Greek Police Torture Anarchists With Impunity

From 99 Get Smart

The Greek rioting police blatantly tried to hide the fact that they tortured four arrested anarchists with ridiculously bad photoshopped photos:


Regarding Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, one of the four arrested and tortured anarchists in Kozani via indymedia:

After contacting the parents of Bourzoukos Andreas-Dimitris, we wanted to inform you about the following:

All the detainees have been moved to the General Police Headquarters of Attica since Saturday February 2nd (very late in the evening).

In the morning the parents managed to get in contact with their children, as did their lawyers. Until then, the police denied all their requests.

They were given only 15 minutes at the 12th floor of the General Police Headquarters of Attica.

Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos was handcuffed to the chair during the whole time.

He informed us that in the cells where he was detained in Kozani he was handcuffed with his hands behind his waist. They placed a hood on his face, made him kneel and beat him for four hours on his head, his face and his stomach, and his hair was pulled out by force. This happened without any resistance from his part. They also threatened him and insulted him in a vulgar way. The consequences of these tortures were the following: blood in the urine, severe dizziness, headaches, swellings on his whole face, contusions on both eyes, bruises and ecchymoses everywhere.

His parents report that his face was non-recognizable and his voice altered from all the beatings at his jaw.

During the last three days he has only drunk bottled water, while his parents were not allowed to give him packaged food and juices.

All the above are not published in order to victimize the detainees, but in order to publicize the tortures and the “legal” violence of the state apparatus.

Despite everything, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos is strong, has kept his dignity and his morale is not shaken.

Power to the detainees.

Anarchist brought to police headquarters after being beaten by rioting police:

See more on this subject:

Letter From the Anti-Fascist Militants Arrested in Athens on 03/9 and 1/10 @

For more news on Greece:




wow...sooooo wrong and I hope these guys can do something about this...aside from blowing up the police station...major compensation should be paid...

these guys are political prisoners, they believe in anarchy, therefore, do not believe at the structure of the state. They have no intensions to sue the coppers, as they do not believe at the court (which is very corrupt in greece anyway) and they are making a political statement with this action.
The resistance against this horrid establishment must go on

Monsters! All of the fascists... Monsters!

More of a reason for everyone to "rise up" rather than "give up". Time for the Greek Anarchists to march to the police station with 1000 molotovs.

i know! fuckin seriously

Wow ... that's a lot of pomp and ceremony for a prisoner transfer. Pigs constantly fingering their guns like that, looks like they're scared shitless to me. (Scared pigs are by far the most dangerous)

How many armed anarchists would it take to storm the station, hold all police hostage, free everyone before burning it to the ground? If the government is armed, so should the people. They need to stop rioting. Form a well organized anarchist militia. Storm all government buildings and burn them down. Storm all media networks. Burn down the police state apparatus until there is nothing left. Mean while keep fighting police and going on strike. Refuse to work. Make business as usual impossible. Never let a banks doors remain open for business. Disrupt the social order until the militia is ready for the final attack.

Are you done jerking off? Cause the stupidity of open armed warfare with the state can be reduced to a single word: airforce.

i agree that such a rant coming from the US to Greece closely resembles masturbation ( they havent thought of that stuff).

BUT ill engage anyway, and point out that, to be a sort of devils advocate for funs sake, i actually think that if a State is forced to bomb and airforce its OWN cities, then it is already in the process of losing. Ghaddafi, Assad, and Mubarak all had/have airforce capabilities vastly exceeding the capabilities of their opponents, but their regimes have still been toppled or seriously challenged by those opponents. Airforces, militarily speaking, arent really designed for domestic repression. F-16s, stealth bombers, you name it - theyre not great for domestic oppression, for a lot of fairly clear reasons. I think a militarized police force is much more effective, which is exactly what youre seeing all over the world. Less militaries being adapted for domestic police purposes (which is illegal and complicated in most democratic countries anyway)- and more police being supercharged for domestic but military style purposes.

This sounds like daedlanth !

This isn't fucking Sudan. Spanish Civil War 2: Electric Bugaboo isn't going to fare any better than the original, especially seeing as Greece is in NATO, and has NATO weaponry. They have gunships that can both see through and shoot through walls. Any militia going against the military will have its ass handed to it.
Seriously, stop fetishizing the Che Guevara revolutionary. If we are to escalate, and we must escalate, it has to be done through rupture, not failed attempts at warfare.

