Fraternity House Vandalism Claimed By Anarchists, Culprits Remain Unknown

From Daily Tar Heel

Two UNC fraternity houses on Cameron Avenue have been vandalized in the past month — and police don’t know who is behind the incidents.

On Jan. 14, five windows of the Chi Psi fraternity house at 321 W. Cameron Ave. were broken around 5 a.m., according to a Chapel Hill police report.

Sgt. Josh Mecimore, spokesman for the Chapel Hill Police Department, said it appeared that rocks were thrown into the fraternity house’s windows.

On Sunday morning, the front driver’s side window of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Sigma Phi Epsilon house at 207 W. Cameron Ave. was shattered between 1:10 a.m. and 10:31 a.m., according to a Chapel Hill police report.

Later that afternoon, a rock was thrown into a window at the house after Sigma Phi Epsilon member David Stewart got into a dispute with a group of people in the house’s front yard.

Mecimore said Stewart reported that a group of about 20 people were yelling at him, and he asked them to leave the premises.

Mecimore said someone in the group threw a book at Stewart, and someone threw a rock into one of the house’s windows.

He said witnesses told police the group left the area via Pittsboro Street and headed toward the FedEx Global Education Center.

The presidents of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Chi Psi declined to comment on the incidents.

Interfraternity Council President Peter Blumberg also declined to comment on details of the vandalism.

“Obviously I think that random acts of violence against anyone are bad,” he said.

“I hate to see this happen to anyone, whether they’re Greek or not.”

The police have no reason to believe the three incidences were related, Mecimore said.

He said police have exhausted all leads and are no longer investigating the incidents.

On Jan. 23, a blog post was published on the anarchist blog War on Society claiming responsibility for the Jan. 14 vandalism incident.

The blog said out of UNC’s fraternities, the Chi Psi house was chosen at random to be vandalized.

“We did this for anyone who has ever been afraid to walk the streets of this town because of harassment for their body, gender or sexuality,” the post said.

“All fraternities are sites of conscious self-organization for patriarchal power and the homophobia that supports it.”

Mecimore said the police department deals with a handful of cases each year in which things are thrown into or out of fraternity windows.

He said most of these cases are pranks.

“It’s not terribly uncommon for us to have one fraternity damaged by another,” Mecimore said.

“There’s no indication that that’s the case here, but that’s certainly something we’ve seen in the past.”



It's interesting to see how this is already being recuperated by being compared to a mere prank.

And yet, based on a massive viral spread of the original communique via reddit, and judging by the comments by fraternity brothers that resulted, it seriously hit home and struck a nerve. It may be convenient to compare it to a prank, but the politicized and anti sexist nature of it seems to have seriously struck a nerve in the greek scene. im not sure how everyday folks in CH reacted to it, but having lived in a college town and been subjected to my fair share of harassment by these fuckers, im sure at least some people could relate...


for one you can check the coments on war on society....

so it seems like although they were striking against the system...they picked the wrong house to make the point, or am i just reading their defense too literally?

i dont know anything about the house folks there targeted, but it sounds like the frat boys complaints on comment forums all run along the lines of, "but we have a gay member....". Which is hilarious. I bet they have a black friend, too.

The fact that they picked a frat with a better "reputation" than others may or may not have been intentional - but in my reading it actually makes the point that all of these intsitutions function as places that institutionalize male domination via social capital, regardless of whether a specific house is nicer than the others.

Anarchists dont only attack the "bad" police stations, etc....

But whatever - fuck frat houses. This was awesome. Its nice to see people doing an action around something that felt personal to them, rather than just an absraction.

we don't have frats where i am from, so i'm a bit out of the loop on their actual transgressions, but i can definitely relate to the 'but i can't be racists/homophobic/patriarchal...i have a friend/relative who is..' sentiment being used to justify abusive mentalities.
thanks for the pointers/lulz (also found it posted in a MRA reddit page with the title 'Feminists attack Mens Fraternity' with hilarious claims of a hate crime. well played anarchists.)

Looking at your twitter, and sort of in awe that you continue to imitate me, it occurs to me that you are driven to do these things because you just were never that talented.

PS Why don't you two lovebirds Quit using me to get off? I know it's "really real" between you, and not just a mentally ill parasite trying desperately to transfer love on to themselves through all of this violent and disgusting colonialism and reifying of me. I just know it's really real.

They won't- because you're the only real thing they have (had).

that's the best possible response. "personal"...hilarious....the only thing they know how to do is how to rationalise and intellectualise oppression and murder. it's like they have a chip in their head. "interesting"'s not. it's normal. they are painfully normal, and painfully fucking stupid.

