The TORCH Networks First Annual Conference

On September 13th The TORCH antifascist network is holding their first annual conference in Chicago via south side Chicago ARA. This conference has 2 parts; a private portion for those within the TORCH network and a public portion open to all antifascists. The public day is going to be on September 13th and will consist of workshops/speakers followed by an antifascist show. We are inviting any and all antifascists to come out and network, see speakers, see bands, and grab literature. There will be also be tons of free antifascist merchandise (shirts, CD's etc.) for those who come out. This will be a benefit for antifascist prisoners. Below is a detailed schedule with all the necessary info for our public day.

5pm - speakers/workshops- This portion of our public day will be donation based. No one turned away.

Speakers and their workshop descriptions:

*Matthew N Lyons
from the Three way fight blog

“Taking the game away from the left”

One of fascism’s most dangerous features is its ability to present itself as radical or even revolutionary. From Third Position anti-capitalism to Nazi ecology, from National-Anarchism to the slogan “Women’s Power as well as White Power,” far rightists have embraced many leftist ideas in distorted form. What are some leading examples of this dynamic today and where do they come from? To what extent is this empty posturing, and to what extent does it reflect real conflict between fascism and the established order? What kind of challenges does it pose for antifascist work?

*Michael Staudenmeir

Workshop description coming soon!


7pm -show starts- This portion of the conference will be 10$


WARTORN (Metal punx from WI on Southern Lord records)

WRATHCOBRA (D-Beat metal punk from PGH)

KRANG (crustards from Chicago)

LA ARMADA (Chicago hardcore punk)

ARID (Blackened crust from crete, IL)

There will be tables throughout the show with literature and merchandise

@Chitown Futbol
2343 S. Throop, Chicago, Illinois

Benefit for political prisoners!

Endorsed by the May 1st Anarchist Alliance CHICAGO and the Black Rose/ Rosa Negra anarchist federation.

Interested in playing, tabling etc?



yes goyim come out

no, antisemite fuck off!

Calling someone an antisemite is an expression of anti-oppression politics. anti-oppression politics is a manifestation of the left, and therefore useless shit. Anarchist praxis isn't about P.C. anti-oppression politics, but about asking rich benefactors to buy us land to milk our cows on.

oy vey someone was anti-Semitic, it's another shoah

Regardless of how you feel about Dauve, his critique of how antifascism ends up defending capitalist democracy is probably relevant here:

Libcom are, on the other hand, very nice with actual cop collaborators with a record of supporting capitalist democracy, as well as neonazis in Bulgaria while sniping against the antifascist guy who dared to defend himself against the same boneheads and ended witn a long jail sentence.

You want us to care about Gilles Dauvé's opinions on antifascism, well answer to Libcom's defense of fascists beforehand. Antifascism isn't some philosophical debate, it is a real-life struggle with very dangerous outcomes if the fascists aren't fought properly, beyond living-room discussions.

Libcom hosts a lot of anarchist and communist texts. I'll find a different website version of Fascism/Antifascism if that's what you're upset about. But I certainly don't love that website, and as far as I can tell, Dauve is also critical of Aufheben's cop collaborating.

What are you indicating by saying that antifascism is a "real-life struggle?" So is the Syrian civil war. There will be very dangerous outcomes for the Assad regime if ISIS isn't fought properly. And vice-versa. The presence of danger doesn't mean revolutionaries should take one or another pre-ordained side in a conflict.

If you mean that the rise to power of fascists is a dangerous outcome in a wider sense, though, I agree. Dauve makes the troubling argument that as a political position, antifascism failed again and again to stop fascism, and that this failure was not incidental but built into the reactive, ultimately pro-democratic character of the ideology. Fetishizing the physical, violent conflict with the fascists allowed antifascism to become confined to a very limited terrain (militaristic conflict) in which the fascists had the advantage. Opportunities when revolutionaries could have escaped this binaristic conflict with the fascists and actually make revolution were missed because antifascists had lost their drive to actually make revolution (vs. just fight fascism), leading the fascists to win, i.e. the Spanish Civil War or the Chilean Popular Front.

The context today is very different, but some problems are clearly the same. Many antifa in the U.S. have, in a practical sense, abandoned a wider revolutionary perspective and enclosed themselves within a very specific, dualistic conflict with fascist groups. The quality of analysis and discussion has declined dramatically even in the last five years, as the cult of violence has replaced a practice of subversion. The reactive necessities of a strictly antifascist practice justify cutting links of discussion and solidarity, and many opportunities for opening up that practice towards a more active (vs. reactive) position are missed (i.e. struggles against prisons and police).

