Former ELF Member Pleads Guilty to Arsons; Snitches on Friends for Reduced Sentence


The ELF set fire to two homes in the Mystic Forest housing development in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2003. Photo captured from Local 4 Defenders.

Tomorrow, May 5, 2014, Liam Mulholland will be sentenced for his involvement in a 2003 ELF arson.

Mulholland pleaded guilty to setting fire to a house at Mystic Forest housing development in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on March 21, 2003. Spray painted on the garage of a neighboring house were the words “ELF – No Sprawl.”

In Michigan, the mandatory minimum for this kind of property destruction is five years in prison. However, the government has requested a reduced sentence because of Mulholland’s “cooperation” with the federal government.

From his plea agreement and the Government’s Sentencing Memorandum, it seems Mulholland handed the feds a lot of information. He claimed involvement in several more ELF and ALF actions, including arsons that destroyed two homes at another housing development in Michigan in June of 2003; using incendiary devices to destroy chicken delivery trucks in Bloomington, Indiana in May of 2002; an arson at a housing development in Bloomington, Indiana in June of 2002; and a failed attempt to set fire to a pumping station in Stanwood, Michigan, in September of 2003.

Mulholland also provided feds with the names of the other activists with whom he carried out these actions—as well as where and how they traveled, where and when they planned and discussed their actions, what they purchased for the actions, how they disposed of the purchased items, and how they carried out each action.

The government is requesting a sentence of 18 months for Mulholland—a reduction of 42 months from the state’s mandatory minimum—because his cooperation will aid the government in cracking down on the other ELF and ALF suspects: “The government has determined that the defendant’s cooperation to date amounts to substantial assistance in the investigation or prosecution of others.”

Photo captured from Local 4 Defenders.

Photo captured from Local 4 Defenders.

The agreement also asserts that, because of his cooperation, all his charges related to the other admitted ELF and ALF arsons will be dismissed.

And it seems that Mulholland isn’t the only one snitching. The Sentencing Memorandum states that, though Mulholland often asserted that he was simply “along for the ride” during these actions, the feds have received contradictory information: “According to witnesses, it was the defendant who had the expertise to construct incendiary devices and did so for both the arson of the delivery trucks at Sim’s Poultry, as well as the attempted arson of the Ice Mountain pumping station.”

Stay tuned for more information after tomorrow’s sentencing hearing. If anyone has pictures of Liam Mulholland, or more information, please send them to collective [at] earthfirstjournal [dot] org, so that the word can be spread, and activists and activist groups can be on guard for the presence of this snitch.

For more information on snitches and informants, be sure to check out our online Informant Tracker.



Snitch culture alive and well.

what makes a noun a culture? or is it just trendy to attach the word culture onto things?

The latter.

Here's my favorite line from the plea deal:

"The government may withdraw from this agreement."

lol watch them get more time than in cases where no one snitched
it's gunna happen

When oh when will anarchists ever start practicing snitches get stitches and end up in ditches?

Yeah anarchists need to stop acting so pussy.

Not sure what you mean. My pussy will give a dick some stitches in a heartbeat.

But not the snitches. What a revolutionary you are.

Let's brand him evil now

Just because someone snitches in exchange for a reduced sentence doesn't make him or her a bad person.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and daily vitamin supplement)

This is not the guy to do any actions with...he will turn you into the feds in exchange for some new age magazines, anti-feminist books, quirky HIV/AIDS conspiracy theories, and pictures of Hakim Bey naked....and oh yeah, money. He loves money.

This guy is a fuckin' weird piece of shit !!!!

with degenerate illigalist wannabes. If my views are repellent to the likes of you then I am doing my job.

Why do I always picture you swirling a glass of brandy in front of a big creepy old fireplace? Do you chuckle quietly to yourself?! DO YOU?!

Huh... I always pictured enzige swirling a can of paint thinner in front of a naked statue of emile, molded from human feces.

The only way for three people to keep a secret is if two are dead.

please don't generalize

Your correct in saying, "please don't generalize". It should have read The only way for three white suburban males from a middle class background who are 27 but act like they are 14 an call themselves anarchist to keep a secret is if two of them are dead.

Is there assplay involved? Please, be specific.

Hell yes there is assplay involved, would it be any other way?

Please don't snitch. Thank you.

are you also a pretty little liars fiend

What does this have to do with anarchy?

