Hack Attacks Against Power Lines in France

From Anti-Dev

A communique from a few people of the ZAD:

As a celebration of the New Year, during the fireworks against the cops at the crossroads of Rohanne Forest, a group of individuals went to an high-power pylon in the ZAD equipped with HACKSAWS. For half an hour, those few people calmly managed to cut halfway across two of the pylons feet.

This action aimed at reinforcing solidarity between the squatters of the ZAD and those who are fighting against the THT Contentin-Maine (a very high-power line project), and more generally against the centralization of energy production (especially nuclear).

It was about time to see the convergence of struggle being translated into action.

From now on, the pylons of the definitive autonomous zone are in danger.

For every eviction, one pylon attacked!

For every police aggression, one pylon attacked!

They can’t put a cop under every single pylon…

An Early Christmas by the THT Contention-Maine

Dear corpocrats,

One night, not long ago, we witnessed a curious phenomenon that I’d like to share with you. Near Saint-Martin-d’Aubigny, a garland of fireflies and several gloved hands activated themselves with joy in our merry countryside. The HACKSAWS went raging as the wrenches sang along through the nightly calm of our realm, still undisrupted by the buzzing of the new THT power line.

Albeit the precautions you’ve taken, it seemed that the same services, who made themselves looks busy, not long ago, surveilling our houses, controlling our cars and all those charming activities of which you hold the secret, couldn’t admire this fairy spectacle and even less put an end to it.

I assure you, gentlemen, that I did had my glasses on and that I was walking quite straight. Therefore it’s the day after that I was allowed to check that this was not dream. Those large steel bars have then taken elegant curves, and the prairie had bolts all over the place, as if Santa Claus’s sleigh crashed on your great iron towers. For I imagine that those are indeed gifts, obviously a little in advance, by those little hands that busy themselves to not let you carry on with your crimes. And it seems so that those little fireflies have now become masters at making those gifts to you.

You shall assume, dear sirs, by admiring this spectacle, that your great work would gain charm if all the pylons of Contention-Maine would get to resemble this one. We hope that public funds will not be used to correct our work, and from Flamanville to Beaulion-sur-Oudoun we still can enjoy the spectacle of screeching bars and a ballet of fireflies fluttering around your four hundred and twenty “Eiffel towers”.

Our very sincere saw-lutations!

An admirer of the artists in becoming

From http://wp.me/p1pqK9-ov



If a tower falls with no pigs around, does it make a sound?

Only if you send a communique.

Only if you send a communique.

You require additional pylons.

Zerzan and the Zerglings, rewilding the Pylon-covered landscape! Out of Minerals? Kill Yourself! lift off the command center and rewild it into the Mutalisk Den!

Is the new troll tactic simply to bury us under our own bewildered confusion?

i can juggle my starcraft jokes and critiques on development at the same time!

Hack To The Future!

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