"male domination via social capital"? just to clarify you're saying that gender-segregated spaces promote sexism, or only all-male spaces? as if there was a difference really, being as the female (or female/trans/etc) whatever spaces so important to radical scenes don't also induce a simultaneously homogenized space of male exclusion... i'm not saying there is no reason to criticize frats but do so on the basis of gender exclusivity, coming from the anarchist scene, is fucking hypocrisy.

for the most part, gender segregated spaces are a horrid idea. any time you see a sub-culture that is or begins promoting this - run.

kidding right?

traditionally many (not all) male exclusive spaces, especially those for the wealthy and privileged, like most frats, are places where men build and accrue social capital that helps them later on perpetuate various structures that we anarchists hate. This has a long history; some of the earlier chapters in Caliban and the Witch by federici do an excellent job breaking down how this process of creating male exclusive spaces interacted inherently with the process of primitive accumulation for early capitalism in europe. This required the destruction of all-women or women specific sectors of social life, including medicine, the common areas in fens and woodlands, and other physical or social spaces where women held important roles (which also included carpentry and brewing ale, for example...)

As anti capitalists, and as feminists, its pretty basic to have an understanding of this history of patriarchy and early capitalism, and how womens spaces played an obstructive role in this early process of primitive accumulation, and how all male spaces, especially when linked to an economic elite like fraternities traditionally are, perpetuate these structures.

I read the original communique on war on society, and nowhere in there is the basis for the attack (to my understanding) a criticism of patriarchy based strictly on exclusivity of one gender via the other. Our entire society is patriarchal, and obviously most structures and spaces have men and women in them.

But you seem to be equating all women with all men spaces - which is totally ridiculous bullshit. One doesnt need to be a second wave separatist (im certainly not) to observe the obviously false argument there, as already mentioned via historical context earlier. Since at least early periods in global capitalism, we know that men have excluded women from various social sectors as a way to perpetuate exploitation, not just of women's unpaid labor but also of other men - via forcing women into the role of reproducing labor-power for capital. This is totally juxtaposed with the traditional purposes of women attempting to preserve their own spaces, which has historically and contemporarily been done out of motivations of safety and survival, a phsyical autonomy of the body, a removal of labor from capitalist economic structures, or around issues of reproductive freedom. Pretty fucking different than all male inquisition burning 100,000 women at the stake for practicing medicine, having an abortion, spreading heretic ideas, brewing beer, or refusing to marry and have another batch of workerchildren.

And since when does the phrase "male domination" mean "all male"? And thus how would one read this communique as basing its critique of frats strictly out of exclusivity? I dont mean to be rude, but you seem to have a problem both with equating the vast differences between structures centered around women vs. centered around men, in terms of economic and historical context, not to mention a serious reading comprehension problem.

this is the 21st century twat. frats are student housing for people who want to pay high rent and be forced to do pointless "charity work." wtf does the Caliban and the Witch have to do with any of this? and the "womens spaces [that] played an obstructive role in this early process of primitive accumulation" have nothing to do with anti-capitalism or feminism, unless by the latter you mean a return to feudalism.

holy shit. one of the best comments ive read on this site.

<3 historical context


"but the politicized and anti sexist nature of it "

we all know the kinds of pranks that real frat boys like. the really hilarious ones that involve rape and humiliation.

juggalos faces are frozen in laughter it's so funny.

well I'm not sticking around!

I was SHOCKED to find out all of north american literature and radical politics was a big frat boy rape party. Well, maybe not shocked, but extremely disappointed and repulsed.

this comment doesn't make any sense

go torture a cat, idiot.

It's really the only comment on this site that *does* make sense.

"all of north american literature and radical politics was a big frat boy rape party" ... ... Considering both facts that there are radical circles where rape isn't really a thing that happens AND that many radical circles doing radical politics that are feminist and/or queer where men aren't really playing a role, no this comment doesn't make sense. Unless of course you are suggesting that those feminist groups out there are really just big frat boy rape parties, if that is the case then indeed I would be shocked, but it's not the case.


Tell it like it is, Oh mighty keyboard warrior!

Enjoy the juggalo lifestyle, everyone. What a huge disappointment. All of you.

you are drunk

No, I'm not. I could literally vomit in each and every one of your faces.

Do you have the flu that is going around bro? You should try some Mucinex, get some good rest too.

Maybe I should write some propaganda for the IDF. That will make me feel better. Oh, I know maybe I should get into the revenge porn business. Or, wait, I know! I should stick my dick into a stalker pig with no soul and anal warts on its face. That's always heartening.

