Napanee, Ontario: Waste Management Inc. Attacked

Last night, we damaged the windows and signage at the Waste Management Corporation's 'community outreach' storefront in Napanee, using glass etching solution and paint bombs.

Waste Management operated the Richmond Landfill north of Napanee, leaking through the bedrock and poisoning the Bay of Quinte watershed. Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is downstream from the dump and has been under a boiled water advisory for years. Now, despite widespread opposition, Waste Management is pushing hard to construct a new landfill, the "Beechwood Road Environmental Centre," more than four times the size of the Richmond Landfill.

We took this small action as non-native anarchists inspired by the struggle for land and freedom by the Tyendinaga Mohawks specifically, and grassroots aspects of the Idle No More movement generally. Towards an increasingly militant and uncompromising struggle against colonization, capitalism and the Canadian state.

-some anarchists



There are anarchists in NAPANEE?

my thoughts exactly when i first read this this morning.

Well, technically, our crew of eighteen people are obscurantist anti-state Marxists; this puts us at odds with Napanee's established left, of course, whether we're talking about the Trotskyists you find in every café downtown or the Stalinists that have penetrated every level of the large and decadent labour movement here.

That said, there are some people who call themselves anarchists, but that's mostly associated with Napanee's teeming but highly subcultural squatter-punk scene.

Don't take this as advise but maybe you've given enough info for anyone with enough time on their hands to find out who in general you folks are. It's a small city. Also the above almost reads like bragging (via they way you invalidate other leftists exactly like you write for the toronto sun) which is not recommended by any writings on security culture and it makes me question the unstated motivations for the action and communication style. It also seems to me (thinking like a cop) like there is now fertile ground in napanee to send in an informant who wants to "step things up" like the cameraman in the case of the FFFC - RBC event of 2010.

hahaha and that was a very nice police officer warning you, you will be caught if you keep being an idiot.

most ppl read this and realize its excellent trollin, right

In solidarity from Durham region, i applaud your actions against Waste Management and your support of the First Nations on whose land we all live. BUT, watch yourselves friends! Despite how the State likes to claim it doesn't take anarchists seriously, THEY DO. They monitor sights such as this, and if you slipped up but once while hiding your IP, they'll find you.
Keep fighting nonetheless sisters and brothers!
Smash the State and never relent!

fuck yeah! love and solidarity from Kingston <3

yah because that is going to do anything at all to affect the grand scheme of things. ranting about stalisnism, trotskyism and anarchy in small-town ontario will do nothing but have you labelled crazy. you people who think vandalism is any sort of solution piss me right off. your efforts will come to nothing, although your ideas are sincere and noble the execution is plain retarded.

you idiots who think voting, appealing and petitioning are the reason we become VANDALS. Don't forget who shattered Rome, you fool....

ummmm... Napanee doesn't have an anarchist scene. It is a small town in Ontario mostly known for it's prison. Kids on this website take themselves to seriously to recognize a troll rambling about made up stories.

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