Two ATMs attacked in Solidarity with Northwest Grand Jury Resistors

  • Posted on: 7 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Late Sunday night, two ATMs in St. Louis were disabled in solidarity with those facing Grand Juries in the Northwest. We wanted to do more, but it's hard to find an ATM in this city.

As long as our comrades face repression, the attacks will continue. Back off!

love for our comrades, hatred for the feds,
some anarchists </td><td><img title="hate hate hate" src=""></td></tr...


It is awesomely odd how focused anarchists are nationwide on solidarity actions for those subpoenaed in the PNW. It is as if the nation's nutritional yeast supply has been adulterated with Adderall. Can't stop the focus!!!

I highly doubt they can find nutritional yeast in st. louis either.

I guarantee there are several stores selling nutritional yeast in the St Louis. I just googled "nutritional yeast near st louis, mo" and found exactly what I expected. In either case, love from the North Bay!

that or scene-solipsism is reaching an alltime high

"We wanted to do more, but it's hard to find an ATM in this city."

fucking lol

And for the same reasons, it's probably quite easy to find a payday loan place. Those places are evil fucking vampires preying on the poor. They deserve consideration at least as much as a bank.

Yeah, you could at least T.P. one of those places for *ME*. TP= Toilet Paper, as in grab some rolls of toilet paper out of the bathroom in the public library and unroll them all over the outside of the establishment or house you are targeting.

yeah, so that ordinary people will have to walk/drive more to get cash, banks will take a tiny (for them) financial hit, and the total effect of the action will be to annoy both of these slightly, reinforce the insular and self-referential nature of the anarchist subculture, and leave the grand jury process in the northwest utterly unaffected (except perhaps to convince them that the accused are involved in a nationwide network of far-left vandalist terrorism). nice going! y'all are so brave! much <3 from the MTD!

I guarantee there are several hundred ATMs in the St Louis. I just googled "atm near st louis, mo" and found exactly what I expected. In either case, love from the Metro East STL!



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So solidairity means doing some symbolic action that has nothing to do with the actual players involved, but rather means vanadalising machines without harming banks in the slightest and merely creating more work for ATM repair workers and thus helps add to the overall GDP of capitalism?

Okey dokey then....

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what does Intravenous Glucose Tolerance Test have to do with anarchy?


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Exactly, so stop contributing to it by smashing ATMs you dumb fucking shit!

I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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St. Louis: Your previous promise of "one action a week" has so far been fulfilled, which is very very impressive for America. You are setting an amazing example for the rest of the movement which is usually chock full of false promises and empty threats. Very very good.

Check out that shit is hilarious.

more petty crime wow

My thoughts exactly.

Hey vandals and of snooz --

It's time for some next level shit.

hey but they used words like "action" and "solidarity" to describe it, therefore raising its significance far above the level of all the other minor hooliganism that occurs on any given night in any big city.