New Poster Series Available, "Rape Culture is..."

This series of ten posters was created in the midst of an ongoing scandal at the University of North Carolina at CHapel Hill, which has recently been plagued by bad press for its role in suppressing information about sexual assault and in its treatment of several students raped on campus. After five students submitted a complaint to the US Department of Education, the Universityin turn threatened to expel via Honor Court one of the five women for creating an “intimidating environment” on campus for her rapist. The administration and Honor Court’s handling of events has resulted in an uproar, with large amounts of bad press, two protests, and a wave of graffiti and wheatpasting on campus.

A week prior to this initial complaint an attack anarchists smashed out five windows of a fraternity house on campus. This was followed with another act of vandalism in February. Discussions around tactics, analysis, and the role of non-students in attacking the rape culture perpetuated by structures at UNC have all been interesting and heated. The posters are not specific to the local situation, however, and we encourage to print and post them everywhere. They can be found here:,lv7yc7gnhg6k4n6,fw61psdvjcrqsn...



My favorites are 2–4 and 7. Source files might be very useful.

I can't download because of an error "The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated". The source files would also be great, can you put them on another file host like or Or, better yet,


posterizing rape culture requires the use of sound bites renderedin unreadable fonts, it sems.

RAPE CULTURE IS ... in impossibly bad fonts.

I think its refreshing to see not-hipster-looking (helvetica) fonts.
I know it was nice but its been like, 5 years. Come on now.
And number 10 is really good.

hey yall, the file can also be found at:
as a compressed zip file, as per folks requests. not sure about the source files, unless you mean the font.

not the font—the Adobe Illustrator file(s) probably, just to customize the wording

Here is one of the designs in ai format, which you can use to make new ones with different wording (rape culture is certainly a lot of things..)


So many people make so much good propaganda but then don't distribute the source files so it makes it crazy hard to build off their work.

You know what? I might need the fonts after all. It might not work on the public Mac.

*anarcho-nihilst dude from other article springs out of corner and smashes mac, runs off giggling to a punk show while posting article to @news on ipod*

Problem solved.

"Non-physical sexual assault"? Sorry, that's taking it a little too far. Assault (sexual or otherwise) is a very physical experience. Which isn't to say other things aren't bad too.

i feel raped by this comment. i'm calling you out you manarchist prick. you are going to get beat up and slandered all over the internet now.

I can read the fonts just fine.

Well done. NC in action!

To put 7 and 9 together, I've seen rape-prevention self-defense classes but not a rape-prevention class that teaches men to stop living like everyone is a pawn in their sex game.

every pawn secretly thinks or wishes it were a king.

^^bitch whore slut!

Thanks a lot for this. There have been some recent abduction attempts in our campus community and admin and university police have done nothing but victim blame and give shitty advice like "don't walk around at night". Same thing for some reported rapes last year too.

I saw two campus tours today. It was good to see UNC totally covered with posters that say Intimidate Rapists and Support Survivors and the Rape Culture Is.... series. The tour guide looked stressed.

What's being done about all the false allegations of rape? Is it men's responsiblity to stop those too?

See poster number 3. False reports are mostly just another fabrication of bigots.

And what do you say to all the men who have been vindicated from rape charges on DNA evidence after spending years in prison? It seems like your suggestion is to sweep them under the rug because they're not a significant statistic. The statistics on these things are always manipulated by various sides of the debate as well.

Guess what? Less than 1% of people in the United States are in prison. But that's still over 2 million people. A greater percentage of rape claims are false than the percentage is of the U.S. population in prison and anarchists seem pretty concerned with supporting prison-related things. Perhaps it's shockingly not a black-and-white issue and there are both false rape claims and true rape claims that are ignored. The blame for true rape claims being ignored does not entirely lie with the perpetrators of false claims, but it does partially. The current paradigm that "anarchists" in the U.S. propose for dealing with rape claims inside and outside the movement assumes that everything said by anyone who claimed to experience anything bad is 100% true 100% of the time. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is incredibly delusional. I'm not at all claiming these rapes are false, by the way. I don't know anything about them and I think the general spirit of the response to them is good.


there are none, all allegations of rape are automatically true, no matter who makes them or what situation or what broadly characterized and subjectivized definition is used. or haven't you seen our informative poster series?!

you are trivializing rape and helping rape culture. funny because false rape accusations don't have a historical legacy of being racially charged not at all especially in the south. also, um, i don't care about your occlusion with regards to allowing people to find the truth themselves. it's pointless if they never do, moron.

that goes for you anti-sex redacterists as well.

Liberals crying about anti-rape poster vandalizing UNC in the student newspaper

so the student paper has a section with snarky, one liner complaints submitted by students, every friday. and this week one of them is "Dear anarchists, why do you hate me? Love, the windows."

this needs to be a new tshirt or soemthing....

When the boy cried wolf too many times eventually that didn't turn out too well for him, the same will go for the girl who cried rape too many times...

and a product of atrophied dead feminist brain cells

rape culture is... way easier to look at as a problem in its own right than as a symptom of capitalist civilization, which is why so many liberals are into this 'issue' now too

fer sure. makes number ten useful...

clearly you didn't read the posters

Evidently the way to catch rapists is to get a gigantic net and throw it on a group of men, like the way you catch dolphins in fish nets. Sure you catch some innocent men that are supposed to be your freinds, but there's probably some rapists in there.

you're a fucking idiot who has apparently not read the post you're commenting on

rape is a cancer a tool in the arsenal of violence for the state, rape is what the state does and rapists are agents of the state rapists are like snitches are like fbi and police.

everything you hear is a lie and there is no truth by which to ground your perspective. you have nothing to rely on and the only thing that will give you any hope or possibility to victory is someone dying. no promises tho.

rape in india. rape in africa. rape in the middle east. were "lucky". ha. but mostly we just have more subtle rapists / stalkers.

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