It highlights how diluted anarchist theory taken on by activist do-gooders isn't enough to hold at bay the powers of the judicial system. A hell realm for those that don't play by the rules, quickly turning ally against ally. The system is rigged to destroy relationships. If the actual sentences were closer to what they usually plead down to, it would offer us a way to hold out a little longer with some dignity. But the system makes it either 2 years or 20 years...very reverse. It is also demanding full fealty to a humiliating degree. Punishment today isn't just locking a person up, but also making them swear off their ideas and act like you are wanting to be rehabilitated.

Our reality is *snitching is normal*. It is no longer as scary to do as it once was, as the forces of the state tend to discourage all but the most dedicated actors from delivering retribution for snitching. Anarchists that stand strong against snitching should be commended. We *should expect* snitching instead of think it won't happen then get disappointed. We will always be disappointed if we don't accept that the system is rigged. "Snitches get stitches" only matters to a *militant movement*. The movement isn't militant, a bunch of hipsters, nerds, activists, artists, academics and geeks. Fuck off losers, you got nothing.

I would agree. The whole "think of their feelings" crap is so hyped up. "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime" as it were. Upfront hardline stances assuring retaliation for snitching might discourage those with an affinity for snitching.

We should point guns at people when we are tabling so they know that we will put holes into them for being taddletells.

Still better than pouring water on each others books. ZING

We should start killing them. Or start organizing like the REAL anarchists. (Anarcho-syndicalists aka unionists)

lol@ real anarchists being synd.

Unions are dead.

Real anarchism is cheerleading popular insurrections that have goals in mind that are antithetical to anarchism and never result in anarchy.

The only real anarchists are the People's Front of Judea.

Maybe the fact that a group of people have elevated themselves to the point of creating rules as to what is permissible when confronted with a situation where the option is to save your ass or not from jail.

Given the fact many people on this board define "anarchy" as the right of self determination without the influence of groups or leaders who establish rules and acceptable actions and behavior which a self identified anarchist must adopt to be considered a true anarchist, I would say it has a lot to do with it. Isn't self preservation the number 1 priority for every mammal and the one component of our true animal nature that drives us. Confronted with a situation where you are looking at doing a nickle or identifying someone who you don't know that well and whom you believe would roll over on you it boils down to who is going to talk first.

Leah-Lynn Plante was a great example of this, while her fellow summonsed acquaintances stayed true to their ethos Leah-Lynn Plante was released after simply saying a few words. Clearly the consequences faced by Leah-Lynn Plante were less than those of who remained solid. Does anyone actually believe that Leah-Lynn Plante thought she would be able to part of the "thing" after she talked? No, she walked away and walked away free.

Given the law of averages that is one out of three arrested will give the government what they want to save their own persons from jail. It's just a question of are you going to be the one ratted on or the rat.

whoa man, if you put it like that

le politician face

The state may have increased the level of punishment, however this shouldn't detract from the snitches get stitches principle. What 'we' should really expect is that the state will be throwing 20 to life at those who effectively threaten the structures of ideological, cultural, and material imperialism enforced under 'its' gazing eye. @'s shouldn't have to expect peeps to sell each other down the river for lighter sentences and of course peeps who snitch should be ostracized and w/e else.

None of us are effectively threatening anything.

No, No, no, no, enough of this we should "ostracise" them bullshit. Is that all we are really capable of doing to traitorous snitches that put people in prison to save their own ass? Kick them out of our friend group? Anyone who snitches should be left unable to use their legs at the very least. Or brand their eyeballs out with a hot iron poker. Anarchists are cowards for the most part. Graff writers, gang members, etc are far better at organizing their networks, their crimes, their support, and definitely at handling snitches.

"Graff writers, gang members, etc are far better at organizing their networks,"

Yep cause that's what anarchists should become, a political gang lol.

sigh god what a failure these last 45-50 years have been. Stick a fork in this epoch it will never match the classical period from 1861-1921, and THAT epoch still ended up failing as well.

You don't know what you're talking about.

It's extremely common for graff writers to talk lots of shit and not do anything about snitches. Maybe they just diss their pieces and beat them up a time or two and then that person is basically free to go back to being a regular person because graff writers are often just hipsters and socialites in their 20s who all hate conflict and polarization.

As far as "gang members" go, yes it's common for snitches to get fucked up real bad but it's just as common for people to snitch in secret, like in a grand jury, and nobody ever knows it ever ever happened. Don't fetishize what you don't fucking know about to justify your cynicism.

Empirical evidence. See also: Santa Cruz

What does animal rights and whacko environmentalism have to do with anarchism? Both animal rights and enironmentalism are ideas invented by the government to take away peoples autonomy and individual liberty. Global warming is a hoax created by the NWO to raise taxes and create restrictions on the economic autonomy of free citizens. Anarchy is anti-government, so I don't know why anarchists (who are supposedly against government) would promote the agenda of the government globalists.

