Seattle Wells Fargo attacked in solidarity with NW Detention Center hunger strikers

Early in the morning of April 28th we ran up to the Wells Fargo bank in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle. In just a couple of breif joyous moments we chucked a couple of rocks through their windows and left. It was easy, fun and exhilarating.

We were inspired by the defiance of the detainees in Tacoma's ICE Prison on hunger strike, who are demanding better pay, better food, better treatment, lower commissary, and fairness. We were excited to hear that 70 more strikers have joined the hunger strike as of Monday.

Wells Fargo was chosen as a target because it is one of the main funders for the GEO Group which owns and operates the Tacoma ICE facility.
As long as borders and capitalism exist, human beings will be caged, dehumanized, and treated as nothing more than a means by which to make a profit. Deportation is an example of the inherent violence of capitalism and the state. Borders are arbitrary lines drawn for the purposes of maintaining white supremacy and imperialism.

Smash Borders
Smash Banks
Smash ICE
Smash Prisons




Even with the insurance kickbacks I can't say I approve. If you're one of the largest banks based on stock prices and shares but can't make top ten on assets, what does that stock price represent exactly? Mo money for his holiness the most exalted, that's what. Suckers.

Yeah anñs owhen in went to oklahoma welks fargo a gent in a cowboynfedira saidmto himsrlf "I am jr grumpy" and thatsa how it alll start

Handjorb chumby

Oh soo brave

You're right!

Links to shit about the ICE detainee work/hunger strike (which has also spread to Texas):

As Tacoma Hunger Strike Enters 21st day, Army Veteran Put in Solitary Confinement for Suggesting Work Stoppage

Hunger Strike Enters 21st
day, Detained Army Veteran Put in Solitary Confinement for Suggesting
Work Stoppage in Addition to Hunger Strike

WA – As the hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center enters its
day, Hassall Moses, detained immigrant and U.S. army veteran, faced
swift retaliation after suggesting hunger striking detainees add a work
stoppage to their peaceful protest. Attorneys visiting hunger strikers
were informed that Mr. Moses had been pulled from the general
population after attempting to print a letter calling for a work
stoppage. Audio of Mr. Moses explaining being placed in solitary
confinement has been obtained and is available upon request.

the recording made on March 26th,
Mr. Moses states he is in solitary confinement “Because I tried to type
up a letter making a work stop protest.” He explains, “I got put into
segregation last night. I printed out a letter asking my fellow
detainees to come together as one people, united.” He goes on to
describe how his letter was intercepted by a GEO employee, who “called
the Sergeant and they put me in segregation.” He describes his reasons
for calling for a work stoppage, stating, “Basically this facility is
run by the detainees, and that if everybody stopped working, we could
negotiate the pay raise, because right now everybody is working for a
dollar. We could talk about the quality of the food, the living
conditions.” He explains that he has been detained for 21 months,
fighting his deportation without legal representation, and is “just
trying to do this for my kids.” Between 80% and 90% of those detained
at the Northwest Detention Center navigate their deportation cases
before the Immigration Court without legal counsel.

of individuals continue on hunger strike in the Northwest Detention
Center. They remain committed to their demands for improved detention
conditions and a moratorium on deportations, and are calling for their
release to their families and communities. At the Joe Corley Detention
Facility in Conroe, Texas, where detained immigrants last week began a
hunger strike of their own, ACLU attorneys were denied access to hunger
strikers yesterday, and concerns over ICE’s retaliation continue to
grow. Both hunger strikers and outside supporters are gearing up for
the April 5th
national day of action to mark two million deportations under the Obama
Administration, with a large rally planned that day outside the gates
of the Tacoma facility.

as pathetic does . . .long ago it was one thing to treat me, a middle class customer poorly. It is another to be treating their "Investment" company's outrageous treatment of their 'detainees' as slaves.
thanx to Mr. Moses and the other victims for their bravery in the face of Power. And thanx for the outside supporters who give the "detained" protest and witness to this really unspeakable situation.

But Madison park is such a nice, quiet, rich area. How could you? /s

Georgia prisoners regularly organize impressive strikes, riots, and general insubordination.

Then those with the best protests would win!

