level of gentrification, while the gentry usually live in the heights, where they are safe and protected from the elements.

In this sense, Banks are likely the largest category of gentry nowadays, but also include people like this Rick and Toby couple. Perhaps it's fitting then that he used to be a BofA Executive.

"But what is the value of opposing yuppies or "gentry"?": I oppose them because I want to destroy their class, their category, and because they affect me personally and directly. Their class/category's project is to actively usurp me.

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

I feel your reasoning. I sometimes hear an equivocation between the words "yuppie", "gentrifier" etc. which seems to refer to aesthetic preferences and consumer choices more than anything else. You response, however, makes sense to me. My question was not purely Socratic. I was actually confused by what people meant.

It would be tempting to simply refer to the "gentry" as capitalists but it is clear that they also long for an aristocratic superiority over their property and its inhabitants which has particular cultural effects.

pro-tip: people who talk about sharpening knives have no knives

please don't generalize

you mean specifically in this case, or generally speaking?


yeah, they usually have guns, you fuck.

pro-tip: don't assume, you might just get stuck or leaded.

Yet another proof that renting a place won't keep you from being evicted. As long as a landlord or the State has got you in his pockets, you're ass-raped from fucking day one!

When you say "anti-art" is that just a hipster way of saying you're an art collective, or should that be "art" collective? Or are you actual against art? I think there are plenty of merits to being against art and if that's what you are I'd be interested to read some theory. I just really hope that your "anti" isn't just away of hipsterizing your own artistic, authoritarian, and capitalist endeavours..

against the separation of art from life, as a different sphere of existence. no money is made at in the works.

Sooo... You're not smashing galleries, attacking artists or disseminating ideas about ending art? It sounds like you're just an art space that's free?

you're such a funny little person!

Hilarious in fact. So much so that I don't even care if some anti-hipster anti-artists are being anti-evicted from their anti-art space.

oh, dear anti-christ, we are so very sad to hear about this. we want to try to get every single persons support and solidarity. this is terrible news. we will discuss this and to see if we can correct our behavior and language usage so that we can better meet your prescriptions and preferences. your opinion matters deeply to us and we are now doing inner searching to rectify our misguided endeavors.

If you had any semblance of a life of self-creation, you would move along doing what you care for. its clear places like anews are your sense-of-self, so well leave you to continue on in your emptiness.


its clear places like anews are your sense-of-self Is irony? Or just oblivious self-criticism?

Ignoring the argument and instead offering a subtle condescending we're-so-cool we don't have to listen to this reply.

Yeah, group poses as protesters then is evicted by pro-mainstream forces it has irritated with pose. News at 11.

I guess if revolutionaries are confined to book fairs and cool (anti) art collectives we'll see the forces of bloggers with expensive cameras and rich landlords pretty much obliterate the opposition.

Why doesn't Al Queda have these problems?


oh boy





you must have so much fucking privilege.
To disagree with the monotization of art to the point where you classify yourself as an anti-artist. Good sweet anti-jesus.
Sucks your getting evicvic, this site will be better when I'm hearing about the jones' over on 32nd instead of rich white weenies.
I just can't believe some of the shit that sneaks through on this website. I know of straight-up police raids to suppress political dissent like happened in Eugene a couple months ago at a yuppie collective hosting an event for a queer group that didn't get posted because I'm assuming it was a yuppie collective. Get a bunch of hipsters complaining about art and call it a revolutionary group. Fuck.

Is that because no money could be made from said works?

It's a drag this is happening to your space, but let's get real -- Station 40 doesn't "foster revolt against the current order." Station 40 is an irredeemably a-political disengaged subcultural sandbox. These scenesters have never done anything relevant to the big bad world outside of their front door. If you think meat-wacking to riot porn from Athens is the 'ne plus ultra' of opposition to the current state of things, then you can find all your ideological shopping needs satisfied there, but there's nary a hint of any kind of credible, sustained and demanding engagement with the real world in that subcultural scenester space.

Best of luck in your own efforts, thought.

