Pensacola Prison Books In Urgent Need Of Solidarity

From Open Books

For those who were not aware, Open Books--a non-profit bookstore which houses the Prison Book Project--was hurt very badly in the recent floods in Pensacola, Florida. As you can imagine, books and water do not mix well. Due to three feet of water entering our store, we lost approximately 3000 books and have an estimated damage amount at $10,000. We also lost a considerable amount of the stock for the Prison Book Project.

If you are not familiar with us, all of the proceeds at Open Books goes directly to fund the Prison Book Project. The Prison Book Project, which runs out of our store, has been in operation for 14 years. We have survived several hurricanes, flooding, and numerous economic calamities. However, this flood hit us very hard.

In the past, we have been incredibly fortunate to have great support throughout our various communities, both local and international. We have supported numerous prison books projects throughout the country. We've donated resources to several up-and- coming prison books projects, we have held fundraisers for others in need, we have taken thousands of letters from other projects which were in trouble, and have offered our experience to those who might need help. With the help of these communities in the spirit of mutual aid, we have been able to function for over a decade now, a great feat for any prison book project. And although we know everyone's projects are always functioning on a shoestring budget, we reluctantly feel the need to ask for your help.

Many have asked what are the best ways to help. The best ways in which you can help us are as follows:

1) Money. For us to be sustainable, we need to pay our overhead, and we also need to restock our shelves so that we will have the ability 2 have money for the prison book project. We also need money 4 stamps, office supplies, bookshelves, and backup resources. Although we are getting support from the community, many others around us, including many of our neighbors, have lost everything. If you have never experienced a natural disaster, it is hard to describe the ways in which your community is affected. We would like to shore up our resources so that we can withstand future troubles and continue to send books to prisoners as we have done for the past decade. If you would like to donate money to us, anything would be appreciated. You can either mail it to us, or you can send us donations via PayPal. Our website is

2) We need books. We lost a lot of great stock, and we need help replenishing that stock. In particular, we need books that are always popular with the prison book project. This includes dictionaries, black history, language books, and GED material. More specifically, we need radical/anarchist books. Our entire political science section was destroyed, and as a radical book store without a political section, we have an amazing hole that is difficult to fill quickly in the local thrift shops. Also, as you can imagine, when the newspaper writes a story about things we need, they do not mention our desire for radical literature or anarchist tomes. We understand that many of you want to hold on to these books, just as we did, but if you can possibly spare any political books that you think will be read, and of interest to a diverse community, please send them to us. If necessary, we may be able to help with shipping, but I cannot promise that. At any rate, this is one of our biggest needs right now. I also think that this community maybe in a particularly good place to help with this need.

In closing, we appreciate any help that you can give us. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions. Thank you in advance for your support, and thank you for all that you do.

-Scott at Open Books



FCK YEAH. a nonprofit gets wiped out by a flood. thanks for posting this. this is definitly revelent and very heartening. finally an article that actually belongs on anews .thanks for posting this once again; we seem to have similiar interests and concerns; total soldiarty buddy! go nature! soldiarty. keep up the good work >3 its stuff like this that keeps me going. lets hope for more. i just got off work so i didnt get a chance to read the whole thing, butit looked long so i imagine you took advantage of the situation somehow. interested to read how tommorow. whatever it was, keep safe!

@ from the southwest

a guess: you're the same troll that thinks pleading self defense when gaybashed = snitching, right? the one who just admitted to being a nazi?

Brother, I don't know where you are getting all of this. I didn't admit to being a nazi, but you got to admit, the one thing anarchists don't waste their money on are tools of destruction. Sure save the space, buy some books, buy a prisoner...I mean save a prisoner, whatever, same thing. Slave owning anarchists want to buy people out of the revolving door of prison. Good thing we aren't actually in a social war or anything because we'd be hemorrhaging cash and being left at a tactical disadvantage. For every space, prisoner, book or project you invest in, that is one less bomb or rifle purchased. That is one less grenade. That is one less stealth suit or martial arts training. One less survival school course.

For every prisoner we save from prison we create another pussy bitch waiting to get raped. I'm not saying let them rot, I'm saying our solidarity should be in prison gangs, not tossing thousands into the legal system. Get a strong anarchist prison gang you'll finally be able to handle this snitching problem that keeps coming up.