Quantum Cat Ventures and Finance Inc. are pleased to offer a sneak preview of our latest product development line. This is only a prototype and does not include a lot of features currently in development. Please address all inquiries to our PR department.

The Baauer track is really fucking sick.

There's a definite frat boy mentality to many American zionist, but there are also a lot of biggoted antisemitic goyim. Most are goyim. Check the antisemitic stereotypes. I know plenty of poor zionists and rich elitist leftist Jews involved on college campuses with BDS.

Actions that translate into good lolz online are the best! Thanks NC @!!!

Hopefully some frat bruthers make their way here.

Look, I am not going to pretend that I understand your motivations and I am not going to psychoanalyze you either. But as an out fraternity brother this action hurts. It shows that you have little understanding how the fraternity system works on college campuses. My brothers help me, a gay male prepare to enter and contribute society just like everyone else. You people need to hang out with some contributing members of college society before casting your stones.

- Lewis Skolnick

so good!

i call bullshit. the targets of anarchist actions are never really humans, just abstract symbolism of 'rape culture' and other evil things, mmmk?

Shh, shh.

Shhhh. / / / No words, now.

"enter and contribute to society just like everyone else"

and here in lies the problem. Being gay doesnt mean you cant contribute to patriarchy, or heterosexism for that matter, or that you re little rich dude cult is somehow ok. The action wasnt claimed by some single issue lgbt group , why the fuck think their own personal identity would absolve a structure of its responsibility for oppression?

Oh why am i bothering....

Um..."Lewis Skolnick" is the main character from Revenge of the Nerds.

You got trolled.

fuck yeah i did. im quitting @ now.

Destroying the patriarchy one ham sandwich at a time. The global revoloution is at hand. The middle class university vangaurd shows us the way!


frat houses are still around and do they really do all that greek shit? I didn't go to college so I seriously don't know. My knowledge of frat houses extends as far as John motherfucking Belushi i in animal house...but either way, fucking with yuppies or jocks or yuppie jocks is always cool.

With that said, if its common between frat houses like the pigs say, why not do the deed and let them take the rap for it instead posting a communique that brings heat down on you all?

Toga! Toga! Toga...2000!

because that is the point. the communique shows everyone they are Badass Anarchists with Big Ideas and they are not afraid to Put Theory Into Practice, etc. (or really just to put practice into pratice but whatevs)

Not to promote pointless violence and all, but they're frat boys. Vandalise their house? Just beat their ass. This will probably make a repugnant human being into a rapist. "Oh, those feminazis knocked over my houseplant, they hide in the night because they're so scared of Scott easy pickins. Scotts so mean covered in pizza sauce and middle class shame. Scott looks so intimidating watching sportcenter with his mouth open drool on shirt snoring. Scotts like a panther that shops at the gap. Ready to pounce on you ladies." I'm 140 pounds I could take half of em.

I'm all for this in the abstract though. God I came across a video while I was researching the whole kink thing, not directly related, these frat boys just abusing this poor girl, she's like Indiaa or Arab or something, taunting and mocking her and she's gotta pretend to like this shit. Makes my fucking blood burn.


Step it up.

rocks for story bro.

keep trying to deflect the fact that rape culture, sexism and homophobia is in your culture too

"your culture" meaning...

you might not have been caught up on the latest memo but the anarchist "culture" is all about rape and we have some serious work to do before any women will come and want to be anarchists.

In fact, it makes total sense lately for people to not be anarchists anymore due to being disgusted with the anarchist rapists. There is no ideological attachment, just emotional and social...

Possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read and probably posted by a Fed

Actually it was obviously sarcasm but since hipster snark is as tedious as good ol' fashioned stupidity, both of you should turn down the suck.

I am not a fed just a sarcastic hipster asshole. Seriously, I am leaving anarchism due to you calling me a fed. Thanks for nothing.

No, don't leave! It's cold and we're so lonely here ...



Yes Manarchists and Brocialists are circling the collective wagon that is woman much the same as Lord Humungus and his vile rapist slaves did in Roadwarrior when they sought to exploit that weak innocent and defenseless colony. When I attend an anarchist function I have a 3 in 5 chance of being raped and my opinions get shouted down just because I'm a woman.

What I said was that I doubt the numbers for sexual violence drop off significantly enough to say that the anarchist community can feel comfortable in claiming some sort of community wide triumph in its dismantling patriarchy. I'm going off of anectdotal evidence. The rest is just shit you made up in your head as usual.

I could just say nothing and read blog post after blog post depicting accounts of group apathy and say "awe shucks, that's a shame."

"When I attend an anarchist function I have a 3 in 5 chance of being raped and my opinions get shouted down just because I'm a woman."