How you doing, buddy? Long time no viddy. Stay in touch, huh? You big ape.

like you know what they do though, lol

Someones jealous of the anarcha-chicsters. And please don't pretend to know what happens anywhere you're not on good terms with.

The SF Commune does not foster revolt against anything because it can't even take care of a straight white cis-man capitalist (that makes gay jokes, dosed people against their will, threatened force when called out on mind-raping at least 3 people, smokes cigarettes inside against consent, throws things when upset, and more) that dominates the space calling it his.

What's more, he abuses the discourse of anti-oppression to justify his own oppressive behavior when collectively confronted, and then recently turned it around on the oppressed people within the space that chose to remain, who disturbed an ageist straight cis-man's privileged position of discomfort to the point where he left, after trying to insitute an anti-oppression, safer, open space policy.

We're trying to turn the space into "the RCA of the SF", we even have neighbor support, but we keep running up against the wall of this literally self-proclaimed asshole and his compliciteers.

"The SF Commune" which exists only in the pants of a few stinky dropout culture weenies.
Not to interupt your puerile fantasy life, but, how 'bout an English language translation?

i want to know what 'mind-raping' is but i'm scared of asking

That means that you disregard the post as bullshit.

Smokes inside without consent, hahahaha visit New York!

"he roll called their names like a drill sergeant and verbally assaulted them for the "community" nature of the space and their appearances and identities. "

Hmm. Sounds impertinent. Wonder if it would be a poem?

he roll called their names \
like a drill sargeant and \
verbally assaulted them \
for the community nature / of / the \
space \
and their \
appearance and \

Breathe on these precious irrelevant subculture weenies and they will fall over.

someone please explain the concept

Everyone on here that's taking about other peoples spaces need to shut the fuck up. seriously have some fucking respect for other people's privacy and think that maybe not everyone wants their place blown up on the internet. you know who you are, stop being a fucking moron for fucks sake.

"Everyone on here that's taking about other peoples spaces need to shut the fuck up. seriously have some fucking respect for other people's privacy and think that maybe not everyone wants their place blown up on the internet. you know who you are, stop being a fucking moron for fucks sake."

After all, we are the shy, retiring, fragile, a-political types, who groove on proclaiming ourselves to be an uncompromising, implacable threat to the social order -- but only in a series of safe settings.

I'm glad to see you are hanging these flyers.

Maybe some opposition to what being done to the Mission can begin to take off.

Signed, 25-year Mission resident who hates what's being done to this neighborhood.

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Hey, what's up with "anti-capitalist" (sic) social center Station 40's contribution to resisting gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District? They have a big space on 16th Street at Mission, across the street from the BART plaza, have held many a public event ostensibly focused on resistance to the many evils of capitalism, and are so near the virtual ground zero of the most obvious hardcore zone of neighborhood-ruining embourgeoisment that you could hop to the expensive restaurants and boutiques along Valencia on one leg -- and by now many, many years have gone by with nary a single contribution on the problem from the Station 40 space and its scenesters.

After grooving on riot porn from Athens there on many an occasion, I point-blank asked professional salaried anarcho-liberal and long-time Station 40 habitue Cindy Milstein about the possibility of having a public meeting about the gentrification of the neighborhood and possible strategies of resistance. The anarcho-liberal Milstein smugly and primly assured me that the "anti-capitalist" social center Station 40 would never have time for it. Presumably it would get in the way of their energetic indulgence of their respective fantasy lives.

This was several years ago now.

Nothing is what nothing does -- that's Station 40 and Cindy Milstein for you.

Well I saw you at Station 40 talking to Cindy Milstein and that's like the biggest Gentryfrying part of time by far so like, your a gentryfried.

I agree about Candy tho, definitely shuld make mroe comments about her so she nows we mean business. Which is har language.

Learn to spell correctly, Einstein. Try using your hands instead of your feet.

Learn to reply correctly, Grandma. Try using the internet.

Here is some self-indulgent rubbish that Cindi Milstein posted on every weenies favorite fanboy web site, liberalcom. org:


As noted above, Milstein noted that her fellow passive consumers of images of rebellion at Station 40 would not be up for hosting any public meeting concerning the gentrification of the Mission.

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