Southern Ontario: Solidarity CN Rail Signal Sabotage

On Thursday January 3, following the removal of the Aamjiwnaang blockade near Sarnia, Ontario we used copper wire to block train traffic in both directions on the CN mainline through the suburbs north of Toronto. Read below for directions on how to reproduce this action yourself.

We were inspired to act by the numerious blockades of freight traffic, roads, highways and border crossings across so called canada by indigenous warriors and rebels, which has been one of the greatest demonstrations of unity in a decade. These actions have been undertaken by so many different communities and nations inspiring a new generation to join in struggles for land and autonomy.

The Assembly of First Nations chiefs, Theresa Spence and government hacks have all tried to put the reins on these actions of dispersed sabotage and economic disruption but we are inspired by the fact that these actions continue to spread and grow, demonstrating these apparent leaders lack of control.

These actions are easy and reproducible. Railways cross most cities and reserves and move money for the rich.

Solidarity with the rebels disrupting capital.

-Some Anarchists

Choose a section of railway tracks with a degree of privacy. Using no less than 12 feet of large gauge copper wire (plastic casing removed), wrap each end of the wire around the two railway ties and back onto themselves, ensuring as much contact with the railway tie as possible. As soon as both ends are securely in place, the circuit will be complete and the railway traffic signals in the area will signal that there is a barrier on the tracks. Leave promptly.

Please repost to #idlenomore websites



+10 for the railway hack

for clarity's sake
do you mean copper wire contact with the rails?
(the ties are the wooden beams which sit on the gravel bed and to which the rails are attached...)

what you're saying sounds right. it seems simple enough that a conductive material (copper wire) connecting two rails will close a circuit and fuck shit up. but someone who has actually done this firsthand should chime in

Chime in.... and leave your social security number and mother's maiden name. IP address too.


When the army is called out and war measures act are put in place, then the real Canadian message will felt to these bands of hooligans and all this BS will be put down......enough is enough

great PR move: kill and imprison the natives who survived the first round.

God damned trolls, got me.

Sovereigntist Justice View: The sovereigntist judge sees railway-blockers, consistent with biological sciences, as ‘local, independently-existing material systems whose behaviours jumpstart from their internal processes, the power-drive coming from biochemical and biophysical processes, and the steerage/direction coming from the knowledge and purpose-directed intellection in a ‘central processing unit’ aka ‘brain’. Since this behaviour originates fully and solely within the notional 'independently-existing individual', the court need look no further than the interior of the individual to explain the ‘animative sourcing’ of the railway-blocking behaviour. The court need therefore only establish that the individual accused of this railway blocking is indeed the doer of the deed, and from that point refer to the law, formulated in terms of allowable and prohibited, locally jumpstarting actions of independent individuals, for the particular violations of the law associated with the railblocking actions and the prescribed punishments.

Aboriginal [Restorative] Justice View: The ‘restorative justice’ judge sees all people and their behaviours as ‘the relational dynamics of the universe/community expressing itself’, in much the same [relationally] manner as in the relational dynamics of the atmosphere and the storm-cells that develop therein. The [relational dynamic of the] community is therefore ultimately responsible for the dissonant acts that emerge within the community, such as railway-blocking. The notion of the individual as a 'local independently-existing material system with its own locally originating behaviour' is nonsense, in this restorative justice view. Instead, the dynamics of the inhabitants are understood as being conditioned by the dynamics of the habitat [community dynamics etc.] at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are being conditioned by the dynamics of the inhabitants [Mach’s principle describing the physically real dynamics of our sensory experience, in modern physics terms]. The animative sourcing of the railway-blocking behaviour is understood as deriving from the relational dynamics of community in the same sense that the animative sourcing of an earthquake is understood as deriving from tensions within the relational dynamics of the spherical geospace/habitat. While an ‘offender’ and ‘victim’ are identified that correspond, topologically, to the two rock bodies that engage in the earthquake ‘rumble’, the animative sourcing is understood to derive from the relational dynamics they are included in and NOT as jumpstarting from ‘local causal agencies' or notional ‘independently-existing material systems’. A ‘peace-making circle’ process is initiated that represents the relational community, including the ‘offender’ and ‘victim’, with the goal of restoring balance and harmony in the relational dynamics of the community, the mother-source of the dissonance. Conflict that appears from superficial inquiry to arise from linear opposition between ‘offender’ and ‘victim’ is thus understood more comprehensively/realistically as a circular process that transpires within the relational body of the community/habitat, as with all processes in nature. In the restorative justice view, conflict is understood as NATURAL fuelling for the continuing transformation of the relational dynamics of community/habitat, and not as a ‘disturbance’ that disrupts the operations of a fixed, non-transforming, 'mechanistic' community dynamic. To allow a mechanical justice process based on fixed laws to deal directly with 'offenders' seen as independent causal agents with self-jumpstarting behaviours, without letting community engage with its natural transformation-fuelling dissonance, is dysfunctional, in the view of restorative justice.