Your opinions are probably ignored as opposed to shouted down because they are fucking retarded and not based on any serious research.

I'm sorry for trolling _______. Nough said. She threatened me I retaliated. End of story. But before you mock me, she who probably hates my guts listens to me. So don't get all uppity for giving my opinion. Because if she can browse through here and go "fuck him but he's got a point," and now when pople do that stupid immitation thing they're usually doing it to win an argument, by the way most of my comments here being thowing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, maybe the whole mocking me thing isn't so cute anymore.
llI'll let it go when its outsider trolls or insider trolls, see antifa and the Leah Lynn Plante thing, (the former me and my impersonator were on the same side of the argument,) If I'm the litmus test to winning an argument being wrong 2/3rds of the time, just being a voice, then I'm not the bad guy.

just shut up.

But I stand by my comments on sexual violence. If there's going to be a lul in your comunity for now, it would be a good time to do some house claeaning. E-d-u-c-a-t-e. You need good communicators, people who will bring gravity to the situation without adding to a climate of fear, you need people with experience, you need good listeners, etc. I couldn't do this, at least not in my current drunken imaturity. But you need to acknowledge this and work on it. Nows a good time to do so.

And support groups. Even if just as a failsafe. Reach out to people. Again, its the people who won't distance themselves from attackers who are the problem. Teach them how to be fair and humane while saying "sorry brah, I love you but I'm doing this for a cause I believe in. You talk to the victim and meet her wishes and well talk about us." If this fails then at least you can say you tried. But attacking this of all dick.

"Again, its the people who won't distance themselves from attackers who are the problem. Teach them how to be fair and humane "

someone needs to teach you how to slit your own throat.

Classy. Very classy.

a slit throat is indeed a very elegant proposition.

But its a good metaphor for attitudes around sexual violence. You have empty violent rhetoric on one hand and on the other you have....nothing. I'm not saying "sympathize with a fucking rapist," I'm saying the problem is that people in the attackers life arent going to one notch "fuck that guy.". I would. But even id be wrong, because if the six percent chance that the victim is lying is true, I can't go back. And trust me, there is a tiny minority of people who will say "rape," and don't give a shit. Tiny minority. But if you have a deep bond with someone who just happens to be that guy, you live in that six percent. I'm not saying take away the vague indireft symbolic violent rhetoric which never manifests itself, I'm saying make the fucking accountability process work at least somewhat more efficiently.

And on top of which, if someone is victimized and they have no one to turn to, jesus. Thats some broken ass shit. If you call yourself a feminist be a fucking feminist. Stand up. Run a fucking group or two.

When I start this conversation in real time, others finish it for me. They know. They got it already. There's nothing controversial in what I'm saying, only who's saying it and who's listening. And we both know you who after using me as a scapegoat because I'm convenient when you need mes but not when m honests seen this, so you want to mock me? Fine. You want to mock me on this? Really?

So....Leftist moralizing coupled with petty vandalism qualifies as Anarchist now?

This sentence: “We did this for anyone who has ever been afraid to walk the streets of this town because of harassment for their body, gender or sexuality,” enables people who tend to get bullied because of their body, gender or sexuality to not have to learn to defend themselves and become dependent on their "Anarchist" protectors. Ummm.....that is a perfect example of patriarchy - Leftist style.

"now"? have you not been around for the past 10 years?

Good point. Its been that way for a long time. Just irritating that all these moralizing Leftists have recuperated Anarchism. The fact that they do not even understand what Anarchy means even though it is one of the simplest concepts ever makes it even more annoying and less forgivable.

What?! Are you a troll or just stupid ? How is an attack of solidarity enable people "to not have to learn to defend themselves and become dependent?" Are you just stupid? So some feminists or queer kids attack something they hate, make it a gesture to others to encourage them to do the same thing, and you read that patriarchal? are you fucking high?

you're not a very deep thinker. why should anyone even explain anything to you, you don't deserve it.

no by all means, explain to us how some feminists or queers attacking a place they seem to hate, in solidarity with other people who feel intimidated by or feel hatred for that that place/structure/whatever, and dedicating it to others who have fought and defended themselves against hetero or sexist violence and faced state retaliation (theres been a lot in the last few years...cece mcdonald, the jew jersey four, luke o donovan...), is a patriarchal act that reinforces our collective dependence and sence of disempowerment. Please enlighten us, cus im mystified...

no. find some cool dad to explain to you, but make it all a big joke that you shouldn't take seriously and a 'hard truth' he will protect you from, then give you a cookie.