"Windows don't hit back" - Bruce Lee

shut the fuck up you fuckin liberal

You're defending pathetic protests and I'm the one who's liberal? Thanks for the lulz

By the severity of your comment, I can tell that you, like me, are in fact not liberal. Which is a relief, to say the least. It's like almost every single anarchist is actually a liberal. Except for me. And you, too. And it is really upsetting to me.

Fun's fun, but the corpo-vampires are still ruling and partying undisturbed in their villas and high offices, looking down upon you like the numbers you/we are with a filthy grin.

Some people never learn, apparantly.

Hey anarkids! Smashing a bank window won't actually topple the banking elite!
That wasn't already abundantly obvious so I came here and typed it for you!

This comment definitely renders you a liberal incapable of genuine anti-authoritarian thought. Which is upsetting to me, because I am not a liberal.

if we're trying to be honest here, let's say the whole truth: nothing will topple the banking elite. capitalism is indestructible except by itself (it's own implosion/destruction of environment), and even then, the elites will be the very last to feel the effects of that implosion. In fact, for some that implosion has already occured and they are living in the apocalyptic aftermath already.

So, given that reality: what should people do? I say if people want to fight back more power to them. There is nothing we can do either way, so if you want to go out fighting, go for it. If you want to go out high as fuck on every drug you can get your hands on to escape our dystopian situation, do it. if you want to be a consumerist schmuck, raise some shitty kids and be a yuppie, go ahead.

Who the fuck cares? This system is an unstoppable monster anyway, so in the face of that, just do whatever it is that makes it so you don't blow your brains out from the knowledge of our unalterable future.

yup! that was sarcasm!

But it was true.

Trying to point out that the people who do vandalism attacks are largely aware of the fact that it's a token gesture and/or a way to acclimate to clandestine techniques and/or a bit of fun because fuck every inch of those assholes.

Also, many people who do or advocate petty vandalism attacks are familiar with the usual litany of criticisms for these type of actions.

sure but your unintentionally insightful attempt at sarcasm allowed an opening in which to expand and lay bare the inherent, fundamental problem with anarchism: it thinks capitalism can be overthrown. it can't, it won't, and we are deluding ourselves as anarchists when we think it can or will.
the sooner we start strategizing based on this idea the further we will get toward freedom.

and in my mind, the strategy that makes sense in that reality is one of creating autonomous space to live and resist from within. spaces outside of capitalism. like tribal societies still are (by default). organizing, fighting, etc... while within the spaces of capitalism makes no sense to me once we acknowledge we cannot overthrow it, and so therefore must create autonomous zones to base our lives,actions, and resistance within.

thats dicky for you asshole. off to the woods then? why you still here, being pedantic and condescending?

the problem with your theory is that everyone who's actually doing it (many of my friends) have completely vanished as far as the rest of the world is concerned. I can tell by your pie-eyed, wistful tone that you haven't attempted it and when you do, perhaps you'll realize that people need to be resisting in the cities too, token gestures being better than nothing.

i've done both. i much prefer the autonomous zone model to the protest/attack/spark insurrection model.

the autonomous zones do not have to be communes out in the woods. they can be a building, block, or neighborhood in a city. they can be anywhere. but many anarchists insist on organizing protests, actions, educational events, unions, etc... without having autonomous space first.
i think priority should be given to creating autonomous, police and capitalism free zones, and then defending those from the constant assault by capital trying to bring the space back into it's economy. like Christiania in denmark, tribal lands in many places, the squats of the Lower East Side in NYC at one time, etc...

Those models don't have to be mutually exclusive, in fact I would argue that the former would be a perfect place to organize the latter as a force multiplier. So apparently we actually agree. Perhaps we can also agree that this isn't the first time somebody has called you an asshole. For example, you can't have this conversation without telling somebody how many layers of irony and insight they're aware of in their own fucking statement.

Coincidentally, most of my friends are assholes.

Yeah, the reality is they aren't mutually exclusive. But it should also be pointed out that autonomous spaces are a privilege the state affords those living there. States could just massacre everyone and move on with their day.

