Free Radical Radio: Interviews John Zerzan and Natasha Alvarez

Join in FRR's one-year smorgasbord of interviews with the following:

Rydra interviews Natasha Alvarez, author of the new novella "Liminal," and

Natasha discusses direct action, how the novella came to be, what mourning looks like on a planet gone mad with ecocide, our connection with the world around us, destroying civilization, and what happiness means in this world:

The Final Straw: August 31st

The Final Straw: A convo with Amélie and Fallon of the 5E3; Alex Abbasi on Decolonization, pt2

Free Radical Radio 55: Frack it all


Doug and Rydra discuss how much they enjoy buckets of ice crashing into the heads of human beings, get in depth about fracking in California and across the country, rage on plastics in the great lakes and robot bees coming from Harvard, war on the homeless in Oakland, and much more!

Interview with Bursts O'Goodness of The Final Straw


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