Police clash with pillaging anarchists in Nantes

From Stamford Advocate (AP)

PARIS (AP) — Riot police moved into the western French city of Nantes on Saturday, clashing with hundreds of anarchists who broke shop windows, destroyed bus stops and pillaged the city center.

At least eight police officers were hospitalized after violent confrontations with up to 1,000 "radicals," the prefecture of the Loire-Atlantique region said. Fourteen people were detained.

The rioters had joined an estimated 20,000 people protesting plans to build a regional airport. Officials did not say whether protesters were injured.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said the delinquents were from the "radicalized ultra-left" and were waging an "urban guerrilla" campaign.

"These are individuals who are very violent." Valls said on iTele TV station.

Police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the attackers, some wearing hoods and helmets. However, after night fall, approximately 200 were reportedly still roaming the Nantes city center.

There have been numerous, sometimes violent, demonstrations against the building of an airport in Notre Dame des Landes, a pet project of Socialist Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, a Nantes native. The anti-airport protests, mounted since 2009, have brought together an unlikely alliance of farmers, ecologists and anarchists — who call themselves ZADists, based on the French acronym for "development zone." The farmers trying to save their land have depended on the ZADists to keep their protest alive.

It was unclear whether the ZADists were joined by even more radical elements. The interior minister referred to ultra-leftist groups also active in Germany, Italy and elsewhere.

The prime minister issued a firm condemnation of the violence, saying "nothing can justify it."



"Pillaging?" What are they, Vikings?

"Silence, wench, and get me a snifter of mead whilst I lop off the grotty heads of yonder five-o with mine glorious battle axe. Onwards to revolution! Huzzah!"

ZAD warriorz are undefeatable and unstoppable. Pirates never died.

It's "Goonies Never Die". They find dead pirates.


Zadists were also Goonies when they were kids, the pirate Being has arisen back into their psyche during their entry/clash with Society. It's all about the metachlorians. Ask Emile.

The dialectically proven abilities the eating of meat has given us to wild out and spank police is why we reject veganism. Revolutionary science diet.

lol what? there are vegans in La ZAD crews

"salt is poison" -octave garner of the bonnot gang

"Reptilians run the world" - David Icke of the "V" International Resistance

Dear anyone with Rosetta Stone French Level 5,

Please translate report backs to English ASAP. Must masturbate.

Here ya go dude-tte: http://unurl.org/2OjJ

Only stale guilt ridden leftists need a campaign and grumpy old farmers to justify rioting and looting against capitalism. LAME!

Enjoy your donuts while you still can.

So you're against airports AND donuts? I enjoy both of these things. I don't think you'll ever be able to rid the world of all donut shops. Dumb ass activist wanna be Jesus savior complex moron.

The communique put out by the organizers says that there were 50-60,000 people. There were several thousand rioting, most of whom were not anarchists. One person lost an eye and another was sentenced to 5 months in prison today.

Link to communication?

Fucking lefties, fuck em eh? eh guys? They suck right?

i know, someone should tell them what u.s. anarchists have obviously known for years, which is that the primary task of anarchists is to police the boundaries of the anarchist scene

Why "police" the boundaries of the anarchist scene when you can just let it implode on itself, as it seems to have no trouble doing on its own?

because the implosion could involve manarchist prole strolling, which is THE worst thing in the world.

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