I've nver been the bigget fan of ornage, but i am a big fan of this fancy new look. it will take me time to get used to, but if we anarchists can't adapt and bend, why aren't we just maoists?

totally awesome: ornage!!!

dont bend, ascend!!!

Fuck orange, fuck this new site and fuck you!! I'm actually expected to stroll all the way through the articles to get to the comments, if there are any!! And seriously motherfucker, whats with the yoga talk? Anarchist don't "adapt and bend", we bitch!!
Also, this shits hard on my eyes.

yeah fuck yoga! preach!

This new site FUCKING SUCKS


So...couple of houses renowned for starting shit with passers-by got rocks thrown through their windows....


she was asking for it. totally.

how did westboro baptsit find their way to @news? oh, i forgot, right....

i <3 rape.

how has no one commented on the book-throwing aspect of this yet?

During the 1980's, I was at University of MD, and as usual the "frat boys" made a lot of trouble for women studying there. Some of them went so far as to write vile pro-rape graffiti in men's toilets.

Every year, the "Take back the Night" march the Women's Center (which was allied with us GLBT students) put on marched through Fraternity Row. Every year they were jeered and catcalled by those creeps. Now the frats wonder why they face direct action?

Not all of these frats are alike, but every campus has at least one who are absolute and total pigs. They call themselves "Greeks" but I'd like to see how long they would last in a street battle in the REAL Greece! They are about as Greek as the Washington Football Team is Native American!

they're not all alike perhaps, but they are united in at the very least not being cool

And a more general comment women(and non ideological gay men on places like craigslist) tend to like frat boys, that's why they are still around, if you want to take out transcend this culture do it in a way that isn't filled with resentment, if you have to throw stones at the glass windows of a dominant narrative then you are defined by that narrative.

I think of classical archetypes like Emma G and The Wilde one and think how far things have fallen since then, into marxism and continuing putrid expressions of christian morality. I mean are bitches like this who want anarchic expressions to be associated with

Really, maybe its time to rethink this thing called overarching patriarchy, as I analyze it all I see are a set of descriptive behavioral patterns, with no primary signifier in particular. The logistics of human domination have never worked like that, if that's how you want to view the world become a fucking marxist.

"And a more general comment women(and non ideological gay men on places like craigslist) tend to like frat boys, that's why they are still around, if you want to take out transcend this culture do it in a way that isn't filled with resentment, if you have to throw stones at the glass windows of a dominant narrative then you are defined by that narrative."

Guess there will be no more riots then, huh? After all, anyone who gets pissed off at the bullshit around them and retaliates is clearly the problem, not the power structures that make such behavior possible in the first place. How did you feel about the London riots or the riots after the death of Oscar Grant? I guess that was all just due to resentment of their "betters", right?

I felt nothing for the riots because they brought(down) nothing. And not all who participated were exactly economically desperate. Some of them were upstanding student types who were about to be flag bearers at the Olympics.

I don't make the mistake of imputation when it comes to riots or generally expressed anger

At the end of the day all violence that is either generally structured or lacks any kind of living intimacy and is all political leads to nowhere. And ultimately there are no power structures in any physical sense, its all memetic narrative and force and how you maneuver yourself physically mentally and rhetorically.

the fact that the largest riots by poor people in decades in the UK, after the murder of an unarmed black man, made you feel "nothing" pretty much seems to sum up your position. youre probably on the wrong website. call me a marxist if you like.

"ultimately there are no power structures in any physical sense, its all memetic narrative and force and how you maneuver yourself physically mentally and rhetorically."

have fun with budhism.

you're right although maybe it's not necessary to say this in a way that shuts down the possibility of a dialogue with someone who is at least nominally sympathetic

Yup did nothing for me and probably most others who went back to work. Its no different then the Vancouver Stanley cup riots. The man that died was about as alien to them as Rodney King was. And considering how many had blackberries to go along with the honour students its a stretch to claim some unified impoverishment.

As for Buddhism, considering it has a good record when it comes to mapping reality I think I will.

ok you hate me, we get it. i mean nothing to you. i am one cares. all my former freinds hate me. everyone who supported my work now spits on it.they feel, nothing nothing nothing,,people think i'm ulgy.. i am not even a woman. i am a your new friends. get laid. party naked. jesus fucking christ, people are fucking creepy as hell!

it is SUPERIMPORTANT that you repeat this on a daily basis so jealous ugly creepy women don't feel insecure. Very important. You're fucking pathetic.

THE UGLY SISTER are thee most Beeeeeeuteeeeeeeeeefullllllllllllllllllllllllll, and so intellectually superior! I'm going to be laughing all the way to

You're all completely pathetic cowards.

Booo-dhism!! Ah, I crack myself up.

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