Drone strikes in voters backyards tend to turn them off.

I can throw the same argument in your face when it comes to black bloc because the police will just kettle you ever time so why do you even bother to fight. It's just useless and why bother breaking windows because the business just replaces them when you're done and it does nothing to create an impact.

At least holding the system hostage while burning it to the ground disrupts the social order but maybe revolution isn't what you jack off to?

I jack off to a m a t e u r pornography actually.

Usually I read about revolution, mostly without boners.

All this talk about sex is obviously being used to hide an obvious fact. The issue is not sex, because we have moved beyond that since the 60's and 70's sexual revolution. The real issue, the "creep" factor, is embedded deeply in the excretory function, the anal stage in Freudian terms. What we have is an excretory crisis.

You fools are behind the times again.

It's this little thing called matching your actions to the context you're in. I know a lot of keyboard warriors have difficulty grasping it, but it's pretty crucial. Sometimes you're in a situation where breaking windows is the most militant thing that you can usefully do, sometimes you're in a situation where even that would be counterproductive, and sometimes you're in a situation where you can actually launch an all-out insurrection and have some hope of success. We are not in that third situation right now. I assume Greek anarchists have a better grasp of the situation in Greece than we do, and they don't seem to think they're in that position either. But, you know, feel free to go ahead and invade Russia in winter if you think that'll help.

P.S. Why would you burn your own hostage to the ground? That completely defeats the whole purpose of hostage taking.

Hostages are annoying and a liability, that's why. They usually just distract and detract from the task at hand. I would much rather be rid of them immediately. You can never negotiate a smoother operation when you have a hostage freaking out and acting irregular. You can only subdue them into irrelevancy.

-RT from a guy who's never taken a hostage, look at my criminal record, free speech on with the show!

When are people ever going to get serious about stuff. People just treat everything in life as a joke with a take it or leave it laxidasical sort of attitude all the time. Why is the mood here is always more like a kiddie clubhouse than an anarchist gathering point?

@news=/=everything in life. Also, maybe some people already got serious about stuff, and now rely on gallows humour as a coping strategy?

"Why is the mood here is always more like a kiddie clubhouse than an anarchist gathering point?"

You answered your own question. Which demographic of the anarchist movement do you think frequents this website? Its not the grizzled old vets.

GOV (grizzled old vets) don't use Internet forums. They nod off to sleep between their "oh so important" meetings.

The vocal reaction to state oppression and total lack of calls to action shows how much everyone has given up and resorted to blogging and commentary as the only thing left. There is no hope for sure. Not if we don't start organize again soon. Everyone must be pretty burned out but sure have plenty of energy to drink caffeine wile discouraging revolution all day and night as the world goes to shit around them. Seriously. FUCK YOU RIGHT NOW!

Some of the comments here are pretty dumb. But I think it's pretty clear that something needs to be done about this in response. The authorities shouldn't be able to torture and assault with impunity. In many countries they do, of course, like here in the US, but my impression is that Greece has a stronger far-left movement and therefore has greater agency to deal with these matters, if not by judicial than by extra-judicial means. Although maybe I've just been drinking too much of the anarchistnews/occupied london kool-aid regarding what's happening in Greece...

You think the anarchist in Greece have always had agency? It took a lot of hard dedicated work by people like me to get people moving along in that direction. A lot of people refused to turn violent or take anarchism seriously before it became more or less acceptable and popular. The only thing missing right now is everyone else identifying as an anarchist calling for the same thing being revolution in their own country. The Greeks have plenty of radicals and enough angry people to overpower everything if they really wanted to. They see that power but are waiting to see if things will get better before going all commando and shit. Sure they are closer than we are to a revolt but how did that happen? PERSISTENCE!

I know this is slightly unrelated, but has anyone noticed the LAPD slowly eating itself alive? Los Angeles anarchists (are there any?) take note!

Protip: There's lots of a-symmetric insurgent militancy and economic sabotage you can advocate without saying anything about some stupid masturbatory fantasy of open armed revolution ... and yeah, sounds like that same idiot daedlanth (ie some fuckwit from middleofnowhere USA who's never seen a real fight with the pigs in his life)

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