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Anarchist News uses a version of the riseup privacy policy. The bullet is IP addresses are not kept by the web server (apache) and every 2 hours a script is run that removes IP addresses from Drupal. That said privacy is a process NOT a fact on the Internet. Read this document on privacy and some technical thoughts about it for more information.

We are basing the core of our privacy policy on the Riseup Privacy Policy. We have a lot of respect for the scale and scope of their project if not their politics. We mostly have changed the language of their policy for readability but at core share their approach.

1) We do not want your information

If you are a user of our services we believe that you are interested in the same goals that we are. We want to help you achieve those goals but do not want to, or by inaction help others, build a profile that compromises your privacy. We do not log IP addresses or allow the applications that we run to log them either. We use your services request information for the purposes of setting your expectations of our service and to determine whether we are a good fit for you (and visa versa).

2) We keep logs only for troubleshooting purposes. All other logs are either not stored or are deleted.

Most Online Service Providers keep detailed records of all connections. In general, we do not keep information which uniquely identifies you or could be used to build a profile of your usage and associations. We do not log IP addresses. For troubleshooting, we may enable increased logging for brief periods of time. These extra logs are deleted immediately after they are used.

3) We will defend your data

We do not share your information with other groups. We only use the information we have for troubleshooting purposes. We will fight any attempt to force the Angry Nerds to disclose user information or logs.

4) We will encrypt your data when possible

We prefer the use of encryption for web services (https) and of any information that we store. We will encrypt everything we store as possible.

5) Our services

Our services include Anarchy Planet (blogs, chat (point to point and group), & email accounts) and Angry Lists (email lists). We also host a variety of sites of a freedom loving and rapscallion nature.

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