Greece: “From the land of the forgotten against oblivion…” by Olga Ekonomidou

From Inter Arma

The captivity condition in which I find myself for 4,5 years now as a vindictive and exemplary punishment has created a distance between me and outside reality, action. Besides, the purpose of imprisonment for those who fight against the existent is separation, deprivation, political isolation, moral annihilation. But there are always bars to brake either you walk in the monotonous sterile corridors of a “penitentiary” or you cross the decorated streets of consumption of prison-society. Now, within the prison cells of democracy, my need for freedom continues to give breath to my each day. It’s my moving force, to think, to imagine, to organize, to act. The decision of total conflict with the existing, the power of individual choice enriched by collective action experiences, are the ingredients that can penetrate the prison bars and high walls. Why in prison you don’t give up… you go on. You reorganize yourself and you fight. For 4,5 years I wake up in a bed in prison always a little after sunrise, although many times I liked sleeping more when I was out, I organize my every move, although outside the spontaneous often moved me, I analyze and judge the data (political and personal) of yesterday’s day alone, although outside I always shared them with comrades. For 4,5 years I wake up every morning feeling sure that I alone defined my participation in the war against any form of authority and that freedom is not given away… you conquer it yourself.

Athens, Greece: Incendiary solidarity with Evi Statiri and Athena Tsakalou

From Insurrection News

At dawn on September 2, 2015 we torched:

- 2 National Bank ATMs in the neighborhood of Galatsi
- 1 ATM of Alpha Bank in Patisia district
- 1 Piraeus Bank ATM in the suburb of Peristeria
- as well as smashing a Piraeus Bank ATM in the district of Galatsi

Our only motivation was our desire to attack. Attacking a prison-society that tries to mold, discriminate and classify our needs, desires and relationships and adapt them to serve it's objectives: the perpetuation of a system of repression and the strategic manipulation of subjectivity and diversity.

Dark Nights #43 : ‘Beyond right and wrong’ & ‘Evi Statiri on hunger strike 14/9′ – Sept 2015

From 325

September 2015 version of the international anarchist anti-prisons newsletter, released with intent to spread info about the hunger strike of Evi Statiri, life companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos of CCF.

1. “Beyond right and wrong” by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF.
2. 14th Sept: Evi Statiri starting hunger strike in Korydallos prison.
3. “From the land of the forgotten against oblivion…” by Olga Ekonomidou of CCF.
4. Direct Action Chronology.
5. Chile: Words from anarchist prisoner Sergio Álvarez in memory of Sebastián
‘Angry’ Oversluij.
6. Malaysia: Police raid anarchist centre Rumah Api.

On a Cascadian Militia, a Response to the Cascadian People’s Brigade and Toward an Autonomous Cascadia

"To illustrate the failures, both contemporary and historical of the Canadian and U.S. occupation of the Bio-region of Cascadia, the CIP would like to submit the following list of grievances to illustrate our need for independence and self-sufficiency.
1. Federal laws affecting our bioregion are at the mercy of people who have never lived in, or even been to, cascadia. Thus we do not have proper representation in the legal court that dictates the society we supposedly are a part of.

Interview with Kevin Keating on housing and the SF Bay Area's anarchist subculture

Running Down the Walls 2015 - A Reportback


Put the wig on!,” screams a Sole fan in Sacramento, referencing the getup worn by the performer in a video directed by SubMedia.Tv, entitled, “I Think I’m Emma Goldman.” The crowd represents an interesting mix of local hip-hop fans, old Sole devotees, and newer fans, already familiar with the front and center anarchist politics. Wanting to know more about how this cultural intervention was going, I caught up with Sole, the underground hip-hop artist who is touring with DJ Pain 1 (famed DJ and producer who has worked with everyone from Young Jeezy to Ludacris) on their #Def2Amerikka tour. Hitting venues across the West Coast and Midwest, the pair was promoting their new seminal album, Death Drive.

Beyond Ideology

From New Compass - by Yavor Tarinski

Ideology castrates ideas, turning them into sterile and mummified dogmas that cannot exist beyond their initial form. If we are going to challenge the existing order, we will have to move beyond ideology. This does not mean abdicating from our ideas and principles, but their constant re-evaluation and development.


Don't Worry, You Can Sleep at Night

…and Being Able to Sleep Functions as a Symptom of a Greater Problem

No longer do the ideological extremes function as the ultimate threat to our livelihoods, yet many within the so-called anarchist milieu (or other radical-leftist currents) remained focused on defending themselves from such extremes as central tenets of their praxis. How do we prevent ourselves from structuring ourselves after scarecrows—mere shells of humans existing only as a response to a threat, perched in place against crows, against the Other?

New Anarchist Radio Show Attacking Cultural Hegemony

Everybody hates capitalism, and capitalism is everywhere, especially in our culture. Indeed, it is largely through culture that capitalism reproduces itself, and every way that capitalism reproduces itself is a thing that should be attacked. Culture is also thing that can be attacked with relatively little consequences, because democracy sez "hey, you can think and talk about and believe in anything you'd like. We'll just lock you up as soon as you seem like you're going to actually DO anything with those beliefs. Oh, and we'll call this arrangement 'freedom' okay?


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