I'm the person who posted the first comment, the one happy about the destruction of the nonprofit collective. You can call me Dan from southwest. I'm not a gaybasher or a Nazi - I'm an anarchist and proud of it. I don't regularly post or read articles on this site, and I don't like arguing with people online. Maybe the person who responded to your post is the you are beefing with, I don't know, these comments threads can be confusing due to anonymity, which is another reason I don't regularly read. I like to focus on my projects in real life.

Anyways, I thought this was a simple article posted by anarchists celebrating the destruction of a nonprofit. I admit I just skimmed it and was tired, but what else could it be. I saw numbers and lists of resources lost or ruined - I thought these were either resources fucked with by the anarchists who posted this (like they took advantage of the chaos to sneak in the broken open building and do additional damage or steal shit, I saw an money amount and was like "oh shit they took all that money") or the writers were listing them to gloat and highlight the amount of damage done to our enemies through our old ally mother nature. .

Like I said, I thought this was a simple thread where we could all laugh and be happy, like a thread about a cop dying or a good march. Now there's accusations flying around? Maybe I misread or something. Let me wake up and brew a cup of coffee and I'll reread it.


dan from southwest

This is a hilarious troll. No sarcasm.

Unfortunately, humor is really all these folks bring us (I do assume that this person is against the open books project because it's too "positive" or is at least parodying this position of the half-life of the "pure negativity"-ists).

I actually try to keep it positive most of the time. And I'm not a troll, I think clear dialogue is really important - although I do fuck around with 4 chan sometimes :P I'm not familiar with all the terms you used, I really don't know what you mean by "half-life of the pure-negativity", sometimes I don't really get what people are saying with the specific phrases so sorry if I misunderstand you.

Anyways, I read the article more closely this time and see now that it was actually written BY the nonprofit, asking for help. *slaps head with hand* So yeah, a little embarrassed but also confused... I made some assumptions obviously.

Like why is this on anarchist news? I mean like I said, I was glad to see it because sometimes the articles aren't that great on this site (and I thought it was something else), I mean yeah there's articles on this site by liberals and communists a lot but I just assumed that was because we were going through a dry spell, but besides articles like that I've never seen anything actually supporting nonprofits before or written by one, actually asking for money. I just assumed every anarchist was against them, like that was the baseline thing, like being against cops or communists. You know, like how there aren't articles written by cops...? And like collectives are also bad right? Collectivism?

Okay so, to repeat I don't regularly read this site, I'm actually pretty new to anarchism so maybe I don't get everything. I actually just started reading this site and being an anarchist and an activist about six months ago. I'm always open to new ideas and to learn new things. Maybe there's something I don't understand? Most of my education on anarchism has come from wiki articles, a couple zines, and conversations with friends and new people at events. I try to read the theory stuff sometimes but it kinda of spins me in circles lol. So maybe I'm missing something?

I'm always open to talk. I started out in the positive hardcore scene and straight edge and was always into environmentalism and nature and stuff like that (that's why I was so excited, I thought article was another person repping power of nature, I always like that stuff) but people were always kind of apolitical in those scenes, I don't know, and I don't know how much I believe in straight edge anymore, I don't know parts of it just seem authoritarian or something. So I was always looking for more, felt that something was wrong, and i'm always learning and encourage people to talk to me and call me out and shit. One of my friends is kind of becoming an anarchist alongside with me and he still says some fucked up shit about gay people sometimes, so yeah, we all are figuring shit out. I try to be as anti-prejudiced as possible.

So yeah, if I had know there were anarchists that were pro-collective and pro-nonprofit I obviously would have stepped more carefully. Not just bluntly been like fuck yeah. But I thought this was something all anarchists were against, like how anarchism and communism doesn't go together, and how anarchists are against racism and things like that. I mean I've seen how there's like different anarchist flags and different types of anarchism on Wikipedia, so maybe there's a pro-nonprofit anarchism that I haven't heard of before. I guess I just made a lot of assumptions. Sorry if I offended anyone.

So yeah, if there's a pro-nonprofit anarchism I've haven't heard of it, sorry, and send me in the direction of a couple zines or something. Maybe I have the wrong idea or some sort of misunderstanding on why they are bad.

so for the long post. this is one of my first on the site, and it kind of all poured out, and I was worried about people not liking me, or that I had done something wrong. I honestly just thought everyone was anti-nonprofit.

peace out

dan from southwest

IGTT 9/10 for back story

Stop reading whatever you've been reading and read something else.

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