A Joint Message from Russian and Syrian Anarchists

From A-Infos

To the masses, oppressed and revolutionaries of Russian Federation and Syria, ---- We, Russian and Syrian anarchists, as we see the infamous collaboration of both Russian and Syrian repressing regimes, and the support of the Russian ruling regime to the bloody crackdown of Assad regime against the Syrian revolting masses; either in supplying arms and ammunition to Assad's forces or providing diplomatic protection to Assad's massacres against the revolting Syrians, we see this as a logical result of the similarity of the repressive and exploitative nature and structure of both regimes; and as a part of their war against the oppressed of their own people. We, as anarchists and anti–authoritarians, condemn this infamous collaboration and the repressive practices of both regimes, and we call for a strong and brotherly solidarity between the repressed masses, revolutionaries and anarchist of both countries, in their struggle against the repressing elites in both countries.

Autonomous Action - Russia
Syrian Anarchist feminist movement
Syrian Anarchists



Must be remembered that most of the arms for the rebels are from authoritarian regimes who have cracked down on their own peoples desires for freedom. Also, many of the rebels are religious fanatics fully supported by the West against real rebellion to ensure the status quo does not actually alter. Getting small children to decapitate Syrian soldiers is not an act of rebellion but an act to ensure continued brutality from the Assad regime and rebels. As anti authoritarians we should make sure we are not lead into blindly supporting Western policy as it usually ends up as the complete opposite of our intentions. Saying that, good luck to all those fighting repressive regimes, including the US/UK/Israel........

The fact that the arms being used to gain freedom are from nations is not a reason to shit on the revolutionary forces in Syria. What's extremely important about the uprisings taking place in the middle east is that it's typically hundreds of different groups fighting against the centralized state. It's not all black and white, whitey. Decentralization is good, we're not playing baseball.

Talk about Saudi Arabian anarchists, who most probably don't exist because they were all tortured and brutally killed by their theocratic dictatorship.

Where the fuck are the anarchist forces fighting the state? All I hear about are right wing militias.

The only armed "revolutionary" forces on the ground, i.e. the only ones that actually matter, are those of the Free Salafi Army, Jabhat al-Nusra, Kataeb Ahrar al-Sham, Kateebat Faruq, Liwa al-Tawheed and so forth. ALL of them ultra-reactionary Salafi/Wahhabi revanchists and chauvanists, who have already committed NUMEROUS massacres and atrocities (even the NY Times finally admits that these "heroic" "freedom fighters" cleansed Homs of its 80,000 Christian residents).

The First World Left continues painting these murderous Takfiri jackals as Russian Bolsheviks or Spanish Anarchists when, in fact, the far better historical analogy is with the Nicaraguan Contras.

What next, movementarians? Why not fly the flag of March 14 and decorate your pages with portraits of Saad Hariri, Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir and Sheikh Adnan al-Arour while you're at it.

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