The Final Straw: On the uprisings in Bosnia with Minel Abaz

The show can be heard at AFM from Monday 3AM EST thru 3/9/14, podcasting at and archived later at our website

This week, we make some announcements concerning benefits in NC for water distribution in WV and a benefit in Durham for Luke O'Donovan.

Sean Swain speaks on the case of the Lakota activist and prisoner Timothy Little Rock Reed and it's implications for the legal system in the U.S.

The bulk of our show is an interview with Bosnain activist, antifascist, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Minel Abaz about the protests that've been shaking Bosnia in Herzegovina since early February and chasing out Cantonal governments. We talk about the nature of the demands by those in the streets, what has sparked them and about the public plenaries that've formed and discuss what they might do. There's also a BRIEF history lesson on the development of Bosnia since the breakup of Yugoslavia.

A recently translated article from (a slavic language site concerning anarchist perspectives) can be found here by the title of "How did Bosnian uprising failed and what have we learned?"



Friends in the Balkans have contacted me that Slobodari has supported certain groups in Ukraine that've expressed authoritarian and at times far-right perspectives (for instance Narodny Nabat and Avonomni Opir in Ukraine). An article from yesterday appears at and the title is g-translated as this: "Autonomous Nationalists". Homophobia Antifeminism totalitarian collectivism and state "transition period"

I'm looking to remove this link from the post above via a moderator. Thanks for the heads up!

Translation of a recent text written by someone from a former Yugoslavia upbringing who went to Bosnia in February: "Bosnia against bosses, Yugoslavs against Yugoslavery", available here:

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