Washington DC Solidarity Action for Black Bloc Anarchists in Egypt

Solidarity, free association, and autonomy are three very crucial principles that help to define anarchism, whether the community in question is one neighborhood, a whole city, or the world outside. This was put into practice once again on 6 February 2013, after the Valley Anarchist Collective of Phoenix, AZ made a call for worldwide solidarity with our fellow anarchists and the black bloc in Egypt. Activists everywhere responded to the call, including some right here in Washington DC.

In response to this call, a group of activists from Anarchist Alliance DC and several local anarchists and allies assembled in front of the fountain in Dupont Circle and made their way to the nearby residence of the Egyptian Ambassador. Although this action was organized in only one and a half days, a nice group of very committed radicals assembled, ready to walk the extra mile to show solidarity with their comrades in Egypt.

Along the way they distributed literature and informed passers-by of the situation, and, once at the residence, pounded on the door. They loudly explained their presence at the steps of the ambassador of Egypt in DC. They held a vigil and concluded with a group photo directly in front of the Ambassador's front door and a message: "Ambassador of Egypt, tell the oppressors to respect the people of Egypt, and do not touch our anarchist friends, or we will be back!"

"This is just the beginning," said Scott.R., a member of the Alliance. "The Egyptian state continues to repress our comrades, and oppress the people of Egypt in general. With this action, we showed our comrades that they are not alone. We also showed the agents of the Egyptian state that we know where they live."

Nancy M. from the Alliance said: "We want to tell the people and the establishment that anarchists are everywhere, and that our friends in Egypt have allies in DC standing with them. We'll continue sharing/educating others about anarchy, equality, freedom, and autonomy for all, because an idea can not be killed!"

AADC, E-mail address: anarchistnetwork@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/anarchistalliance.dc

What is happening to anarchists in Egypt?
Here we share a few fragments of other articles and their links

"Speaking of declarations of war, the Islamist party of the Jihad Organization and Jama'a al-Islamiya have called for crucifying anarchists and/or cutting off anarchists' hands and feet."

Unified Hate for the Government
"The Black Bloc is everywhere where injustice is committed against a people," Gika says.
No one knows how many members the Black Bloc has in Cairo and other cities, Gika says. He says he saw about 300 masked men on Tahrir Square, and that more and more Egyptians are putting black masks over their heads to show their unified hate for the government and the Islamists. Gika's own group, which he says has no hierarchy and no one person calling the shots, primarily coordinates its actions using text messages and Facebook.

'Bringing down tyrants'
The Black Bloc, a new Egyptian anarchist group, made its first appearance last week, on the eve of the second anniversary of the 25 January 2011 revolution. With a declared aim of fighting the Muslim Brotherhood, it has drawn a lot of mainstream criticism.
The Black Bloc describes itself as a group that is "striving to liberate people, end corruption and bring down tyrants.

1)Residence of the Ambassador of Egypt - Photo by: JOHN ZANGAS - DC Media Group
2)Resindence of the Ambassador of Egypt-Photo by: CORY V. CLARK (Visit, Cory V. C. link)
3)Residence of the Ambassador of Egypt - Photo by: JOHN ZANGAS - DC Media Group



This is some liberal garbage right here. Bunch of fuckin' goofballs.

what did you do that day? kill a cop?

Folks in Washington DC, thanks for all your work!

Great job everyone! We need more of this!

If these so called "American Anarchists" bothered to do a little research they would quickly realize that the Egyptian Black Black is not Anarchist. They are just using the black block tactic. But I'm sure the "Anarchists" showing "Solidarity" are teenagers who also think Noam Chomsky, the AK press are Zmag are Anarchist too.

I'm pretty sure at least some of them are anarchists. The video that came out a week or two ago showed them flying an anarchist flag.

or you could do some research. many interviewed in Egypt were aware and discussing anarchist ideas, many of whom described themselves as such. In fact the anarchist movement there was instrumental in the first uprising. go to aljazeera and read the most recent article about the black bloc in egypt. and AK press is a publishing company, they publish many things that are explicitly anarchist and some that aren't. but no ones an anarchist compared to macho guy over here. all love everyone who are doing anything, not just bitching about others attempts. Keep it up DC.

Looks like we have a pissed off commie! Guess what, anarchists are in Egypt and the ideas are spreading right now. Sorry!

The Valley Anarchist Circle? These must be the same dick wads that worshiped the Crypto-fascist Joel Olsen before he did us all a favor and ascended into the form of a rotting corpse.

If you were ever interested responding to a post from a cop I can pretty much guarantee you this would be the one.

Joel Olsen was a dick, no question. But a "Crypto-fascist"? You'll have to do better than that.

Not sure where all the hate is coming from. This is good stuff.
Good on you, D.C.


>Not sure where all the hate is coming from.
trolololol you must be new here.

Im not in DC but I heard that there is a group of liberals and democrats that want to sabotage the Anarchist community down there, my friend wa there for a few days..We had some of the same sissues here in our city a bunch of reformist created a fake twitter account with a similar name of a well know anarchist collective...So Solidarity with anarchist in DC and thanks for having this action...keep up the great work!

Agreed, this is good stuff! Where are the pictures? Hooo... but there is a link to the DC Indymedia video, great!

The hate is coming from cops on this thread FYI. The Joel Olson connect with valley anarchist circle gives it away. Worker, you got cops on here bro.

Ah, I see now.
Oh, police (or potentially just dickhead trolls)...

you should probably give up.

trust me on this one, i am not one of the people who constantly says copcopcop on here.

Link to video:


This is the video linked from the DC Indymedia story below:


I dont know the Anarchist Alliance DC personally, but I have been following them on FB and they are doing a lot of work! Also I can see their posts about Tabling FREE Anarchist-Radical publications in different events....Solidarity!

I have also noticed them, glad they are out there and doing stuff.

I found a link to this action's photo album on their FB, sharing below:


What the hell? Did this post become linked somewhere so that all the silly activists would flock here and post their support comments? This whole comment thread looks like it's straight from an Indymedia site.

fucking positive attitude! all we want here is negativity! sorry bro

I just got on this thread but , what is the problem? seems that some of the comments here are against anarchist and some of them are actually glad that this people in DC are working so hard fo what they believe. Also I read the article and there is several links to other articles, seems that this people are very commited to inform about this issue not just from their point of view. I was not sure who they are but I went to their FB and I saw several post about other local anarchist projects, collectives and serious events happening in other cities near DC, as an anarchoist I'm glad they are out there!

Waht is happening in Egypt is a serious situation for radicals, Good job anarchists in DC!

this reminds me of why I hate being in washington dc ever

From far away, I can say that it is a heartening action

He who appeals the law against his man is either a fool or a coward, he who cannot protect themselves without these laws are both, for a wounded man shall say to his assailant, if I live I will kill you, if I die, you are forgiven, such are the rules of honor.

whatever! did anyone throw newpaper boxes or garbagio into the streets?

Thanks anarchists in DC for expressing your solidarity with other anarchists...!

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