IGTT 7/10

A completely idiotic comment that gives away your Alex Jones stupidity. Global warming is not a hoax created by your imaginary conception of the New World Order. It is a scientific fact. Anarchists are not just anti-government but anti-capitalist because, among other reasons, of the huge damage it does to our environment. Environmentalism was not created by the government, it is a sensible response by activists, though groups like the UN and the EPA certainly use the problem to push their own agenda, aimed not at solving the problem but at preserving their own power in the face of environmental disaster.

But again, you clearly have a false and shallow idea of what anarchism actually is and choose to throw around stupid conspiracy fantasies without doing the research.

Here's the absolute objective truth. Alleged "abusers" in the anarchist scene have faced more shit and personal misery from their former comrades than any of these snitches ever have. What does that say about our priorities as a movement?

And I say that without necessarily making any judgment about who did what and whether they deserved it. Just starting that alleged "abusers" get much much more attention and attacks than any of these people that have actually put comrades away for years in prison. And that's just plain ridiculous.

Excellent point and a good question. Why is it so much harder sometimes than others to say "things aren't black and white". Maybe because state repression hasn't been a real experience to that many anarchists as much as they like to talk about it, compared to the sort of 'offenses' that are so emotionally charged. Either eay there is always such a tendency to focus on this one person (at a time) and whether or not they did this or that and whether they're a horrible person. It's ironic how little it's pointed out that these sort of situations and how they're handled are also symptomatic of a dysfunctional scene that likes to individualize its problems it doesn't want to recognize in its own 'radical collective subject'.

The problem with snitches is that more often than not, they not only snitch about criminal activity but rather encourage a system where living itself is criminalized. A snitch will not simply snitch about making molotovs or buying grass but will snitch if you are out with someone not liked by the authorities or reading certain books etc. Snitching is extra judicial just like state power. Veterans of social movements are aware that the law is an ideological mechanism that hides the true functions and mechanisms of state power. If anarchists were to overthrow the state bureaucratic mechanism then it is obvious that any oligarch could bankroll the cooptation of the movement in a heartbeat. This is why the commune is necessary, because it organizes anarchists along a different line where the snitch is instead replaced by intelligence agents who keep the commune aware of internal and external threats. The commune means that anarchists have to be prepared to defend themselves against the broader context of capitalist authority where snitches beg the state for handouts and perks for stabbing friends in the back. Decreased sentences is one aspect of this. Snitch is essentially synonymous with opportunist.


there's going to be a huge snitch culture as long as the axiom is merely "snitches get stiches."

we need something more proactive.

1) "potential snitches get stiches" "potential snitches get ostracized" "people we think have the inclination to snitch at some point get excluded"


2) "people we think might be snitches get stiches" "people we think might be snitches get ostracized"

and most important "people we think might get snitches get INTERGOATED/people we think might be snitches get their laptops and cellphones hacked and searched and are followed every day whenever they leave the house"

maybe a nifty graphic can be made of that qt with the shush finger slapping someone tied to a chair/quickly peeking at someone's laptop while the person has their back turned? can someone get on this?

Maybe you can start a skill share for those of us who want to learn how to intergoat each other. Sounds kinky!

That's disgusting. Goats is filthy critters!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and comic book hero)

That's disgusting. Goats is filthy critters!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and comic book hero)

That's disgusting. Goats is filthy critters!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and comic book hero)

yeah that's actually a good idea. like all skills, it's something we do everyday. interrogation doesn't have to be explicit torture, although that is a useful tactic in some cases (although it of course doesn't guarantee "truth") ; it can also be watchfulness and investigation and intimidation and push/pull, which like I said is something we do everyday. and like you mentioned, it certainly can be kinky. like most stressful situations, situations of power and will and conflict, it can have erotic elements - these erotic elements can be focused on and maximized in certain tactics of interrogation - such as seduction, infiltration, undermining peoples self-confidence, bedazzlement, flamboyance and theatricality, vulnerably and pitifulness etc.

Ahahaha, cointelpro please

wait, intergoated? thats crazy

Yes absolutely, more torture, more jails and death camps. More cops like you protecting the holy people's commune from snitches. The 'movement/people/community/etc' need you to protect them from snitches. Everything must be sacrificed so that you can carry out your witch hunt, I mean snitch hunt. We can't beat the cops without being better cops than they are.

I also post this for your consideration:

"To further supple that question, let me rant a bit-- So they got magic wands, cool, they got badass powers. But it seems a wizard or a witch were ONLY as good as his or her wand. So if they were at 350 points with their wands, they looks like at only 3 points without them?