“Circle sentencing [restorative justice] fundamentally shifts the focus in searching for solutions from symptoms to causes. The discussion in circles, unlike courts, does not isolate the criminal act from the social, economic and family environment fostering crime. Further, unlike courts, the circle focus extends beyond the offender to include the interests and concerns and circumstances of offenders, their families, the victim and the community.”
--- Justice Barry Stuart of the Yukon Territorial Court

What remains is for ‘restorative justice’ to replace ‘Western justice’ on a global basis. This returns the sourcing of community transformation to the community, taking it out of the hands of a supreme central sovereigntist authority with its adjunct law-making and enforcing machinery. The globalizing of restorative justice is an alternative way of describing the 'anarcha-indigenist' or 'decolonizing' agenda.

This action is not really anarchist because it doesn't attack the government. Anarchy is about abolishing the government and federal reserve, not abolishing railroads. We need railroads so that we can move goods and conduct interstate commerce. By blocking this railroad you are preventing trains from bringing food to poor people (I thought anarchists wanted to help the poor? I guess not.) This is not anarchist, but is more like fascism or Stalinism.

Ah yes i see your point random libertarian wing-nut. REAL Anarchists would reinstate the gold standard. That would really show the lizard-people that were not messing around! Instead these fascist/communist/liberals target economic infrastructure!
There's only one true anarchist...

Ron Paul 2012!!!


Alex Jones is an inside job!!!

Alex Jones is an inside nutjob!

It is ridiculous to characterize the goal of this action as ‘abolishing railroads’. The action is a ‘message’ of what’s on the way. The government is currently the protector and regulator of commercial dynamics. Commercial dynamics have largely been given free rein, and are protected and encouraged by the sovereign state government, to trample on the natural rights of the inhabitants of the land. Railways, pipelines and highways are veins and arteries that continually feed profits to turbo-charge commercial sector blood-sucking activities [the local siphons of globalized capitalist ‘free market’ dynamics] that have come to dominate over the people and to hold them hostage. That is what the protest against Bill C-45 is about. Protecting the unnatural primacy that puts globalized capitalist free market dynamics ahead of the welfare of the land and the people is criminally dysfunctional. The blocking of government protected, corporate profit delivering veins and arteries is like a brief but firm grasping of the governmental throat that sends the message that a ‘re-inversion’ is on the way. The coming re-inversion will restore the natural primacy wherein sustaining the health and vitality of the land and the people have priority over corporate profit-seeking/globalized capitalist free-market dynamics and the system of central authority that has implemented this criminal dysfunction and is forcibly protecting and sustaining it.

yeah i hear that but also FUCK A RAILROAD

surely you've heard of anticapitalism?
some of us actually believe that "the government" and capitalism are indistinguishable.
(but you knew that.)

Anti-capitalism doesn't work. Take a look at the FORMER soviet union, north korea, cuba and nazi germany. Anti-capitalism just doesn't work, because it relies on big government intrusion and tyrany over the lives of the 99%. Anti-capitalism (ie. Big government) and anarchy (no government) are contradictions. Real anarchists stand up for the constitution, and stand against the federal reserve and big government 1% stooges. You kids just don't get it.

your right about the prefix ‘anti-’. it doesn’t capture what is really intended by many people. however, few people are conversant with ‘the logic of the included third’ [BOTH/AND logic] which is what is required to correctly capture what many people intend by ‘ANTI-capitalism’. here’s what anarcha-indigenists intend;

1. capitalism employs the ordering principle wherein the pursuit of individual interest is protected and allocation is based on the ‘trickle down’ principle [to each according to what he can acquire/accumulate, and from each according to what he chooses to give].

2. socialism employs the ordering principle wherein the pursuit of communal interest is protected and allocation is based on ‘to each according to his need, from each according to his ability’.

The polar opposition here is like the classic paradox of ‘nature-nurture’; i.e. how much does the individual’s growth derive from himself as a ‘thing-in-himself’ [genetics] and how much does the individual’s growth derive from the collective he is included in [epigenetics/environmental contributions]?

the socialists [anti-capitalists] assume that optimizing the collective works better than optimizing the individuals.

the third option, of the anarcha-indigenists requires the logic of the included third [BOTH/AND logic]. it assumes that the nature-nurture paradox is a myth because the individual and the collective [self-and-other] are not mutually exclusive, but are instead mutually inclusive as in Mach’s principle or as in the relationship between storm-cells in the atmosphere and the flow of the atmosphere; i.e. “The dynamics of individuals/inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the environment/habitat at the same time as the dynamics of the environment/habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the individuals/inhabitants]

anti-capitalism is easier to say, and not entirely inappropriate since socialism is ‘state-run capitalism’ rather than ‘anti-capitalism’

"Real anarchists stand up for the constitution..."

This isn't newsmax, infowars, worldnetdaily, or are opposed to the Constitution, the nation-state, and the State unlike constitution worshippers

but of course, everything that involves fighting the capitalist system is fascist or stalinist. And everyone except you, as well, I suppose...

I have always been curious as to how the government thinks that it is going to protect a pipe full of explodey stuffs from people who will most definitely want to explode it. Seems like they would probably save some money if they didn't do it at all..

We would have saved lots of stuff if we never did civ at all. But lo' and behold!

but then how could we be having this meaningful interaction right now? I say it was all worth it!

I fully agree. Schendera Internet Services

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