Worth mentioning that Greek fascist groups have sent0 troops to fight for Assad in the Syrian Civil War (and were formerly deployed in the Yugoslav conflict).

holy fuck this is interesting as fuck and right down my alley

literally got a chill down my spine when the greek dude called al-queda "intoxicated addicts". there is such a long tradition of framing Islamic fundamentalists or simply Islamic warriors/middle eastern warriors as mystic drug users. Reminded me strongly and instaniously of Hassan-i Sabbah. I admit - without guilt but with a wink - that such "orientalism" - let us call it instead a certain perception mindset and libidinal orientation, mythical and imagistic - is the part of the reason I follow middle eastern conflict and Islamic conflict with such investment and interest.

The wondrous exploits of ISIS!!! The One Eyed Shaman!!! ""Yesterday at sunset some gunmen contacted the most prominent tribal sheikhs in Baiji via cellphone and told them: 'We are coming to die or control Baiji, so we advise you to ask your sons in the police and army to lay down their weapons and withdraw before (Tuesday) evening prayer'" Allah allah allah allah allah allah allah allah. "You may search all of Afghanistan but our caves are many and allah is good"

Yes, that part about intoxication gave me a boner and I guess all this is part of the reason I find Osama bin laden attractive and soulful!!

And??? Metaxas also fought against fascist Italy. Like all fascists on the planet should be aligned in one camp... never happened.

Al-Nusrah and ISIS are even bigger and deadliqer fascists than Assad... that's because they added religion to the mix, which makes a really more explosive insanity than just racism and nationalism.

Al Qaeda was deployed in Yugoslavia... as a matter of fact they started this whole,war by doing what the Uztace did in WW2, namely mass-executing Jews, Orthodoxes and Romas.

Anarch(ofasc)ismo have been steadily promoting NATO's official rhetoric since the Western coup in Lybia. They really want us to support their buddies at the CIA. Hey... it's lucrative, you know!

yea i've read that shit. bunch of theoretical masturbation by someone who's never fought fascism, or capitalist democracy for that matter, in their life. sure, it sounds nice and fits into anarchist discourse AND allows people to do nothing and feel superior to those who are making an effort, but in the end your left with nothing but reasons for inaction.

always defeat themselves. Inaction is better then dump recuperative action.

You're just upset your fascist buddies keep getting stomped.

You understand that you're just exemplifying all the worst aspects of antifascism, right? Anyone who makes a critique, even when it's expressed fairly politely, must have "fascist buddies." Anyone who departs from the immediate lens of street violence is mocked.

Just take a step back, and try responding substantially (even though this is anews). You don't have to agree with Dauve's or my critique, but you could at least defend a strictly antifascist position without resorting to namecalling.

You understand that you're just exemplifying all the worst aspects of anti-anti-fascism, right? The knee-jerk assumption Sir Einzige was accused of fascism ONLY for having dared to politely question antifascist orthodoxy, and not for, say, repeatedly praising fascist ideas and thinkers in his posts. Not like this is the first time he's been accused of it...

" and not for, say, repeatedly praising fascist ideas and thinkers in his posts. Not like this is the first time he's been accused of it..."

I'm not and it's only you and your leftist personalities lobbing such accusations.

I'm some other random poster who can't stand you for reasons too numerous to list here.

Mainly that you're forever confusing your self-congratulatory, garden-variety narcissism for something political and insisting on telling everybody about it; second only to emile in assuming ANYONE gives a shit. Just as an example, I'm an antifa militant and I would never concern myself with someone like you because most of your arguments about praxis amount to rationalizations for doing nothing except posting here. Just one more windbag, therefore, you don't even interest me.

Is me doing my job here anon:). It's why I was up for an award in these parts. Narcissism is better then politics from my standpoint. Overall could give a shit if people give a shit.

and your response to 'you're tedious, irrelevant and self-gratulatory" is to mention the satisfaction you get from being perceived as a smug dickhead on an irrelevant website by a handful of other weirdos that hate you.

You're winning at life. Soldier on jackass.

Are part of the territory here. But there is also an outlet transmission of ideas which interest me for its own sake.

you just like excuses to post your opinions, presumably because nobody you know in real life will stick around while you talk

True that

why the antifascist is politically correct?

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