Yeah, they can always go all Suharto. Although huge-scale massacres are getting to be more and more of a gamble with the x-factor of social media or you end up like Syria where everything degenerates in to a grinding civil war with soulless monsters on both sides. Win-win. The bad old ways make for the bad old days, which triggers things like capital flight.

Anyway, I count myself lucky that I'm worried about grand juries and trumped-up charges instead of being buried in a shallow grave along with the rest of my family or dropped out of helicopter in to the sea. It's all circumstantial.

Remember the Waco massacre. They may not of been an ideological ally of the left or anarchists, but they were people that did nothing wrong but have weird ideas and lifestyles. Every little eccentricity was heightened by the media while obfuscating the role of the state in repressing these people. Ruby Ridge was also an attempt at autonomous space. Bah...anarchists don't care about right wing sympathetic people, they are aliens that deserved what they got, I guess.

"did nothing wrong" is a huge lie! They were indoctrinating children into a fundamentalist sectarian religious lifestyle! It was their lack of intelligence and Machiavellian diplomacy which doomed them ultimately, their hysterical defiance was way out of proportion, and it was the innocent children who suffered in the end.

The day an anarchist commune is wiped out and someone claims they did nothing wrong, someone says: "did nothing wrong" is a huge lie! They were indoctrinating children into a radical terrorist ideology It was their lack of intelligence and uncompromising diplomacy which doomed them ultimately, their hysterical defiance was way out of proportion and it was the innocents who suffered in the end.

Koresh was no anarchist! He was a xtian fundamentalist, and that predetermined his destiny, he was a lose cannon as far as diplomatic discourse which by the way is not a western construct but rather an instinctual self-preservation tendency, his fanaticism fated him to become a martyr and he took a lot of naive and innocent people to their deaths by imposing restraints upon their every desire, his oppressive egotistical religious ideology was a mimicry of the fanaticism 2000 yrs earlier which occurred with the Romans at Masada. These Judeo-Xtian narratives must be deleted!!

And yet you continue to toe the line the state created to justify a massacre. These weirdoes would've been fine if they were left alone. I bet you think it was justified to attack Afghanistan because they don't give the women freedom there. I'm not saying these people are our allies. All I'm saying is they were massacred and did no harm to those outside their lives. In an anarchist world, I hope we aren't so dogmatic as to allow scores of people to be slaughtered just because they have weird beliefs.

Now you are crossing over into the realm of social ethics, you deny that taking up arms is an aggressive invitation to perpetuate the dreary binary outcome,,,defeat against a better equipped enemy. Look, I'm analyzing this from the angle of intelligence, read the Art of War, expel religious fanatics as being un-anarchist, they are as oppressive as capitalists are to you fulfilling your dreams.

Back to the point, autonomous zones are not safe and exist because the state allows them to. Read your art of war on that one.

Autonomous zones are not geographic and ideological siege martyr zones. Get your mental processes adjusted please!

Okay, so these people with autonomous zones don't occupy space? Wrong. Done with you.

I'm invoking bicameral perception and saying that indigenous languages do NOT have descriptive words for describing abstract concepts such as 'space and time'! The spontaneity of life in each day was sufficient, the 'self' could attain true autonomy and with other similarly thinking people could create an Autonomous Zone. Family is the initial AZ emo 101 course, after that its up to the anarchist to search for the anarchist zone, individually or as an association with others.

TAZ's come in different forms.
'daydreaming" is one of interiority.
by turning us into workers/consumers(things)
they want to even take our time and internal space away
with their subjection. That"s why above all else
they try to take away our free time; also any free space,
our habitat,and put us into closed spaces with "no time to spare". They don"t give way as to any time or space,
not even a daydream. In prison the roar of noise is the main disciplinary
function.You don't have a time or place there to even think or dream autonomously.
While very restricted also in every day life, we all need to expand our
TAZs whenever and wherever we can, on our own (here on this site included)and our collective journeys
to open up space and the future for us. this would be the most radical thing
we can strive for :to limit the Man's monopoly on our time and our spaces, internal and external.
This way we put our bodies/minds in exploration of our possibilities,our concepts,
our projects, our infinite be-comings. That is our journey. Some day, everywhere.
And as to the prisoners, didn't someone once call out that rallying that shook the world?:
"To the Bastille!"