Like if we pit Albus Dumbledore with Thomas Riddle, surely Thomas would be at a little advantage. But what if we pit Thomas Riddle with Altair Ibn-La'Ahad? or Ezio Auditore? They were both very nimble and agile, and both adept in close to short-range combats. Would Voldemort really stand a chance against either of them?

Okay, let's imagine - 50 meters apart. Ezio charges at Voldemort. Voldemort casts a killing curse. surely at around 35 meters apart Ezio can still dodge that, right? And it would take at least a second to recast the curse, right? During combats, every second can make a life-and-death difference. Like if Ezio dodges the curse, then uses that second to charge up to Voldemort. Then I guess everything would be different. I figure Ezio would extend his wristblade and stick Voldemort's throat with it.

And another thing about close combat - James and Lily. James was sprinting into the living room when Voldemort invaded. If he was there, why did he stop to yell to Lily that he would "hold him off"? If he had learned close combat, I figure he would use the time of Voldemort's laughs to charge and tackle him - only take one second! And while Voldemort's down, James can get up and stamp hard on Voldemort's chest, breaking several of his ribs. Then he can take his wand to subdue and capture him alive, then none of the tragedy would ever happen!

You know, honest trailers said it right - "Battles would have been way cooler with lightsabers - or if they could just move around a bit more." Wand duels are too dull. Check out Anakin Skywalker vs Obi-Wan Kenobi duel! "

This is bad news and is really stressful and sucky.

However, comrades, we shouldn't let ourselves be fooled: there is no formal mechanism for stopping snitching. Loyalty is only earned through ethics and intensities and love and commitment and strength and capacity to withstand. We can't know by looking at someone's identity, for instance, and know if they will snitch. Class, race, occupation, gender, sexuality, social role, vices, ideology, religion - none of this tells us if someone will snitch. There are no short-cuts.

If we want to curb snitching, we have to keep going the long way. We have to build our power to live holistic lives in revolt, where living and fighting and thinking and caring are all entangled and can not be separated. We have to build bonds to last, expand our circles and influence outward, equip ourselves with the means to hold on to each other through our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and onward - not just through our 20s. Even then, there will still be snitches. The mafia has snitches. The government has snitches. Gangs have snitches. We have snitches. We have to develop the means to deal with the consequences. Solidarity doesn't just mean attack, but it also does mean that. Solidarity doesn't just mean denunciations, but it does also mean that. How will we get paperwork and transportation for comrades on the run? How will we take care of each others kids and pets and aging parents when they go away? Will people have a place to live and work when they get out? Sending books, letters, and cash into prison is amazing, tireless, work. But what about later?

It could be that the more our entire lives are built on struggle and revolt, and the more that revolt comes to reconfigure our entire sense of what our future life will look like - our future does exist, despite the insistence of some - and what our daily practice looks like, the less people will snitch, and the better we will be to handle when some inevitably do.

Stay safe, everyone. Everything continues.

It only takes one person to set a timer or strike a match. It's not like organizing guerilla armies that must fight small-unit or larger battles. Hell, the heavy work of humping hundreds of pounds of fuel up Vail Mountain had to be done by one person according to Rolling Stone, after heavy snow caused the others to wimp out. Yet Vail burned.

Now supose Avalon had worked alone: Fergerson would not have known he existed and been unable to snitch. If somehow Avalon got caught anyway, he would have nobody to snitch on. Only when an action is too big to be done by one person is it worth bringing in anyone else.

Some people say the odds of a leak from a compartment containing secret information rise with the square of the number of people in the compartment. "Need to know" can be coupled with "need to be present." Before you add a person to your team at the felony level, ask yourself two questions: "is this person willing to go to jail or die to protect the rest of the team?" and also "does this person need to be present, does s/he even need to take that kind of risk?"

There is also a blatent exception: if the action is so valuable as to considered a success even if the entire team is killed or captured, you may choose to focus on maximum strength and firepower and toss information security to the winds.

Still, remember that even the Spartans at Thermopylae were done in by a snitch. They held a blocking position on a mountain pass, but someone they had wronged went and told the Persians about a trail that bypasses that position, allowing the Persians to finally take that unassailable phalanx from the rear. The holding action still took so much out of the Persians that it broke the back of their invasion of Greece, buying time for a huge army to counter them. I would not have wanted to be that snitch, explaining to a Greek military commander how I got 300 of his best troops slaughtered. I's sure "ditches for snitches" would have applied, though I do not know if that particular snitch was ever caught.

Snitches are collaborators & should be treated as such.

please don't generalize

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