URGENT: Political Prisoner Oso Blanco needs our help now!

Email forward:

My good friend Oso Blanco (Byron Chubbuck) called me tonight very upset and asking for help. He said a staff person was checking their cell for “extra clothing” and grabbed a sheet of paper laying (out in the open!) of a simple drawing Oso did. He has been trying to establish where various Cherokee memorials/battlefields/landmarks/burial mounds are in relation to his current location – Lee USP. The drawing was only of a prison and a fenced in burial mound he thought he saw upon his arrival. That’s it!

Oso and his cellie, Raymond Locklear, were thrown into the hole for possessing an “escape tool”. Oso says its an insane charge but this is why to take it serious as he feels its a setup. He is worried they will place him back in a Special Management Unit (SMU) – this is what he was just in for years and most of it is solitary confinement and phone/commissary restrictions and so forth.

Please please take a second to call or email as soon as you get this on behalf of Byron Chubbuck #07909051:
Phone: 276-546-0150 Fax: 276-546-9115

Oso specifically is worried that ANY DAY now a DHO (disciplinary judge) will come and rule unfavorably on this bullshit “escape tool” charge. He is worried he will be back in isolation SMU for another unforseeable length of time. He sounded very upset by this possibility and asked EVERYONE to please call in on his behalf (and Raymond Locklear) to get this ridiculous charge dismissed or removed altogether.

Since we don’t know the name of the officers/staff involved just ask to speak with someone concerning him or ask to speak to the warden.

Another way to show support and let the prison know we are watching them is to send Oso a letter or postcard or ANYTHING so the prison sees support that way too.
Byron Chubbuck #07909051
P.O. BOX 305

Thanks to you all for this important & immediate call-out. Let me know if you have any further questions. Oso said he has followed all rules while at Lee USP – he’s in an art class, has attended a sweat lodge ceremony and doesn’t want any problems. Just wants to be left alone after years and years of problems and solitary confinement at other USP’s.
Let’s be sure he is not setup!



More about this prisoner... http://www.abcf.net/prisoners/chubbuck.htm

The best way to show support is to break him out.

igtt 3/10

So go get your chopper ready, Rambooze.

So get your keyboard ready to send a stern email to the disciplinary judge, candy ass.

wasnt this the guy who went full high moral ground and said he wasnt a thug or something

This is the guy that robbed banks to support anti-state, anti-capitalist indigenous uprisings, then robbed some more banks, had a shootout with the FBI, escaped prison, and did it some more until he was caught again. This is the guy that expropriated close to 200,000 for those in struggle.

You're the guy that slandered him on the internet because of something he might have maybe said.

I'm the guy who is saying FUCK YOU and WHO THE FUCK CARES IF HE SAID HE'S NOT A THUG. I'm sure if you were in his position (hard to imagine, I know) we'd be like, "Isn't this the guy who cried and pleaded and pissed himself?"

What's wrong with saying you're not a thug? Thugs suck. The thugs in my neighborhood are scarier than the cops.

thug is something liberals like to say and they mean something really liberal when they say it


Byron Shane Chubbuck is an indigenous activists serving 80 years in prison for a series of bank expropriations throughout the southwest. He is part of the wolf clan Cherokee/Choctaw, raised in New Mexico. His indigenous name is Oso Blanco.

Chubbuck was known by the FBI as 'Robin the Hood' because he informed the bank tellers he was expropriating funds to assist the poor and indigenous people fighting for independence in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Chubbuck began his campaign in 1998 until his capture in August of 1999.

In August 13, 1999, two FBI agents investigating the series of bank expropriations came to Chubbuck's apartment. The agents were interviewing Chubbuck's wife when he entered. A shootout between the agents and Chubbuck erupted and he was able to flee. During the shootout no one was injured.

Chubbuck was found a little while later in an adjacent apartment with family members. The FBI surrounded the apartment and within a half hour, Chubbuck allowed the the family members to leave unharmed. Chubbuck, however, bashed through the walls in the building to slip into adjacent apartments in an effort to escape. He went though two or three apartments before emerging more than two hours later. Chubbuck tried to run but captured after being shot with several bean bags and attacked by a police dog.

He was charged with the robbery of 13 banks and the attempted robbery of a fourteenth. In addition to the robberies, he was also charged with two counts of assaulting a peace officer, two counts of possessing and discharging a firearm, and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, all in connection the standoff.

On December 21, 2000, Byron Chubbuck, was being transported by the US Marshall's service from Albuquerque Federal Court to Santa Fe County Jail, when, after unlocking his handcuffs, kicked out the back window of the prison transport van. According to statement made by Chubbuck on a radio interview, the key to the handcuffs was purchased from a prison guard.

During his escape, Chubbuck continued to expropriate funds to send to Chiapas, Mexico. Authorities believe he expropriated funds from about eight banks after his self-liberation. He was place in the "15 most wanted" fugitive list by the Marshals Service.

On February 2001, Chubbuck was recaptured after sustaining a gunshot would to his chest, shot by Albuquerque police.

In the end, Chubbuck was accused of expropriating funds from about 20-22 banks. He was convicted on 14 of those charges. It is estimated that he expropriated at least $165,000.

Whoa. I don't think that guy spent much time trolling on Anews...

and that's why no one ever accused him of being an anarchist. Douche bag trolls aside, mad love to that motherfucker.

I think that anyone who messes with the insane banking industry that screws everyone over and also screws with the scumbag FBI is a national hero in my book ! fuck the banking system and definitely fuck the FBI !!!

He's making the libertarian right-wing nuts look just like the cracker douchebags or snake oil merchats they really are.

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