The state "allows" autonomous zones to exist as much as they "allow" people to smash these bank windows (in so far as they don't just round up everyone in Seattle who has visited an anarchist website and killing them, which would stop those people from potentially smashing bank windows). Which is to say, "allow" is not really the right word.
Nice smear attempt though. Classy.

The State denies autonomy! That is its function, to reduce individual awareness and creativity, with its pal capitalism it wants to suck all creativity out of the masses and use this wealth for its own luxury. Anyone can shoot anyone else anywhere in the world. Its just sooo predictable and verging on boring, this millenarian B-grade script for the management of planet Earth!
I wish I was back in space!! GbBB,,,gBr,,B,b,

Anarchists don't threaten the social order currently, but yeah, the state could decide the consequences are worth the repression. Autonomous spaces or open protest groups could be tolerated to prevent the legitimacy of violent clandestine groups. This plus peace makes more money and time for power aquirement until the next challenge comes around.

Thanks mom! I put a good word in for family values, bye <3

There is no such thing as right and wrong. In an desciptive anarchist reality you are going to have your kool aid drinkers. Where these communities do pop up I would hope anarchs do nothing to feed the Roman Semetic power structure that wants eveything in its mids under central control. They will use the waco precident to go after future Cascadia experiments as well

Within the context of surviving totalitarian uniformity one must temporarily relapse into the binary process of dealing with reality. For instance, I was talking with another data system and we both agreed that the UN was a farcical political construct, as we all know. It arrogantly delivers without knowing it an example of how democratic processes corrupt global unity, almost a subterfuge of post-colonial interests cunningly organized to project an empathic global concern but actually biased against anything not of a western capitalist interest.
Capitalists are wrong, and I am right. I'm of the opinion that Cascadia is not an anarchist community solely because it is urban and on the socio-economic grid. True anarchists societies are off the grid.

Not at all. Waco is a good example of how a small autonomous zone can come under a state of siege and everybody ends up dead with only the cops left to tell us why and who shot first. Numerous other examples of this in the US alone, specific to the rise of "SWAT team culture" amongst the police, most extreme version of militarization of domestic police forces. It's why I'm not personally interested in living in a heavily armed commune to be honest. I love the concept, but I doubt the ability of my comrades to successfully defend themselves. Too many wannabes on the pig payroll nowadays, looking for an excuse to play with all their fancy expensive toys. That homeless guy in New Mexico springs to mind. No thanks.

I'm not interested in martyrdom.

That's a paradox! Any true anarchist must be well armed against a plethora of enemies!

This is just another case of manarchists appropriating the struggles of immigrants in order to justify violence and thuggery. This action does nothing for the 99% and will most likely bring down more repression against immigrants and POC communities. You boys are just feeding the cycle of violence in society which makes me think that you are actually just agents hired by the banking elite to discredit genuine anarchists and social justice activists. Real anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Lucy Parsons stood for peace and non-violence not testostrone filled meyhem and destruction. Movement elder Chris Hedges already debunked these types of actions in his essay "The Cancer in Occupy" (and I have yet to see any manarchist refute its content) and if you boys actually took the time to read a history book would know that violence has never changed society. I pray that you manarchists will see the error of your ways when you grow up and become adults, but unfortunately I fear that you will just go onto reproduce this violence against women and children (especially POC children). If you boys check you privilege then maybe one day you can become effective social justice activists and true allies to POC, but until then you are just a cancer.

I assume you are a troll.

For @-liberals reading this: Lucy Parsons advocated bombings and riots when she was an anarchist (before she became a socialist).

your sarcasm is boundless, your attention to detail, almost perfect
every single cliche present and accounted for, guess the rest of us can go outside now

I'm so glad now I invested in glass futures! Keep up the smashy, comrads.

You do realize that when prism arrests all the anarchists that glass windows bubble will pop?

where are all the jokes about the communique getting the month wrong?

anarchists in seattle with access to a time machine! the possibilities! (which will be squandered no doubt)

No one reads all that crap. We just read headlines then rant in the comments. Right, comrades?

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